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  1. Hello I've put the plugs back in an tried to start, but just doesn't crank, won't turn. Do you think a new engine or a new head? Or maybe I just have to wait to see what I find when I start to strip the engine Any other ideas? Can I try and start it without piston having a plug?
  2. Morning There are no engine lights it all looks sort if normal when trying to turn over. So should I try putting all plugs back in and try to fire it up? Or leave the plug from cylinder 2 out? Would I not cause further damage? I imagine if the piston did hit my plug it would have caused further issues to the head too? Is there an easier way to check the piston? Are you aware of any writeups on removing and replacing the head? Thanks for your advice
  3. Hi I have a Vw lupo 1.4 16V Automatic with 88K on the clock Recent work includes: Brakes Full service I was driving along on the M1 around the 60-70mph mark when i heard/felt a small hiccup The car lost all power/drive and i was stranded on the hard shoulder. When the AA guy arrived, he advised the engine had no compression. I tried to start it a couple of times and figured this. AA took off the belts cover and the belts were fine. Then started taking out the spark plugs and found that spark plug number 2 had been squashed. Pretty stumped, parked the car up, not knowing how to progress this. Get a new engine, or do an engine rebuild My question is, how can the piston crash into the spark plug when the con rod is holding it? Is this a common issue? as anyone seen this before? Will my head be warped? seeing as how there was no belt jump, the head gasket seems fine ( correct levels in water tank) Would i be able to simply replace a few parts and get the car going again? Any help would be much appreciated Thank you
  4. when i turn the AC on the fan does come on and i do get cold air in the cabin. Oh well ive replaced the fan switch and got rid of the thermostat. I cant imagine it will overheat without a thermostat. Do i really really need one?
  5. Hi did you find out where the switch is?
  6. ....do you think the fan is working too? By the way I'm mot having much luck finding how to replace the electric fan switch...any ideas?
  7. Hi I've no idea when the water pump was changed. I fear this is going to be costly. I've read in another post that the relay for the air con also controls the electric fan. When I turn the air con on the fan comes on. If the switch is not working surely the fan wouldn't come on regardless of the air con being on or not OR is the air con and fan power separate to the heating related fan operation? Just been driving and as soon as the temperature starts creeping up I turn the heating on full blast and the temp comes back. I've also tested it by turning on the air con instead of the heating but the temp carried on rising. Utterly confused.....being back the viscous
  8. Thanks for the responses Hhmm so the electric fan should have come on, ill try and get a new one tomorrow possibly from ecp. If they sell one. Must admit I've never heard it turn on. I forgot to mention, the car overheats whilst driving too and radiator felt quite cold as well as the pipe. Does that mean the water isn't travelling in the engine? Waterpump?
  9. Hello Ive bought my first ever VW lupo, its a 1.4 16v auto and i love it! However, I was driving it normal london conditions - i.e Standstill traffic and the water sign started flashing and the temperature needle had hit 110. Im seriously hoping the gasket isnt blown, i doubt it is as the coolant is a normal colour and there is so far no loss of oil When i bought the car it used to run a little cool but i assumed it may have been missing a thermostat. To be honest, after all the overheating issues ive experienced in BMW's i wasnt that bothered if it ran a little cool. I've lost no coolant and no oil. There was no steam being released from anywhere. It feels like the electric fan didnt kick in either but im not 100% sure of this. Seeing as how I have enough oil and coolant, im thinking the thermostat, fingers crossed theres one in there has failed. the hose pipes going to the electric fan ispiping hot, the return pipe or lower pipe is cooler, this is leading me to believe the thermostat is stuck in the closed position and not allowing the water to travel? When i drove with the heating on full blast i got hot air so i know its not a bleeding issue. im thinking of taking the thermostat out for the time being and leaving it out, can i cause any harm doing this for a short while? plus can anybody how to to actually take the stat out? im guessing i squeeze the clip, take the pipe off and the stat should just be there. By the way if i squeeze the clip do I ned to replace the clip or can i stick on a jubilee clip should i need one? Plus once i open it up do i need to bleed the system again? Can anyone please direct me to the bleed valve as well? Any help is much appreciated Ta
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