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  1. I've struggled to find any more info on this sat nav. LThere will be people on here who know more than I do about it. I'm offering it at £100+postage if anyone wants to take it off me.
  2. No problem, do you mind me asking how much you paid? I've really no idea how much it is worth. I'm not willing to split the manual, but if you need any info from it I'm happy to help.
  3. Part number is on the right, model letter is D and the code is in the manual, open to offers on this. Sorry, picture is upside down. All numbers on the labels
  4. I bought this with the intention of upgrading my Lupo GTI, but never bothered. The guy I bought it from showed me it working, and it's been on the box since. It's supplied with no cables, but these can be sourced from TPS. And there is a cable you can buy to connect AUX. Comes with instructions and CD ROM. Asking for £200 posted.
  5. I've got some, in North Lincolnshire though. You're welcome to them if you want to collect.
  6. Price dropped to £4250, full listing on eBay.
  7. Also had a new alternator, battery, check strap on passenger door, number plate light holders and bulbs, 15mm eibach spacers on the rear, new spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, all in the last 8 months. Water pump and belt done in the last few thousand miles. I also have a set of pop out windows that will go with the car.
  8. Just gauging the interest on here before I put it on eBay. But my GTI is now up for sale ? http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/100578-2003-lupo-gti-74k-silver-rebuilt-engine/#entry1149503
  9. For sale is my reflex silver Lupo GTI. Based in North Lincolnshire. 74000 miles. Rebuilt engine 600 miles ago with receipts for work. New AP coilovers 600 miles ago. 6 speed. Sunroof. Hpi clear. Body work is good. One scratch on drivers side rear arch. A bit of lacquer peel on the front bumper near the tow eye cover. Everything on this car works except the high level brake light. Drive great, just got to bed the engine in. Car has just done 500 miles not going over 3k revs, then oil and filter has been changed. And will do another 500 miles under 4k revs, another oil and filter and the engine will be good to go! Reason for sale is that I bought it to use as a second car last year, and then spent a small fortune on it. So could do with recouping some cash really. Price is £5000. For that, I'll get the bumper and arch done before buyer takes it.
  10. Will be very tidy if you close to the photoshops. Is it really as easy as it looks to do the door cards? Not miss the gti at all?
  11. I've got a set waiting to be fitted, just don't know if it's something I can do (and it not look crap) or pay someone to sort. Rare option on gti's I think.
  12. Really nice man. Did you install the pop out windows by any chance?
  13. Gave it a little clean today. Got a load of parts for it, just waiting for a slightly warmer weekend. List of things to do; Fit 15mm spacers. De tango the rear lights. De badge and fit smaller vw badge. Fit whiteline anti roll bar. Install pop out rear windows.
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