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  1. I picked up a spare for mine, unfortunately its not to hand, not looked at it in detail -but I believe the flap is one piece, no separate pin. looking at the picture the black plastic sides slope in suggesting that during assembly the flap expands the sides before locating in the holes I would try working out a way to wedge both sides out and slide the flap in the direction and slide the flap out in the direction of the arrow
  2. Hey nice lupo - I have tried wading through the 13 pages of this thread, but like bono, I’ve not found wha5 I’m looking for... what cage have you got fitted? front upper strut brace - this looks like OMP, does it make any difference?
  3. More info on the eraser wheel? I use fishing nylon - it’s quite a bit tougher than dental floss
  4. LR5V

    Front subframe wanted...

    Probably more salt on the road in the grim north During the winter the salt is so bad the Mk4 goes through entire screen wash tank in less than a week! Even carry spare with me in case it runs out.
  5. LR5V

    Front subframe wanted...

    this car lived in the country? - cow muck is great for dissolving cars
  6. Get it powder-coated and if they are not structural use stainless bolts
  7. +1 for that and the upper gearbox mount metalwork
  8. There is very little difference in 195: https://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=205&aspect=45&diameter=15&wheelwidth=6.5&offset=43&width2=195&aspect2=45&wheel_size=15&wheel_width=6-5&offset2=43 Seem to recall reading somewhere on here they drive better than 205.
  9. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    They were recommended by 3 different people on pistonheads. Yes - the powder coating looks great, I was actually admiring it while on my side taking a break from being a fanny - but with less than a 100 miles on the road I would expect that to be the case! How decent does the metal need to be -if the panels is meant to be 1.2mm and the panel on the car has thinned out - how thin can go down to, hoping to get away with 1.0 in some areas and not have to cut back a lot more metal. With nearly the entire sill opened up I can treat the internal metal with something like kurust and then add some weld through primer. Getting the existing wax off is not going to be fun
  10. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Thanks @Sausage the only thing I have adjustable on the welder is wire speed, I’m thinking the 0.8 voltage may be too much for the 1.2mm thick sheet metal I love urchfab great films -looking forward to seeing the mongrel built up. I like the practical way he goes about stuff. @Rich where’s your build thread?
  11. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Managed to got off my arse and got stuck into the patch peeling it back they had not gone very far up the sill cant work out how the attached the patch at the top? They literally covered over everything... even the body plugs, would have thought they would have removed these to reduce fire risk, but its becoming evident they didn't care You can see above the last of the patch folded over the sill seam, there was nothing except for filler and paint covering the edge of the flap in front of the rear wheel I am a bit confused where the jack reinforcement is located, was expecting the same deal as front with a thicker vertical piece of frame. There still is some patch attached to the floor pan, not sure why because it is solid there. Next time I am going to grind off the upper section of patch This what was left with old stuff on the left and nearly the last of my £200 patch on the right And debris field
  12. This is from ARC/AVY polo wiring diagram G79 accelerator position sensor G185 accelerator position sensor 2
  13. Well.. Red beats Blue, hands down https://www.googlefight.co.uk/red-vs-blue.php And completely trounces grey too! https://www.googlefight.co.uk/red-vs-grey.php
  14. Glad you have progressed past the fuel pump problem... but sorry to hear its still mucking you about - I assume you have checked all the other pins are pressed fully home? As Mk2 says 5v is normal. Assuming you have kept the BAM as DBW? I would look on vagcom to see if your accelerator pedal is sending signal to the throttle body, at least do a throttle alignment whilst you are there. If that's not possible continuity check the cables to the pedal and all 6 throttle body cables.
  15. LR5V

    lupo tdi

    teddies have a certain kitsch cool about them, especially when re-engineered:
  16. Paid around £20 for brand new in the box Hella Colour Concept All Red tail lights for a Mk3 golf, sat on them for years, they never saw a car -sold them to a guy in Germany for £250 That's not cool - bigger walls and bigger dog required. We used to get people after my Mk3 Golf, kindly offering my wife to take it away for free. I did let them once pick over my scrap metal pile of worn out parts, a lot easier for them to take away to weigh in. I hold onto Alloys as there is a little bit of money there, but the problem is tyres, valves and weights have to be removed. Rich - do you still have it?
  17. Could be the loom within the door has come loose and is stopping the window fully opening - this happened to mine when I fixed the window cable, my loom is missing a few clips and was not sitting flush with the inner door skin, a strategically applied cable tie later and it was good again. To check take the lower panel off, in the area behind the speaker. hopefully its just clipping the loom back into place. When you close it up make sure the splash membrane is taped up to stop water getting into the cabin.
  18. Lambda's can be broken by dropping them. 160 brake off standard injectors is common - according to Clayton's tuner they are good for well over 200. whether the pump is up to that is another matter
  19. Lupo Gti is Hydraulic clutch - Sorry fella I assumed Polo was the same, suspect the linkage is probably different too.
  20. You need to confirm what fluid is leaking More likely to be brake fluid - clutch uses brake fluid it could be clutch slave cylinder leaking causing your gear selection problems Gearbox oil is really pungent smell and compare the fluid to your brake fluid
  21. I believe this thread is about the plastic under tray - it wont protect the sump No problem running without, they are most useful in winter - keeps engine bay cleaner and helps with engine warm up too
  22. its the recessed bolts that are painful to locate and re-install, dropping the down pipe is frustrating for me as I have KAM manifold - may be easier with standard, looks like you are mising a bolt at the manifold, its already 25% done for you! - I changed the 2 gearbox bolts to studs in order to avoid dropping the manifold. all this with the silicone sealer Idividually each stage isn't that bad, but combined its not the nicest of jobs . How bad is the leak? if you opt to repair yourself with helicoil, the diameter of the drill you get in the kit is about half a mm bigger than most drill chucks, you could get a blacksmith drill bit to use with a smaller chuck.
  23. Very expensive to replace, iirc it’s over £100 for a new one - this seems to be one of those premium gti parts Thread my sump had been destroyed, helicoil sorted it, but it was a complete pita to take the sump off. AVY sump has 2 bolt holes for gearbox, seen some later small block alloy sumps that look similar, and a lot more plentiful... but wether or not they fit needs to confirmed, £20 to £30 used off eBay is worth a punt
  24. different box in Mk4, but same design of cable linkage and gear selector
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