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  1. LR5V

    Window regulator clips

    The problem is the lifter cable is on the outer side of the door behind the runner. You would be working blind trying to latch the regulator cable into the clip and then slide the clip onto the runner and finally attach the metal glass clamp onto the plastic clip - something that is pretty annoying out of the car. You may be able to get to the rear most runner, but the front one is covered up by the inner door. Could this be a good enough excuse to upgrade your speakers? 6.5" just fit
  2. LR5V

    Bonnet release

    My lever was fine - the cable was goosed. Do you know if your lever is broken?
  3. LR5V

    Window regulator clips

    Impossible to do unless you just happen to be Mr. Tickle? - afraid you just need to gear yourself up to take the regulators out, its a pretty easy job
  4. LR5V

    Bonnet release

    I did mine last summer - if you can press gang someone with small hands and use a good bright torch to shine down from inside the scuttle it helps them locate the cable a lot easier. Think they were reasonably priced from TPS - Yes - very similar to Mk4, main difference, apart form length is no spring in the joiner. Seem to recall somewhere there is a thread with a description saying attach the new cable to old and pull through - afraid I found this to BS - I cant remember the exact details of why, but I found it impossible to do that. Think it has wider grommet at one end, meaning you couldn't pull the old cable through the bulkhead into the cabin or even the other way, maybe the design changed. Its wiper arms off, scuttle panels off, BTW those panel screws like to escape - its also a very good time to clean out the leaves and replace the cabin filter - make sure you are happy with the cable lengths before clipping the joiner section into the inner wing, the clips don't like being removed and don't clip back in as good as before. The difference is very satisfying, bonnet now pops properly.
  5. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    First decent weather weekend in ages, its a shame I had to give the daily some love. Dropped into TPS, they now sell oil by the cube: 20 litres before VAT is good chunk cheaper at £2 instead of £2.45 a litre in 5 litre bottles - makes more sense for me as both Golf & Lupo use the same oil - amusingly its like a giant wine box that wont fit in the fridge Was digging into the Quatum oils, turns out TPS moved supplier from Castrol to Fuchs a year ago, still VW approved. The Mk4 needed a new engine mount, front coilovers dropping from syncro height, an mini service with engine flush, new oil / filter, new handbrake cables and finally fit the springs and adjusters in the rear to complete the Bilsein B14 set up.
  6. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Treated my Gti to some new plugs & new ignition leads Really pleased with the build quality of the leads, they are half the price of Magnecor leads, choice of 3 colours and are British made from Formula Power Compared to the old cables they look to be twice the size, this means it is bye bye to the cable tray - shame about the rub line in the rocker cover. Got to say I am really pleased with the roadkill taught cable tie spacers
  7. LR5V

    HU55 new joiner, long time GTI owner

    Welcome - I will fix this for you: Mine is a 55 plate - They moved the line to Belgium for the last few years of Gti production - check for a B in your chassis number. The how many left numbers don't make sense to me, considering the quite high numbers I have seen being broken and the handful getting imported form Japan, the numbers seem to be declining at a slower rate than I would expect
  8. LR5V

    lupo not holding revs and cutting out!!!

    has the battery been run low - these could be old codes from then. if possible clear the codes and run the engine again to confirm they are current As Mk2 says - check for air leaks - vacuum hoses perish, the hose to the brake booster is a common fail
  9. LR5V

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    That's great - I got rattles in my Golf interior after fitting them - your interior must be tighter!
  10. LR5V

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Don't report back too soon - They will rattle for around 100 miles before settling down - you should find turn in improves & steering feels more direct
  11. LR5V

    Coilover advice

    Air isn't going to be getting any cheaper soon and I'm not sure you are going to be challenging your mate with the Clio in handling running air. I have not seen one in the flesh, IIRC they are Romanian made -not sure about the .co.uk site- from reviews the one consistent thing mentioned is the paint isn't that good and gets damaged in transit otherwise they seem to be OK. OMP made a guard for the challenge Polo - that could be used, but they are at least £200 more than my example - but it is 8mm Alloy sheet
  12. LR5V

    Hi 👋👋

    Hes got nothing to loose then
  13. LR5V

    Hi 👋👋

    Welcome Dual profiles is the answer - Cake or even pie and eat it!
  14. LR5V

    Coilover advice

    All depends on budget, if you are just looking for a slight drop of say 20mm, as already said springs and shocks would probably be the best. Sump guard https://www.sump-guard.co.uk/steel-sump-guard-for-vw-lupo-1999-2005 If you do invest in one bear in mind that just like DFS who always seem to have a sale, these folk seem to always offer free shipping by a certain date, so dont rush the purchase.
  15. LR5V

    3rd Brake light

    I’m dreading something going wrong with mine - the PO got the Lupo resrayed, along with other poor skills they did not take the spoiler off, a lot of pita & it’s now blended into the hatch. If something goes wrong with the light, I’m not sure how I’m going to split without screwing the paint
  16. LR5V

    Gearbox refurb

    Gas’n gears on Facebook - based in Cornelli near Cardiff - Hotgolf is a legend in the vw community, he is not as cheap as Mk2’s guy, but definitely knows his stuff, did my rebuild and LSD.
  17. LR5V

    Gti Parts still sought

    How about filler putty? used to fill in any small scratches, not sure I would use this brand, but as an example
  18. Inside rear seat frames is a good place for the old style price sticker - this will go over millennial's heads - with the date on or moulded into parts. Seem to recall my passenger door panel had a date like that, think it was 2005 but it is Gti
  19. Assuming the Gti shares the same mounting position - my stripped lupo come in handy - its not that buried, only slightly further forward than the clutch pedal: Please ignore the dust.. HTH
  20. LR5V

    AIrcon problems

    February Heatwave in Liverpool? Hopefully just a re-gas, think I read non car AC places are a lot cheaper for re-gas, worth a try if you have a place nearby. AC is best used year round, dries the air and used in winter it speeds up windscreen demists + it keeps the seals moist.
  21. LR5V

    Lupo GTI saved from the scrap yard

    Nice mini restoration, I hope your body man chopped out the bad section of sill and not patched over. I have no issue, you are a London driver - those dozy sheep drivers queuing up for the roundabout just needed to be chopped! But I would suggest a overtaking tip, picked up with country driving road-craft - pull out further back from the slower cars, you can see oncoming traffic better and if it gets too tight you have room to dive into the space you left behind the slower car.
  22. They should do that, the point the shock can be center as OEM location. the slot can be rotated and fixed in any direction. I will look out the part number of the assumed Audi 80 top mounts
  23. I see! The short one looks set back as well?
  24. My apologies - I wasn't aware of the difference in thickness. I would run the washers too, there is friction of the sub-frame holding these in place, its not just the bolt Hammer, meh.... Hydraulic press FTW Those longer control arms look interesting
  25. Not all fault codes readers are able to clear VAG Air bag / ABS faults, they can deal with minor faults, but not critical faults. But if the system is now intact VCDS cable will clear the code and light.

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