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Community Answers

  1. Excellent man cheers for that, think I need these wheels now!
  2. Anybody photoshop these rota dm8's on to my loop please!
  3. So Im pretty happy with my Loop cosmetically, (at the moment) so I thought for the new year ill get some of the maintenance and service stuff out of the way so she'll be running smooth for show season 2014! I've already compiled a small list including: Spark Plugs. HT Leads. Oil Change. Brake pads &Discs. Oil Filter. And was wondering if anyone else had any suggestions on what else to change or upgrade?
  4. got it sorted! I got a catback system and now she pops!
  5. flamer kit would be jokes as I have a boso style exhaust but I just want a bit of popping. it almost does think I just need to remove mid section and might get a decat!
  6. Cheers mate might have to get it, do they not do a Heinz manual? and no he is talking about Viagra and petals and ****!
  7. Yeah I did say because race car! but the main reason is because I have a Boso style exhaust and thought it would be a bit fitting to the jap style i'm going for!
  8. Cheers maaate, How'd ya get it off though, that's the bit i'm struggling with at the moment!
  9. Soooo, I have a 1l and want to get some pops and bang from the exhaust, anyone done this? so far I have got an induction kit and had the back box replaced with an inch and a half pipe Many thanks the kid who want a lupo to go pop and bang like a racecar!
  10. I'm sure that this has been asked many times but, I want to make my headlining black and I have a three questions. 1. how do I get the ****er off? b. what's the best way to do it? paint or using some black cloth and adhesive spray? 4. what happens if I fold or crease the roof lining before it goes back in? Many Thanks A Faggy Lupo Owner!
  11. Should be getting my rear springs compressed this week to lose some of my arch gap, and then for 2014 I'll be getting new tyres with more stretch and higher profile to reduce the gapey gappyness!
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