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  1. Reedo

    Vw lupo fan not working

    dont mean to hijack but mine does similar but mine will turn on randomly when the car is unlocked but the engine is not on????? Any ideas?
  2. Reedo

    My Raven Blue GTI

    Ive got those wheels to go on 😈 had mine refinished in shadow chrome waiting for the nice weather to get them on.
  3. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    mine are three prong?
  4. Reedo

    GTI Xenons

    That Sounds like an absolute lovely person. @CLAYTONJONES If you need to borrow a fully working light for a day give me a shout or you also have dan harrow near you aswell with a GTI.
  5. Reedo

    Corrosion on a Gti

    Fair enough. I have some bubbles on both of my doors which is a shame but i know its not realistically going to deteriorate before i have it resprayed. what is your ally-appropriate repair process?
  6. Reedo

    Corrosion on a Gti

    a photo would be good. The guy your looking for on facebook Is LEVI Featherston Ive bought a fair bit from him.
  7. Reedo

    1998 Junior Touring Lupo

    I used to love having these cars on gran tourismo haha
  8. is there anyway of getting the clip holders behind the door cards?
  9. Reedo

    GTI Upgrades

    Updates needed for my read at work. haha
  10. Reedo

    Fibreglass Panels?

    My Guess is going to be no. there isnt really the demand for this. Specialist companies may. I used to do fibreglass and Carbon Fibre so I can ask at there but my guess is it will be a no. No Harm in Asking
  11. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    I I believe you need 78mm stickers. Thats what i got but you needed to sand them a touch. the ones i got are not on there but there are these 77mm ones which might be better. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-ALLOY-WHEEL-CENTRE-HUB-CAP-CAPS-77MM-7L6601149-VW-CRAFTER-MK1-TOUAREG-MK1/253513647777?hash=item3b069746a1:g:s5cAAOSwdA9atHPk
  12. TBH if its similar to the orginal red and all are painted at the same time no one would know the difference.
  13. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Tbh i got some of the stickers from ebay a light sand around the edge and they fit perfectly.
  14. Reedo

    Hi from Wednesbury, West Midlands

    WELCOME!!!!! What are your plans for it?
  15. Reedo

    Greetings from the Canada!

    Just been having a read of this thread. you have gone through it with this. They are fun little cars to drive. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as we all do ours.
  16. Reedo

    GTI Upgrades

    Just waiting for ABS sensors and new Hubs thats it now. then once the beam is back from powder coating it will be put back together and fitted. I will be proud at this point because it will be the first time ive done a proper rebuild on a bit of the car. some people probably will say its nothing but im not mechanically experienced
  17. Reedo

    GTI Upgrades

    looks like its coming along nicely.
  18. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    your joking? i had mine refurbed £52 per wheel including the centre caps!!!
  19. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    195/40 or 45/16
  20. Reedo

    Heated seat switches.

    If anyone has some heated seats Id be happy to take them off their hands.
  21. Reedo

    GTI Upgrades

    If you could get me the part number that would be great.. My Rear beam has been dropped of at the powder coater. Was tempted by a decent colour just went matte black in the end. Appreicate the link to the pipe. I found a pair of brake dust covers on Ebay they were like £36 but I was suprised when I went to VW and they were only £8 each
  22. Reedo

    GTI Upgrades

  23. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    the vw centre caps are hard to get. these wheels were easy to get in 18s but 16s are really hard to get.
  24. Reedo

    BBS RC 321's... who has em?

    Have you got a picture of them? and are the definitely 4x100 because they do them in a set of 5x100 in 16s. Did you also get the centre caps aswell? I was lucky i got my bbs 321s for 100euros from germany with £40 shipping bargain. then i got the centre caps for £50 for all 4. dirt cheap.
  25. Reedo

    My Raven Blue GTI

    How did you get your exhaust to sit so close to the bumper?

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