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  1. Hi guys I recently purchased a lupo 1.4 S and it’s running low on oil from the previous owner, it has roughly 84000 on the clock. Can anyone give me any advice on what oil to top it up with. Thankyou
  2. Hi, I have a problem. I checked the oil level yesterday and it was at a minimum. I added the oil I measured a little arrived on the dipstick. Today, the car is on a level road, the engine is cold, the level is a bit more. I poured oil again. I check the level in an hour and he is in the same place. Strange.. There are no leaks under the car, no exhaust fumes ... What is going on?
  3. Hello fellas, after getting started with some maintenance I got 2 questions: Should I use 5w30 or 10w40 on my 1.4 petrol with 93k miles in a temperate climate? (never gets below 0 ºC or above 43 ºC) Is enough cleaning EGR with a brush and kitchen products? I've heard you get better results using these ones than specific EGR Cleaning products and you save a lot Thank you!
  4. Hi all, just a dead quick question. Does an Audi R8 oil cap fit a 1.0 Lupo? Cheers all
  5. Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  6. Basically my oil light has been flashing for about 3 weeks now, usually after about 10 minutes of drive obviously when the car gets warm, I had it serviced about a week ago thinking it might help but nothing, was told it could be a faulty sensor in the sump, anybody know how I can find this sensor and/or had similar problems? Cheers
  7. Hi all, Been reading through a few topics on this but cant find a definate answer. My oil light keeps beeping at me when the car is getting to hot, or so it seems. Im not too bothered about this as the car runs perfectly fine. Does anybody know where i can find the speaker for the beeping noise so i can cut the wire to stop it from annoying me. And if anybody knows how i can fix this problem then that would be greatley appreciated. For now i just want to stop the beeping until i have the time and can be bother to attempt to diagnose the problem. Thanks in advance for your help Danny
  8. I have a Lupo 1 litre 2001 one hose not attached to anything is it a breather pipe ?? Also I have oil down the front of my exhaust manifold cover any known faults ???
  9. Hi all new here and looking for advice with my 2003 gti - I keep getting black specs up the back of my car it's had a bottom end rebuild 10k ago so I doubt it's the piston rings, it's fitted with a scorpion power flow cat back the black specks seem to be carbon out the exhaust and accumulate over a couple of days after washing the car - anyone on here experienced this at all ? Any advice appreciated - thanks
  10. So basically i got new leads and plugs fitted on my lupo, and drove it home from the garage. the engine got really hot, and my oil light came on, I had to drive around with the heaters on full to cool the engine until i got home. Discovered that the thermostat had gone, got that fixed and hoped that the oil light would go off too. Nope. It came back on a week or so after. Ordered a oil sensor and filter, and had it serviced today, and still the light comes on. It isn't constant, and in the 3 months of owning it, it's come on 4 times. Anyone know anything ??? What could it be, the mechanic at the garage said it could be the oil pump. But I don't want to get things fitted if it going to be wasted money and not actually fix the car this is my first car, so I'm in love with it and I'd be heartbroken if I had to scrap it!
