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  1. Ahh, right got ya, although I have to say, so what, does it really matter? As long as it's a nice motor, which it is. I mean I loved my Lupo TDI, didn't give a monkeys what parts were on it.
  2. Sorry, I'm I missing summut, what's all this about, Chrysler, Dodge, Nissan, Renault?
  3. This is my new motor which I've had now for about 9 months. It's a 2011 Mercedes E class coupe 350 CDi . I had my Lupo TDI for 5 years and what a great car it was , but I came into a bit of cash, so thought I'd treat meself. Sorry it's took me so long to post pics, but believe it or not I've only just learned how to post pics ( I know very sad.)
  4. Sorry, Skezza its not got A.C. And Sausage , thanks very much for putting those pics on for me.
  5. Still, for sale, to quote a cliché, if you are genuinely after a Lupo TDI, I'm pretty sure this one's for you, as for pictures the best i can do is send you a picture message via phone. Description as above, Mobile, 07779829958 Thanks, Tony.
  6. One bay and the wafflles actually cant have my little car being shopping trollied.
  7. Sorry, Rich but that sort of thing is beyond me. But take it from me the car really is lovely. 15 service stamps with receipts to back them up, 12 MOT certificates, receipts for other work done, and all the mods. As well as the mods all ready mentioned, small mods like genuine. VW chrome light switch, chrome and black heater switches, carpeted rear seats, uprated head lamp bulbs, led side lights, led number plate lights, small aerial, Audi TT knee bars, chrome golf gear knob, alloy pedals and foot rest, carbon sill guards, plus as already mentioned AP coilovers, Penagon smoke tints, Awesome remap, Cambridge lights, Sharan rear badge, and an option of 17" alloys for £200. Price £1500
  8. Now i realise this is probably a waste of time without pics, ( I've tried to put them on,just can't) but here goes .2003 TDI sport in jazz blue, 86,000 m , 3 owners, total FSH every mot , awesome remap, ap coilovers, pentagon smoke tints, Cambridge lights , sharan rear badge, etc etc. option of 17" alloys £200 , very,very good condition . £1,500 . Reg num L666 LUP Mobile number 07779 829958. I live in St Helens.
  9. 666DUB

    Another Kiwi!

    You wait ages for a Kiwi , then 2 come along nice Lupo by the way.
  10. Nice! , pics as soon as.
  11. A company called "Polybush". polybush.co.uk do them for the Lupo. 01978 664316
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