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  1. Hello, I'm the only Lupo owner in Korea. First of all, I apologize in advance for my poor English. To get to the point, it is very difficult to buy and maintain Lupo's parts in Korea. Especially, GTI has some different parts than normal Lupo. That's what the ball joint is it. Four weeks ago, I bought a ball joint. But this is a different size. I've been waiting for two weeks to get this one. (The left is an old, and the right is a new...) So, I searched this forum and found that the normal Lupo and GTI were using different sizes of ball Joints. ( It said that RTS's third-party product was the right size with a original VW parts... So!!! I orderd again..at Germany Ebay sellber that name masTEDA .(https://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-RTS-NIEDRIGER-TRAGGELENK-FUHRUNGSGELENK-93-90973-256-P-NEU-OE-QUALITAT/263691412288?fits=Model%3ALupo&hash=item3d653ba340:g:f~cAAOSwTDpb6DKN:rk:4:pf:0) and that results...is.... what the Fxxkin Monroe..? It's the same size as it was before......... OMG........ I have one question...What's the problem with when i install different sizes? I need your help....
  2. Lupo_Gti_Kor

    Hi, this is New noob from S.Korea

    hello, this is noob from South Korea. This forum is a only way to know about Lupo to me. Because my lupo gti is an only one in my country(even that was imported from Japan). As you know, korea is not very good culture about car like small and cutie Lupo. And my English is not good also. I really want get number of the parts and your information about lupo....please help me!

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