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  1. best bet is to keep an eye on Ebay. I managed to get front grille and boot badges of there
  2. was on the vw lupo owners club was a raven blue brand new bumper he sold it for £80. i didnt quite get there into to buy it
  3. yeah at like £200 keep an eye on the lupo facebook pages. a brand new raven blue one sold for £80 thursday.
  4. not quite 10 years but ive now had mine 7 years
  5. there is a website you can use. You do have to do a bit of searching through it. Here it is: http://www.oemepc.com/ Good for seeing systems and part numbers.
  6. ive just recently put a Whiteline Rear ARB on mine and I have no issues with it rubbing on the fuel tank. might seem a stupid question but is it on the rear beam right?
  7. Reedo

    GTI Headlight

    im after a set you got some available?
  8. carpet, battery box, front lights?
  9. Morning All, I am currently rebuliding my rear axle on my Lupo GTI. Does anyone know where I can find the torque specs for the bolts? Thanks A
  10. What was the pedal like to fit? ive had some new pedal covers and put them on which were a total asshat to get on?
  11. Do they also do the rear windows? ive got like heating elements left working hahaha.
  12. dont mean to hijack but mine does similar but mine will turn on randomly when the car is unlocked but the engine is not on????? Any ideas?
  13. Ive got those wheels to go on 😈 had mine refinished in shadow chrome waiting for the nice weather to get them on.
  14. That Sounds like an absolute lovely person. @CLAYTONJONES If you need to borrow a fully working light for a day give me a shout or you also have dan harrow near you aswell with a GTI.
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