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  1. May have made it easier. I always do things the hard way ? it's done now. Given up with this car now anyway. Gonna let the Mrs have it and buy a lupo I think.
  2. Yes. The m16 was correct. Filler plug came out nice and easy. Drain plug was a different story. Theres barely enough room for the m16 socket. Let alone a ratchet. Ended up attaching an extension bar so it went above the subframe and used a pair of grips to undo the plug. Absolute nightmare. 20 min job turned into an hour and a half. She's now since developed a knock one thing after another with this bloody thing
  3. Finally got round to having a look at it. Filler plugs are triple square with a pin. So would need a triple square with a hole. What size will I need to order as I can't find 17mm anywhere online. They only seem to go up in even numbers.
  4. Do I have to remove the timing c0ver to get the valve cover off. ? If so Would it be worth removing the head and doing valves, HG ect aswell.
  5. Cheers mate. I'll have a look on Sunday when I've got some time. I had a look at the plugs the other night and c1&2 we're both caked in oil.
  6. Good evening guys. I have cylinder 1 &2 missfires and oil in Spark Plug wells. Am I right in thinking it could be the valve cover gasket. I've searched online and not really found anything for the fox. 2006 1.2 urban fox
  7. Cheers mate. Much appreciated. That's my job for Sunday sorted.
  8. Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  9. There are 3 clips. One either side and one at the back. They are a little bit fiddly. I found a flathead did the job to pry them open enough to lift them . Then remove the ground wire on the top left from the channel it sits in and you will be able to move the cage enough to get the battery out, without removing everything.
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