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  1. Unfortunately the battery wasnt the problem, i still have no idea, Ive parked it up and left it, Still thinking its the starter motor wire, Not sure how to get to it as I've heard its a pain in the a**. So as of now nope sorry
  2. Hi, Wondering if anyone here has any help on this problem, The car wont start, It has a full battery, So not a battery problem i dont think, we've used a jumper pack on it at the same time and it does the same thing, Tbh this is the first time ive seen it do this, Usually it does it when turning the key and start Flickering like a starter motor problem? If anyone can help and tell me where that is on the engine id appreciate it Massively, Car is a 1.4s if thats anything that can help. Thanks any help is massively appreciated Josh Lupo Problem.mp4
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