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  1. Hi there...Are these carriers still available mate?...and would you take £50 including delivery? Cheers😉
  2. Sorry mate just ran out of text credit so cannot text you........Are the rear quarter panel arches sills and rear valence panel still available? Could you also send me some pics please of their condition e.g rust and prices too? PS - Do you also have the roof spoiler? Cheers SoulSeat
  3. Hi there...Do you still have any of the following still available? Steering column plastic, top and bottom? Front bumper (top and bottom sections including grills) still available? Under dash stupid flimsy cover underneath/behind dashboard shelf (passenger side) covering heater fan? O/S and N/S door wiring looms for the leccy mirrors and windows? Centre console? Dark.....Headlining? Grabhandles? Sun Visors? Windscreen? Front wings? Cheers
  4. Have you still got the cambridge lights? I don't think I saw an answer in your replies to others who asked in this thread mate Front windscreen? PS - Have you sold whats left...Is the shell being scrapped/used? I would like the GTI complete exterior rear quarter panels (You could drill out the spot welds), the rear mounting panel behind the bumper crashbar...rear valence panel?(Sorry can't remember if that's the correct name for it... lol). Also possibly the roof lining(if dark grey/black), dark grab handles and dark sun visors? Could you give PM me some prices on these please if they are available mate? Cheers
  5. Light grey or dark grey interior plastics? Cheers
  6. Is the spoiler still available? Cheers
  7. Could you put up some pics on CL please? Cheers Stuart
  8. Hi mate....If you are putting this car back to standard or are breaking it.... Would you consider selling the boot spoiler on its own or even the smoothed rear bumper and if yes, what price/s? Does it have the gti dark roof panel, grab handles and visors? Cheers Stuart
  9. x2 for me too please A big thanks to everyone involved in getting this off the ground and to the manufacturers too PS - Please let me know if you guys n gals accept PayPal for quick payment for these ok Cheers Stuart
  10. Thanks Dblock ....Yeah I suspected it would be from lowering but I haven't heard too many people on CL saying their front arb is catching on both sides or from specifically a tdi. The arms look a bit scruffy as you'd expect from a 2002 (coming up for 12 year old) car, but apart from that they look ok...well look okay to me lol. I will put up a couple of pics when I get the chance...... Kind Regards Stuart
  11. Thanks for the help Dblock Yeah I see where you're getting at....My coilovers are lowered so that the 195-45-15 tyres are in line with the front arches and the rears wound down to make the car level....if that makes sense. I know the Lupo GTI has a stiffer front arb but isn't the 3cylinder lump a bit heavier than the GTI engine? Also have you had any problems with the standard front arb catching on the chassis legs on both sides on your Arosa tdi?? I've had this for some time and feel I should also address this problem too. The arb subframe bushes look fine so I don't think its an issue with those. The arb is just catching on the chassis legs a little past the bend on the arb going out towards the drop links, if that makes sense . Thanks for your help mate Kind Regards Stuart
  12. Thanks for the replies and info Dblock and rrdoctoruk ....The reason why I'm asking is to try and get a slightly stiffer arb for the front as I also have a whiteline rear arb waiting to go on and some poly bushes so I thought I would do them both at the same time while also doing the wishbone poly bushes. I've only got gti ap coilvers on my Arosa TDI but I feel that maybe with a rear arb at max stiffness adjustment and with a slightly stiffer front arb would make it even better on the corners especially on some tight and twisty bumpy b roads up here in Scotland. I also plan in the future to get front upper and lower braces and a custom made easily removable rear brace too so I can still get use of the larger load space when visiting the scrappy's etc. Kind Regards Stuart
  13. Hope someone can help my curiosity ....Does anybody know if a Lupo GTI front ant-roll bar will fit onto an Arosa/Lupo TDI? Am I right in thinking that the front GTI arb is a bit thicker than the one on a TDI? Are they the same length overall and are the droplinks located the same distance out as standard wishbones....I would like to fit a slightly thicker GTI arb onto my Arosa TDI. Apart from the obvious differences in subframe, arb and droplink bushes does anyone think it is possible or not to do this? Thanks for any help and feedback offered . Kind Regards Stuart
  14. Hi richardn.....I will be watching your car with a great deal of interest as I would like to do this to my car next year if possible. As well as upgrading to racing injectors, remap I might also try a PD150 air intake box if I can get a hold of one although I'm not sure it will fit into the slightly tighter Mk2 Arosa engine bay. The Mk2 Arosa has its cylinder shaped air filter behind the o/s/f arch liner and bumper wtf car designers!! I previously got in contact with DD about seeing if they did a shallow sump for the 1.4tdi but they said they didn't .... as there are horrendous speed bumps up here and I like running lower on my coilies and I can't afford static plus the now and I prefer keeping a spare wheel lol. My Arosa doesn't look as though it's that low but as I'm sure you've also noticed the sump hangs down a lot lower than the petrol ones do and is even more noticeable on the Mk2 Arosa than it is on the Lupo....I reckon it may be because of the different shape of the front bumper. Its a pity DD don't do a shallow sump for the 3 cylinder lump as they do one for some of the 1.9 tdi engines. I also considered running a one off cut down dry sump with a swirl pot for the oil and maybe an electric pump but again space is still a bit too tight to safely locate the swirl pot and feed lines . Dblock....Can DD supply the parts only?? .If they did, maybe you could put a shout out on CL, Svag etc and see if there's anyone that could give you a hand to fit the intercooler etc up in Scotland closer to you for beer money?...... Could save you a good few quid mate on labour costs. Dunno if DD could also work remotely with another mapper/tuner up here to save you having to travel to Barnsley just for a remap. Darkside might be able to email a custom remap to your local tuner after your local tuner has sent down the new performance data etc because of the other upgrades. It all really depends if DD is willing to be more accommodating and more flexible to help customers save ££££s. Might still be worth a bit of research to see if this can be done this way or if this might still cost too much before raiding the piggy bank!! Personally I would like to diy fitting the parts with some experienced/knowledgeable help then get a remap from DD. +1 richardn If it has and if you don't mind me asking, how much are DD taking for it? Also have you had a catalyst bypass/delete fitted and an EGR delete done too? Sorry richardn if I've imposed too much and asked far too many questions etc on your thread there mate lol. If I won plenty on the lottery I think I would just get DD to do the same mods as they did to their yellow Arosa tdi except without the NOS lol. Road legal discreet diesel Wolf in sheeps clothing......hmmmm!
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