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  1. Hope you get this sorted - just out of interest, I think we are all aware VW has a funny way of doing things, was there much of price difference between Value and non-Value?
  2. I found the best way to get the glass sitting correctly in the holders, tighten the holders to just grip but allow some movement of the glass, run the window up to align, then tighten the bolts, if you can't reach the bolts grip the glass with your hands on both sides and push down as a helper lowers the window - 60% of the time it works every time! ^ that's a halfway house between sliders and lecky windows - with weight saving too
  3. it's a sickening moment when bleeders let go - well done getting it sorted
  4. LR5V

    Lupo GTI information

    That's the naughties trying to be the nineties - did this not appear on Barryboys as a SOTW?
  5. Lowered springs often don't need compressors, I can just about hold down the top cap and put the nut on by myself. Not sure about the those shocks fitting Gti, these links do not list AVY engine working with that PN- https://www.oemvwshop.com/jzw413031d-shock-abs-eco-p451672/ https://vwsonline.co.uk/products/108364-trw-front-shockabsorbers-pair-jzw-413-031d?variant=12694461153382
  6. That's a great resource, but only problem is when you get to VW stretch bolts are slightly different with a set torque +90 turn Polo's share a lot of stuff with the Lupo - I found the Polo 00 to 02 Haynes manual is a good source for torque values and the stretch bolt anomalies
  7. The ones at the beam are the worst as you don't have much space to play with - start with these then move onto the fronts. Make sure your bleeders are free - carefully soak these too - having a blow torch on standby is a comfort for sticking bleeders. It looks crap fitting old clips onto nice new hoses - Febi clips - suspect you need 6 (2 for the front, 4 at the beam) If you havent got them - Invest in proper brake spanners and vice grips Quite often the nut on the hard pipes will be stuck in place - important to support these as you undo the flexi - so you don't break the hard pipe. You mentioned the original ones were perished, there are also flexi/hardline pipes on each side of the beam going to the calipers, are they Ok?
  8. Both at the same time - you will have all the tools out and the second side will be a lot quicker. If you get the removal tool you could possibly do it on the car and reduce disturbance of alignment - but I would still get i checked, but this could be done at a convenient time
  9. as said - i sent it out to be rebuilt - yes the seal is pretty common, lots of boxes with 5th gear housing requiring this
  10. Yes - sealant on the box to bellhousing
  11. I sent my box to a pro to rebuild, try OEN 02T 301 215 - but I'm not 100% sure.
  12. Helps smooth out air and engine way up is quicker, both save fuel. Downside is gets in the way of getting at the engine
  13. I'm with Mk2, this is a rare swap. Polo cooling fan control way back when they were using AFH engines was probably a thermo switch in the radiator alone - suspect that may be the reason why there is no ecu connection. AC pins, are they same size? if they are just fit them, 50/50 that your right, if you are wrong just swap the pins
  14. Cant help you with the parts - but intrigued why you need a new set of hoses?
  15. https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/battery-finder same as Gti
  16. Did your key work before? I would try some penetrating fluid in the lock and see where you go from there.
  17. LR5V


    The F17BAD MK3 is a mad build - I don't venture into the forum it was posted on any more - last I saw he was importing trick stuff from Germany, what power is he at now? Do you know what 20v engine you will be using?
  18. LR5V


    Lots of build threads floating around on here - finding one with pictures will be the first hurdle Not done this myself, but the engine/box mounts and sorting drive shafts are the biggest challenges - if you have done a Mk3 conversion you should be OK with the wiring
  19. The Halfords STP kits are ok, but you can get slightly cheaper kits on ebay. Never tried it myself, but I remember reading that the cheapest people to take cars to get recharged was not garages but HVAC companies
  20. The problem will be balancing the price to how quickly you need the money Maybe you need to have a conversation with your daughter about not being a sheep or a conformist - being different is more interesting
  21. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Just say it's a Safari Lupo
  22. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Looking good - any plans to reduce the tyre to arch height? Did you get your diff installed in the old box?
  23. How about https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/Retropower-Speed-Shop?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  24. Flake is more low rider or drifting thing, you may as well add lace work too!: How about Mercedes Blauschwartz db199 - looks black in certain lights, anthracite in others:
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