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  1. Not sure. some middle aged woman who lived nearby bought it haha thanks! I really miss it now. kinda regret getting rid. haha
  2. haha I wouldnt get too jealous of the smoothing. it went tits up. and i just sold the car a few weeks ago, so didnt really do much else. miss it already
  3. thanks for the help. just gonna have to try and get to it tomorrow. hopefully I'll get it done.. haha
  4. havnt been on here in a while. got a few more updates since last time started sorting the smoothed bumper again. got bored one night and got more pics.. then painted the smoothed bumper. which made it look not so smooth once it was glossy got some little marks here and there to sort out then finally paint it and get it done again! then i went out with my camera again the other night! then found my bmw center bits and put them on for now till i pull my finger out and get some bbs ones! also painted my steels again for winter. luminous hi-vis pink hahaha be going on when the weather gets worse! then just yesterday i broke down! throttle cable snapped on the a1
  5. hi everybody. was going along the motorway yesterday and my accelerator just hit the floor. recovery bloke came and it turns out the throttle cables snapped. always thought mine was elecrtric though cos there is no wire in the throttle body, but when you look up past the pedals i can see a snapped cable. got one on order from vw to collect tomorrow but does anyone have any clue of replacing it?? thanks! chris
  6. not sure, i know and have heard of plenty people taking them out without problems. im considering trying it myself when i can be arsed, hahaha. and i payed 190 plus 12 pound postage from venom motorsport.
  7. cheers hahaha. and the front will go way lower and you could always take the adjusters out the back, haha. And yes theyr 15's
  8. Thats how mine sits, all the way down on the rear with the adjusters still in and it has about 40mm lower to go on the front.
  9. Iv got JOM's too, deffinitley not the worst ride iv been in, id reccomend them haha
  10. hahaha, got a slight obsession with them when i found out how to do it
  11. haha cheers man its getting there like!
  12. oh, just today iv had my centre caps for the wheels painted too! just need some bbs centre bits and they are all ready to do on also, had a go of metal polishing on my manifold cover, got a new LED interior light and painted the inside bit of the front badge the same colour as the wheel centre.
  13. Iv had my car for just over a year now. it is a 2002 volkswagen lupo se. only started doing things to it in the past few months since iv had money. here it is when i first got it gave it a good clean the next day then i decided to paint the alloys black, (silly chavy looking mistake) didnt really do anything for a while after that. then winter came, got some cheap steels and done them white. (another terrible mistake hahah) turned out to be pretty pointless too with a disappointing winter. winter went, put my alloys on and decided to have a go at smoothing a spare bumper, turned out ok but i had to take it off cos the paint faded as i didnt let the lacquer set properly due to being impatient. here is how it looked when i had it done, the alloy wheel tyres went bald so i re painted the steels a less contrasting colour. was going to go for matte black but saw a tin of nato green and had to get it. then i got the indicators tinted amber, not much of a difference but i think it is a nice touch. then i FINALLY got enough money together to get some coilovers! fitted them myself the next day then i got some 15x7 bbs rz's and painted them ford tibetan gold with a satin black lip got my rear arches rolled and got them put on and went playing out with my camera. this is how it stands now.
  14. sorry, havnt been online in a while. and on my engine the oil pressure switch was on the right hand side of the engine near the top
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