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  1. Hmmm. it is a really difficult one. I know, the Clio is def becoming a chavy car, like the scooby did a few years ago. Nobody would buy one of those now, would they?! Is this what will happen to the Clio? And the Lupo does have all the appeal of being rare. Its just the price. Its hard to justify it when the clio is regarded as one of the best hot hatches of all time, and the lupo, well, isnt...! But I suppose they are in different markets. Cars like the twingo and the Fait 500 are the new Lupos. Decisions, decisions!
  2. Yeah, like you say, this is my problem...! I would def go for the Clio with the cup packs on. Just not sure which one is really right for me. If the GTI was cheaper, I would go for it in a flash. Its just the extra money for what looks like less of a car...
  3. Ok, I know this is a Lupo forum, so answers will be coloured by that but... what are the good and bad sides of these cars? I've driven a clio, (not the 182 mind) and really liked it. Never driven a GTI, but always liked the look of them. My heart is saying GTI, just cos they are rare and interesting. But for the same money about (5K) you can get a 04 plate 182 (as apposed to a 02 plate Lupo). Is the Lupo really worth the extra?
  4. You looked at grove lane garage in Meanwood (Leeds)? They are always cheap and honest.
  5. is that a bad thing? Does it make it less responsive?
  6. Thanks for the info, thats interesting! Didn't realise it had rally blood...! Is it exactly the same engine thats in the polo then?
  7. Hi there guys, Was just wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about the history of the the 1.6 GTI engine. I know it came from the Polo GTI, but thats all! Any interesting facts?! Looking to buy a GTI in the next year or so... I need to pass my test first though... (and yes, I'm 26... and lazy!) Chris
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