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  1. Interested as well!! Looks great!
  2. I was hoping to split the old headlight, (GTI Xenon) and replace the lens with a new one (Normal Lupo Headlight). Its not a bad crack, its just at the verp top edge, where it goes under the bonnet. I think the safest bet is to try repair it first and go from there!! 🙂
  3. Ye, Ive ordered a new front bumper lower section as mine is damaged, so will be changing all then 🙂
  4. Anyone know if its possible to swap the front clear plastic on Lupo headlights? So swap a GTI Xenon to a normal lupo headlight. (Front plastic only) Reason I ask is, I have a small crack on mine and instead of replacing headlight altogether, I could just replace damaged plastic with a normal headlight, there very cheap to buy to whole unit for a standard lupo.
  5. TWO SEPARATE FUSES!!! 😫😫 After 6hrs removing bumper, scratching the headlight, it was the poxy fuse!!!!!! And now the bulbs are slightly different colors coz I replaced just one!!! Ah well.....................
  6. Ye, found out today! Crazy money. Bit cheaper in Euro though 😁
  7. Anyone know where I could get a headlight ballast? I haven't tried VW yet! Website links...etc Much appreciated.
  8. Hey, looking for above, shipped to IRL. Thanks
  9. JasperIrl

    GTI Headlight

    Hi, I'm looking for a drivers side headlight for a GTI, Xenon. Posted to IRL Cheers
  10. JasperIrl

    GTI Headlight

    Hi, I'm looking for a drivers side headlight for a GTI, Xenon. Posted to IRL Cheers
  11. JasperIrl


    Hi, looking for a drivers side headlight, xenon for Lupo GTI? Price/condition/posted to IRL? Thanks
  12. As title says,looking for grearknob and gaitor alternatives that fit, like a golf gti mk6? Anyone change there's to something similar or know if the golf gti mk6/7 fit? Thanks
  13. Mine are a little off centre as well, must just be the way it is. I'd also like to know if anyone has changed tips/tidied old ones
  14. I decided to go with oem in the end. Will come back with an opinion when fitted. Personally, I didn't want to make the car any louder inside or to stiff. Also fitting a new rear arb and 30mm lowering springs so will let you's know. Thanks for the opinions, info! ?oh and the massive price difference didn't help ?
  15. Should I polybush or just replace with OEM? Its a road car with some spirited driving! all opinions welcome
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