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  1. How much are you asking for it?
  2. I used to have this on my old gti ordered a stubby passenger mirror from germany and had it fitted. Visibilty was obviously worse
  3. Having not had the use of the car since i bought it i feel its time to maybe move it on to someone who has the time. I now need a family car. Will upload photos this week once its had a clean. It was bought as a bit of a restoration project, and i have rectified a few issues but there is still a small list of things to do. So far i have had some parking dings removed, new rear spoiler and light, small rust bubbles sorted on the wings, front and rear bumpers have been sprayed. Its had a new thermostat, wipers, blocked washer jet fixed. Rear wiper delete, cambridge lights,spacers and a whiteline arb fitted. Things on my to do list were. A full detail Door straps Discs and pads Another small rust bubble on drivers door Wheel refurb New indicator stalk (its sticky/temperamental) I will be straight up and say that i wont be accepting less than what i paid for it. Im not desperate to sell and if it doesnt get what i want i will keep it and get through my list albeit slowly. Its done very few miles since i bought it in february its a 2nd car and i have spent money sorting out a few issues. If anyone is interested my number is 07429278001 please watsapp me and we can talk price/conditon etc. Will be having a valet in the next week or so so can upload pictures then. Regards J
  4. Did you sell your BCs on ? I only had kw v1s and found them good enough for road use so maybe the BCs could do the job for me. Already i feel the whiteline arb has improved things with the standard setup
  5. Thanks clayton will look to recycle my old grille i guess there seems to be enough on there i think. I used to have kws on my old gti but am considering the bc's now how did you find them for general road use and ride height ? Was there much difference in stiffness ?
  6. Been thinking of doing the mesh behind the spotlights and didnt notice you had done the same. May i ask how you did it ? What you used ? Im thinking of buying a new grill and using the old one
  7. I bought it as a project and am having some work done to bring it up to a reasonable standard. May look to sell it on though if i dont get the use of .
  8. Afternoon all Whilst fitting my new spoiler after spraying it i have noticed my 2 spoiler bolts have snapped and the previous owner cut the connector for the 3rd brake light. Does anyone know the part numbers for these and where i can source them ? Also i have a sticky indicator and have heard it could be the relay. What do i need to do to diagniose and then tackle this job ? Regards Josh
  9. Nice one thanks guys im tempted to source a set of rsl cults but very rare in 15 inch also dont want them too wide
  10. Just wondering if anyone has ran 14inch wheels on a Gti or even if its possible with the clearance on the calipers ? If so anyone have any photos ?
  11. You can get one brand new here for around the same price. Is it still for sale, how many miles did it do on the car ?
  12. How much are you looking to pay ? Ive just found one after a year of searching, they do come up occasionaly.
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