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  1. The supply of genuine parts is becoming more and more difficult in Japan. Fortunately, I can find cross-reference parts on ebay, and half of the parts are personal imports from Europe. As for the second key I am thinking of getting a blank key and see if I can register it in the car. Second keys are expensive in Japan. And to buy one requires a car inspection certificate, ID card, a lot of money and time.So I plan to try to register a combination of a used remote control key and a blank key as a DIY project. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  2. There are plans for the Olympic Games in Japan, but COVID-19 is still highly infectious. I would like to get a vaccine shot but have not received the information yet, so I cannot personally say "come to Japan with peace of mind" as I am quite far from getting the vaccine. By the way, my Lupo is equipped with coilovers, but now that I am acclimated to them, the ride height has dropped. Yesterday, I washed my Lupo and adjusted the ride height. I wish all the members of Club Lupo good health. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. According to my Lupo GTI records, the timing belt, spark plugs, fuel pumps, fuel filters, fuel gauge sensors, headlight level sensors, 205 / 45R15 tires, etc. have just been replaced.
  4. I removed the rear spoiler that caused the leak, ordered the 3rd brake lamp and the spoiler mounting holes from the repair shop, and replaced the new windshield. And I ordered small parts from Japan dealer and ebay.
  5. Thanks guys. I'm not good at English, so I rely on Google Translate for posting. Since my Lupo is a 2005 model, I have to pay a tax of £ 300 a year in Japan and an additional tax to register for inspection every two years. In Japan, recent eco-cars are being tax-reduced preferentially, so older cars with a lot of exhaust gas are being tax-increased to make up for the shortfall. ..
  6. I got a 70,000km aluminum door model Lupo GTI. The Lupo had a fault error in the ECU, and a leak from the rear spoiler caused water to collect in the battery pan in the boot room. I used VCDS to clear the error, charge the battery, change the oil, adjust the air pressure and test drive. The drive shaft boots broke, grease splattered, and the engine check lamp turned on again. I identified all the faulty parts of the car and ordered the parts.
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