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  1. I've bought some arosa tail lights and need to know the wiring set up to fit them in my lupo. Any one direct me in the right direction ? Or know the correct Set up of the wires TIA
  2. So basically i got new leads and plugs fitted on my lupo, and drove it home from the garage. the engine got really hot, and my oil light came on, I had to drive around with the heaters on full to cool the engine until i got home. Discovered that the thermostat had gone, got that fixed and hoped that the oil light would go off too. Nope. It came back on a week or so after. Ordered a oil sensor and filter, and had it serviced today, and still the light comes on. It isn't constant, and in the 3 months of owning it, it's come on 4 times. Anyone know anything ??? What could it be, the mechanic at the garage said it could be the oil pump. But I don't want to get things fitted if it going to be wasted money and not actually fix the car this is my first car, so I'm in love with it and I'd be heartbroken if I had to scrap it!
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