  11. Alright folks. I'm new to the forum and have just bought a 03 reg lupo s 1.4 16v. It runs and drives fine and I know the guy I bought it off who has done a full service on it recently. When the car starts the dash is clear but on pulling away the oil light comes and and beeps. I have read it may be the fuel pressure swith or a blocked strainer in the sump. Is the strainer just a mesh in the sump which I will see if I take it off? Also I think its the eml on too, when on the code reader it says o2 sensor, cant remember the exact thing its showing. Is there a way to tell if its a dodgy pre or post cat sensor? As I'm new to vw I'm not sure... If I go down to the scrappies can I take a lambda of any petrol vw? Or does it have to be the same lupo? Same with the oil pressure switch?(although they're cheap enough anyway) Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, everybody! I'm quite the new beginner when it comes to what's going on under the hood of a car, so it's been quite hard finding topics referring to my problem, since I don't know what the parts do or are called. Although, worth mentioning is that I don't mind getting my hands dirty and I prefer hands on learning. So here's my story: I've owned my Lupo for almost two years now and I've had a few problems during this time. Nothing big though and it's always run smoothly. The car has gone 210 000 km, which is about 130 000 miles, so it's probably on the bad side of the human 50's, I guess, considering physical condition, of course. About two months ago I lost my acceleration, basically. At first I thought that the car was a bit slow but then I reached "Åby-backen", which is a steep slope on the freeway, outside my hometown "Norrköping" and found that going uphill I could reach a top speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). I got passed by lorries and in order not to piss people off I had to stay at that speed for the rest of the ride. So, this is the state that my Lupo is in atm. I cracked up the hood and found some leads as to what was causing the turbo, I suppose, not to work. I'll show you what I'm talking about in some pictures but here's also a short text description. A major oil spillage revealed that a quite thick pipe had sprung loose. So I cleaned the engine quickly, jammed the pipe back in jumped in the car and drove off. Now everything was smooth sailing once again. But I was quite suspicious and rightfully so. I thought to myself that it shouldn't be that easy. Of course I wanted to try the acceleration off for real and here's where it happened. The pipe sprung loose once again and I could hear how the engine started to, I dunno how to put it but, roar in an unsatisfying way and I lost my acceleration once again. Now I thought that the problem was that the pipe was old and worn out so I made a Donald Duck kind of repair and used a pair of straps to fasten the pipe again. This worked for a few days but somehow it doesn't any longer. It's quite tight but still the pipe is pushed out. I'm thinking that it might have something to do with pressure rather than a screwed up pipe. Sorry for the long post. I hope you can look past that and help me in finding a solution to my problem. Thank you! Pictures> If you need to see more pictures just say and I'll post what you need.
  13. At the seam of the head to the bottom of the engine there is a significant seeping of fluid. (Think it is oil but not sure if just darkened coolant) The engine over heats. And I am servicing the camel soon and waterpump checking ther most at and the fan for low speeds. And hoping it may help But I'm pretty sure enough damage is done. With doing a compression test, would it just tell me that there is a problem of would it show towards one way or another? If the head needs skimming will this affect the injectors as they are built in. Hoping for rich (edit from rick. Stupid auto correct), d block, tdi owners or anyone who can help to chime in.
  14. Oil service is due this month and I want to go for Motul 10w40 for my 1.4 16v 75hp, should i?
  15. So Im pretty happy with my Loop cosmetically, (at the moment) so I thought for the new year ill get some of the maintenance and service stuff out of the way so she'll be running smooth for show season 2014! I've already compiled a small list including: Spark Plugs. HT Leads. Oil Change. Brake pads &Discs. Oil Filter. And was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on what else to change or upgrade?
  16. I need urgent help with my lupo e 1.0 today before I set off to work, I put my key in the ignition like normal went to start and it wouldn't it was just like ergh ergh ergh stop I was like **** so I waiting again and tried it didn't work, Then The Oil pressure light came on beeped and went off so I checked my oil and it was filled up to the mark i left it at before so I was like Whats wrong with, I then tried to start it again but this time i used the accelerator and vroom the lupo came to life and was running what sounding fine.. So I manged to get to work park up and then on my way to work I notice I have a loud like vibration when i trun right which I have no idea what it is as of yet, but when I went to start it after work it started up fine and my concern is could it be a starter motor or something? I need help ASAP as its what I want to be using for a year or more as a daily Thank you so much George.
  17. So I bought my X reg Lupo last week, and the oil light keeps flashing and beeping intermittently. Oil and filter have been replaced twice in the last week and still the same issue. Oil pressure normal and filled up to the correct level, but it is still telling me theres something wrong! The car drives perfectly and the engine sounds normal, the light only seems to.come on when I'm pulling off at lights or whatever. Is this something I should worry about? Taken it to the garage and they can't see anything wrong with it?
  18. Hi all, I am thinking of getting the gearbox oil on my new (to me) Lupo GTi. I don't expect it had been changed in its life and would prefer to make sure it has a refresh. What is the recommended (or better) gearbox oil for the 6 speed box ? Thx
  19. I have a April 2001 999cc lupo E. Variant SCAUCX01, and i am experiencing some odd gearbox noises. I had thought that the general transmission oil also served the gear box but i am reading that there is separate gearbox oil and that may either need topping up or renewing? Any thoughts? Also do I need a 17mm hex plug / Allen Key as is suggested by other topics to top up and/or drain? Do you know where the top up and drain plugs are? Any pics? Thanks
  20. Hi, i fitted an air filter to my car and plumbed the cam case breather back into the inlet but it just sucked up oil from the engine into the inlet and flooded my engine. Is it done correctly or shall i get a catch tank?
