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  1. They are extremely hard to get, Not available from Woxparts. I've been onto them a couple of weeks ago. Do you have any links to the ones available in Japan?
  2. Ah I see now, you don't buy Piper Cams, you send away the original OEM cams to be re-profiled. Cheers Lads 😁
  3. I'm curious as to why you would re-profile aftermarket cams that you bought? I'm assuming its to make them inbetween OEM cams and the original aftermarket CAM profile? Make the car more "daily" friendly maybe? 👍
  4. " Your Piper 270 cams - did you send away your originals to be re-profiled?" Can someone explain, sorry 😐 Thanks 👍
  5. Hi All, wanted High level brake light for Lupo GTI (One in the spoiler) Thank you 😁
  6. Hi, wanted a set of Cambridge lights for Lupo GTI TIA 🙂
  7. Also, any cambridge lights for sale in great condition, let me know 🙂
  8. Hi all, I was originally on here a couple of years ago with my 2005 silver Lupo GTi, I sold that and picked up an Abarth 595 Comp. I loved the Abarth, though it looked GREAT and was fairly quick, 200bhp but I'd always missed the Lupo! I always said I'd buy another one, so here we are, sold the Abarth and picked up this beauty recently. Its a grade 4B with 94KMs on the clock. Looks in great condition, and nice and original (Except the wheels which AFAIK are 16" enkei alloys) I had planned on changing them anyway but would have liked some bathurst for a while! The plan is........to co
  9. I bought a genuine OEM brake light about 2 years ago. It was cheap enough from what I remember. Can you not get one?
  10. Thanks Guys, savage deal! Will get all over that!
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