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  1. Same as other post - new to the forum, profit gouging - Nice £80 here: https://woxparts.com/ +import tax Lots for £80 to £100 in Japan
  2. I find it disappointing you are trying to profit gouge after just joining the forum - welcome! £80 here: https://woxparts.com/ +import tax Lots for £80 to £100 in Japan
  3. €69 here: https://www.bks-tuning.com/6e0945097b.html
  4. €69 here: https://www.bks-tuning.com/6e0945097b.html
  5. Already answered! - That is Rich for: "Do you need a Gti anti-roll bar?"
  6. VW probably said that just to cover themselves. 91/95 is the octane rating for the fuel suitable for your engine - 91 is the plain vanilla cheap unleaded & 95 is high octane more expensive unleaded. Interesting reading - I don't think I would like to be in Brazil just know... - You should check out Jamie Orr's one week Saveiro build in Brazil on you tube - really mad water cooled stuff going on over there, all pretty much 8V with very big turbo's Have to say I got a bit excited hearing a higher grade of ethanol fuel will be widespread...that is until I read up on how little ethenol was going in. I can dimly recall E85 being available at Morrisons, but at the time I didn't have a decent car and like 99.867% of the population I wasn't clued up on what it was... wonder why it failed to take off! Ethanol is the darling for tuners overseas, volumetrically it needs a lot more than petrol meaning bigger fuel pumps and injectors - but burns better and the shear amount of fuel they have to dump in cools the cylinders - really helpful in turbo cars I have seen a TSI engined polo in a scrap yard - bonnet up, engine looks cover off, at a glance it looks just like a normal small block 16v - until you see the massive cast alloy growth on the cam box above the intake where the high pressure fuel pump lives. It definitely is a: once you see it you cant un-see it things!
  7. 1% reduction in fuel economy.... considering most of the fuel price is tax - its good news for the treasury! https://check-vehicle-compatibility-e10-petrol.service.gov.uk/manufacturer/Volkswagen Only one model of Lupo not suitable: Lupo – 1.4 litre (77kW) FSI made from August 200 to November 2003
  8. Use the Golf box lots of build threads out there After fabrication, wiring is the most challenging
  9. LR5V


    you can get a lot of Ikea Meatballs in a Lupo.... its just the jam and sauce that is problematic
  10. Looking really good. Those Nangkang's have a lot of meat in the sidewall! - how are they grip wise in the wet? any rubbing? BTW Front inner ARB bushes are tricky to do on the car - if you are getting them done upgrade to polybushes
  11. Looks really good! 70000 km is about 48000 miles here in the UK - majority of cars here are over 100k miles
  12. Stop using the new parts! What is stopping re-assembling the old parts?
  13. unless I am missing something - the old spring looks ok just assemble the old stuff
  14. Has the plastic part come unclipped from the metal base? - Seem to recall a similar problem when I was having my clutch saga. With cable ties you can crush the spring down small enough to clip the plastic back in and re-assemble: Once its back in place behind the pedal - cut the cable ties off
  15. Suspect VW has all the assembly lines set up with the same underpinnings or able to accept a VW standard so they can swap out everything out without excessive downtime. all the need to do is change out the parts bins and train the workers. Nowt wrong with Brussels - quite partial to a bit of Moule et Frites - with lashings of mayo
  16. Mine doesn't have those tubes, its the same as R32 bushes
  17. I really think they are a daft design - unsure why PF do it that way when all the other poly bush brands emulate OEM - its like they are using up a batch off inserts that are too short with too big a drilled hole in the middle. Did you just remove the tube or change bushes?
  18. Wow! That is impressive carbon build up is that 1 to 2mm? - suspect it will have increased the compression ratio - not making your test scores look any better. For the guides, I would say Option 2 - option 1 has possibility to run and run, you have no excuses to put it back together with option 2! The non-official way to remove crank pulley bolt - carefully note what way the engine turns, put but socket in breaker bar on bolt located so breaker bar is turning into the floor and crank engine over to undoing the bolt. Not the best as you are twisting the crank in a way its not designed, rather than holding the pulley and turning the bolt, but it gets you out of a hole if your stuck. By the way - nice Garage and home
  19. It will be GB leaving EU - its only been 2 months, you were probably their first UK buyer within the time. They won't have updated their website and don't want to collect VAT on behalf of the UK Government -why HMRC arrogantly thinks it can dictate to companies in other countries like this is nuts. Have a look at Mk5 Golf ones - its an external brake light light like the Lupo, but unsure if it will fit. poverty spec Golf mount in the metal panel, Gti is within the spoiler mounted on an internal bracket. You could cut the aperture out of a Mk5 Gti spoiler and get it bonded into the Lupo spoiler... but you may as well blank of your current opening removing something else to fail in future.
  20. I would get full service - new spark plugs, oil and filters too. Also have brake fluid moisture content checked - meant to replace fluid every 2 years.
  21. Welcome Judging by oil colour - if it was clean oil it could be spilt oil from filling - the sealant around the spark plug tube has failed I am afraid it is not a case of just whipping the cover off. The rocker cover is a cam box, this houses the cams, to remove this you need to take the cam belt off. you will need to lock the cams in place - tools is widespread on ebay or just use drill bits. Once off it should just be RTV sealant that needs to be replaced in the Yellow areas below: http://workshop-manuals.com/volkswagen/golf-mk4/images/golf-mk4-9642.png Any service history with yours? I would be tempted to change the timing belts / tensioner at the same time, you are a good chunk of the way there with this job.
  22. Are the Gti HL brake lights no longer available from VW? Since 1971 the UK minimum requirement for cars is 2 working brake lights, the high level 3rd brake light is seen as an additional brake light. For MOT this additional light is only tested if it is fitted. So you could remove the light and as long as the other 2 main brake lights work it will pass MOT. Just need someone clever to 3D print a blanking plate to fill in the gaping hole in the spoiler - it certainly would tidy up the look of the rear end.
  23. Yeah - ton 20 isn't the most alluring experience in mine - its much happier at 90 Nor is front end collision or even Dutch Grannies:
  24. I'm just repeating what others have said about the strength - but not seen any evidence personally. Should be fine for the power -Mine is claimed to be at 160 with PO using as summer daily / tracking and then myself without issue.
  25. Popular upgrade for pretty rare cars - I would say that's a great deal just for the box alone - it may be weaker than a 5 speed but has better ratios to suit the power band of the engine. It should turn both flanges same direction in neutral too. The Lupo may have been sat for a while - it could be gummed up with old oil. Only way to truly tell is open the casing up and look - or - install it, you will feel the difference. If it does have a diff, you have got a bargain as LSD and rebuild is about £800. If it is LSD there are oils designed for to use with them...annoyingly only coming in litre bottles and IIRC 6 speed needs 2.1 litres
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