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  1. Does anyone know if a gti grill fits a 1.0?
  2. Does the Speedo on a lupo 1.0 go off the wheel or the transmission? If I put bigger wheels on will they effect my the speedo?
  3. jmakari


    are they oem?
  4. jmakari


    Thanks do you know where i can get them?
  5. jmakari


    I'm thinking of getting mudflaps for my lupo and I'm wondering if I have to bodge these on (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mudflaps-VW-JETTA-LUPO-PASSAT-POLO-VENTO-mud-flaps-/270403907889?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item3ef5543131) or if I can get some which I don't have to bodge.
  6. I am looking at buying some pioneer speakers for the front doors. What are there size? What do i need? How do i replace them (i've heard something about rivets or something and an adapter)?
  7. Thanks m1cr08472. You are right engine oil burns around 400 degrees and engine temperature can rise that high. Any ideas what to do with the other two pipes??
  8. I have just installed a air induction kit on my lupo and there are 3 pipes left uncapped. I think they are called oil breathers and have very little use but to reduce pollution. Is there anyway of capping them because I've heard oil vapour comes out of them aswell as carbon monoxide? Also I've heard a catch tank can be used and filters to reduce pollution. Any ideas???
  9. Paper weight What did you do with your oil breather pipes?
  10. Thanks. Is there a gap? i Can't really see on the photo
  11. I'm looking for a gti spoiler but can't seem to find one. Is the Rieger spoiler any good? Does it have a gap between the roof and the spoiler? Also what do you do to the brake light if you put one on? And is it easy to fit?
  12. I have just got a Lupo 1.0 and looking for a spoiler preferably from the GTI. Anyone got one for sale?
  13. Need a Lupo Gti spoiler

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