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  1. I've tried paint thinner star remover toffee wheel everything people have listed I'll try wd40 but I got so fed up of it not working and I do t want to damage the paint work
  2. Never did sort this though
  3. i bought some starmags 7j et7/8 I would like to know the best tyre sizes for these that are legal and I can get pretty quick thanks George
  4. My cars top mounts the metal cups are swarfing up. I need to know what to do as I can't stop it tried tightening them up but nothing happened help
  5. My cars lowered, adjuster cups are out on the rear, no arch rolling or anything was wondering if they will fit within the arches be all legal and not scrub etc Thanks
  6. Codes read and found out PO116 -Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit - Range/Performance Problem P0562 Battery Voltage - Low P0420 Converter - Low Efficiency
  7. Checked all my fuse they all are okay. Tested my obd with a multimeter and its got no power coming to the power element part. I didn't know my head unit could interfere with it :/ so basically couldn't get a reading so the aa said it could be to do with the manifold blowing getting to much air in for the oxygen sensor so he said take It to a garge that has obds that power themselfs so you can get pasted this fact and get a reading and or cleared
  8. My obd has no power going to it
  9. I was driving home from walking my girlfriends dog when, my engine management light came on, I've check water oil etc it seems fine can't think what else to do right now I know I need a code reader but other than that best things that are common to check?, Thanks in advance George
  10. A flase floor is used mainly for audio where they build the audio and sub put it in where the spare wheel is or under the carpet and make wood with carpet over it to make out they still have a boot rather then sub's and amps and it works for putting your shopping it too
  11. Nope they open and close fine just the alarm box with remote locking is being a bitch and clicking plus flashing the led :/ and locking the doors after like 20/30 seconds
  12. I will do haha just gotta get it off
  13. Nope I didn't it won't budge
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