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  1. I did query about my auto box. When I take to other garage, shall ask them. Thanks. I would like to post pics, not sure how. 😞
  2. Well they have been taking my money for 11 years. Looks like I shall have to look for a new garage.
  3. Well a week ago the garage told me I wouldn't get it through the MOT for something that cost about 50p! So took it to two chaps who do bodywork, they found a second hand part and fitted it. All was well. However now die for MOT and Service in a few weeks. I am worried the same thing will happen again but with a different part.
  4. Now I am not saying anyone would want to buy my Lupo. It is 2002 plate, automatic in very good condition indeed. I am now in a position to buy a new car. However loath to get rid of my Lupo. Only 50k on the clock. The garage I go to for all its work are now saying they only fit new parts. Apart from changing garages what should I do? Buy a new car (Hyundi) Find someone who wants to buy mine? Scrap it? Thanks for all your help.
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