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  1. Nice one thanks guys im tempted to source a set of rsl cults but very rare in 15 inch also dont want them too wide
  2. Just wondering if anyone has ran 14inch wheels on a Gti or even if its possible with the clearance on the calipers ? If so anyone have any photos ?
  3. You can get one brand new here for around the same price. Is it still for sale, how many miles did it do on the car ?
  4. How much are you looking to pay ? Ive just found one after a year of searching, they do come up occasionaly.
  5. I managed to do a deal with a nice guy from this forum and bagged myself a better condition spoiler and an uncracked light that works.. question is how am i going to seal it and try to make it water tight going forward.
  6. Think theres one on ebay at the moment
  7. Afternoon all, My recent purchase requires some new paint, i am concerned that it will be difficult to blend or even match this colour. It has some fantastic hues in certain light. Am i being paranoid and has anyone had any paint and blensing in this colour with good results ? Ive heard pearl cokours are hard to match. Regards Josh
  8. Ressurecting an old thread here but are the anthracite paint codes the same for GTI and non ? Will be booking my car in for some bodywork and worried that it will lose some of that lovely dark grey blue sparkle in the sun..
  9. Unfortunately not, i have contacted VW, TPS and no joy. I was told they sold the last one in Oct Nov 2020
  10. Turns out theres a little more bodywork involved, couple of scabs on front arch so hopefully get the car into a bodyshop this weekend and see what the damage is. May bet the front end and bootlid resprayed. Indicator is also playing up intermittent. And the thermostat issue running cold apart from that drives very well.
  11. I can definately have a look but the brake light lens is cracked which is probabky the root of the problem in the first place
  12. Thanks lupogtiboy.. Hmm looks like it could be more trouble than its worth. The connections look very different
  13. Thanks lupogtiboy. Happy to do a bit of fiddling to try and keep it oem, out of interest are the standard 9n3 and the gti using the same brake light ?
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