  21. Hi I have a Vw lupo 1.4 16V Automatic with 88K on the clock Recent work includes: Brakes Full service I was driving along on the M1 around the 60-70mph mark when i heard/felt a small hiccup The car lost all power/drive and i was stranded on the hard shoulder. When the AA guy arrived, he advised the engine had no compression. I tried to start it a couple of times and figured this. AA took off the belts cover and the belts were fine. Then started taking out the spark plugs and found that spark plug number 2 had been squashed. Pretty stumped, parked the car up, not knowing how to progress this. Get a new engine, or do an engine rebuild My question is, how can the piston crash into the spark plug when the con rod is holding it? Is this a common issue? as anyone seen this before? Will my head be warped? seeing as how there was no belt jump, the head gasket seems fine ( correct levels in water tank) Would i be able to simply replace a few parts and get the car going again? Any help would be much appreciated Thank you
  22. I've long loved my lupo. A couple of weeks back i was thinking about how its never had any problems, i've only ever repaired a handful of stupid little problems! Its done just over 100,000 miles, its a 1.4 Lupo E. Suddenly bam! Upon driving to work the car started juddering madly, i immediately started to blame the clutch but then i noticed the speedo was fluctuating all over the place, randomly alongside the juddering. The revs stayed steady, which seemed very strange. Taking the car out of gear i rolled to a stop, it started to judder again as i pulled away, and does now, more noticeably with lower revs. The clutch is fairly new, we tested it and it stalled the engine with the handbrake test really effectively. The bite point is normal too. My car has always had a little oil around the leftmost spark plug. I always thought this was from where i spilt a little oil around when topping up. A week ago i changed the oil and filter and cleaned it up. When the car starting this juddering i had a look under the bonnet and found this was actually a leak. I thought this could explain the juddering, the engine cylinder misfiring. I changed the spark plugs over, they were well past their sell by date, black and the leftmost one was oily. I brought some new ones and upon firing the engine up, loads of black smoke which cleared very quickly. The car was absolutely fine for a week! It answered my questions about the juddering and felt more powerful and efficient than ever, the speedo ran totally as normal too. However yesterday when driving home the juddering returned. Some oil has leaked too around the first spark plug and must be misfiring again. It now normally starts after a few minutes of driving. I'm going to take it to work for a compression as soon as i can. Can anyone shed any light on the source of this leak? Piston rings? Rocker gasket? Valve washers? Its whats causing this leak i'm sure, changing the spark plugs just brought me some time! Thanks everyone, i appreciate it.
  23. Hey guys, My Lupo seems to be loosing oil, i am needing to top up every month! I dont get any smoke on start up but when i put my foot down i do get quite a bit of white smoke from the exhaust!? I only do about 200miles a month and it has 20,000 on the clock. My last service indicated that there was no leaks but the engine must be burning oil? I have just spoke to my VW dealer and they have told me to book it in for diagnostics this week which is going to cost £115!! Any ideas what the problem might be? Would really like to avoid the cost of the diagnostics :s Thanks Jack
  24. I have just installed a air induction kit on my lupo and there are 3 pipes left uncapped. I think they are called oil breathers and have very little use but to reduce pollution. Is there anyway of capping them because I've heard oil vapour comes out of them aswell as carbon monoxide? Also I've heard a catch tank can be used and filters to reduce pollution. Any ideas???
  25. hi, im new to this forum and could do with some advice with oil pressure. i have a 2002 1.0 lupo. when iv been driving for a while, the oil pressure light seems to start flashing and beeping if i go between 1000 and 2000 rpm, but as soon as i go above 2000 rpm the light goes back out. it only seems to happen when the engine has been running for a while and is propperly hot. i heard that it could be a faulty oil pressure switch, so i have had that changed and it still does it. just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and what is could be? thanks.
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