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  1. That sounds like too much of a coincidence for the indicator stalk to fail - did you Seal up the loom and block the hose? i would plug the motor back in and see if it stops the fault
  2. Nice find - Strategic use of heat gun will flatten the leather
  3. Afraid I don't see it like that - don't forget Vauxhaull driver was not paying attention, you could take the nutter completely out of the equation, Mr tigra should have left enough space to stop. Best to leave it to the insurance company to deal with, Sausage's film is enough evidence for them - that is if they can do anything with it. I would suggest Sausage keeps this at arms length - I witnessed a rear end outside my house - offered to be a witness as the other car drove off + spoke to police - my good deed turned into being harassed for information from the insurers for over 6 months just for a light ding.
  4. LR5V

    My Lupo GTI

    Is this going to be like a kidnapping, where you post little bits of you Lupo one at a time? They look to be a really good refurbishment, centre caps usually don't come out 100% - but yours look mint.
  5. Good value - shame they are so far away from Scotland! - did they need the key and car to be together? If its key only - I may be passing the home of the "Sauce" in the nears future.
  6. Ultimately yes- But they have very clear routes of blame - and in turn the claim - good example I know was decades ago, a friend rear ended a car stopped at lights, this concertinaed 2 other cars, car at front claimed off the middle car, middle car took that sum and added their own to the total and claimed off the car my friend hit - their insurance then claimed all 3 cars damage/costs off my friends insurance. From what I can tell only the Lupo & Tigra were damaged, tigra hit Lupo - Sausage will claim everything off Tigra's insurance who in turn will attempt to claim off the nutter Skoda driver. It could get interesting Internally within the insurance companies- as Sausage and the nutter both share insurers, they have to look after Sausage, but I suspect they will go to the usual default stance of avoiding payout to Tigra from nutters insurance.
  7. LR5V


    Identify the offset (this will be marked on the inside of the wheel, also known as ET) and also note tyre sizes on both the old and new wheels -punch these numbers into https://www.willtheyfit.com/ and you will see the differences and with some measurements with the existing wheel be able to work out what size spacer you need. Hope I'm wrong, but they sound too big to me - for a start an inch off the width at each end sounds more reasonable.
  8. You were completely helpless, the tigra came out of no where, too quick for you to react. Any plans on what you are going treplace the Lupo with?
  9. LR5V

    Untidy GTI

    Good spot - I forgot they came sepetately - no use for mine as its the entire length of the sill I need, so I am going to patch them as best I can
  10. You will be claiming off the Vauxhaull, they crossed into your right of way. The issue they will have, is they should have left enough room between them and the car they were following to stop safely - despite the evidence that the Skoda was being driven very dangerously - The car that stopped to let the Skoda in and even the the second car stopped as well - 3rd car the Tigra wasn't paying attention.
  11. I'm not keen on all the spikes or the canards - but a great looking show Gti https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/modified-lupo-gti-interview Whats that hatch spoiler?
  12. Are you saying - Sausage breaks the internet?
  13. I agree on NCB protection - but legal protection is cheap. My experience of legal cover in insurance is currently being supported for sprained wrist in the crash & I'll throw in a non car related one - had a really bad house sale, it took over 3 years but we finally had a judgement that the errant buyer owes us 40k - legal cover in the home insurance got us to that conclusion. Couple that with free legal advise, for the small fee I would rather be with it than without. I sent a millennial at work your video link, he said "Oh that one! its been front page on Reddit for the last week"
  14. LR5V

    Untidy GTI

    VW only did entire sides - that's the sill + A, B & C pillars and rear arch on one panel - no repair panels
  15. No - they are not the same as Mk4 Golf rear calipers.
  16. Whoa! - that's mental, is the Dog OK? Who are you insured with? - After my pretty good outcome with Aviva I am surprised you are expecting to wait months for yours - too late now, but always get legal cover. A weird anomaly about UK accidents is the insurance company now responsible to tell the Department of work and pensions that you have had an accident - out of the blue last week, I got a letter from their "debt recovery unit" - typical government, cant write a letter like a human - it didn't mention anything about the accident or who had contacted them, it just looked like identity theft! - desperate for more information I went to the website listed in the letter... and as a final FU it didn't work!
  17. Cracking looking Gti
  18. No worries fella - my bolts were new from VW - could you have been given longer bolts by accident?
  19. Here you go - was going to say the bolts don’t stick out much at all, 2mm at most:
  20. Drive shaft bolts hitting gearbox case? This is the best photo I have uploaded, shows a gap: Will have a root about on my phone for something better.
  21. or this is looks possible https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32832223660.html
  22. Not sure how easy you can swap the key blades read this:
  23. That’s a nightmare @mk2 , usually this happens at the most inconvenient moment! -at least you had time to sort it. i understand the door card on the mk4 can be removed with the door shut, but thinking about it the one screw next the mirror would need ripping out - it does not sound fun. You can source repair micro switches as a kit off eBay or AliExpress - seems it’s always one switch that goes wrong -same item on Lupo locks too.
  24. There’s someone on eBay who will cut your key from a picture - so the mechanical part is very easy. Personally, I wouldn’t even go near the transponder chip, they are glass, tend to be very well glued in and it seems their second function in life is breaking at the slightest disturbance. Easier to clone the current transponder code onto a new chip -or don’t bother, tape the Old key to the reading ring for near immobiliser defeat! I wonder if the OP could use a Mk4 key for the alarm? -seen some threads on here with this done, but they may be 1.8t conversions
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