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  1. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Yeah - All the nice stuff people say about the Mk5 Gti is true.... I don't currently have an urge to change anything, its good enough as it is now. DSG is awesome in sport mode, rev matching on downshift in the twisty stuff and throw it into drive and its great in traffic - still need to try launch mode! Cheers Man - will monitor the situation
  2. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Thanks - quacks were more interested in the Left hand
  3. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    A lot easier to break going outwards, there were a few cuts on the 2nd fingers knuckle, the blood and broken screen confused me at the time - its still sore after 3.5 weeks!
  4. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Depends if you mean Conan the american late night TV presenter or the Barbarian! It was taken to Copart and auctioned off after a week and a half. I was looking into getting it back, but all I could do is pick over the bones, I couldn't get the entire car - the cost in fees for me as joe public to do this was nearly £250 on-top of a bid, there was a good chunk of money in the parts but to quote myself: "weather, lack of time and motivation" + space to store everything was going to be a problem.
  5. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    oh and this is enjoying the Mk5: Extra points for ID'ing the road - I'm not in my usual Scotland!
  6. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    No news on the Lupo - weather, lack of time and motivation have been stopping me from fixing the sill The daily: I was on the main road behind - the other car got waved out from this side road by someone being helpful but had not checked the filter lane I was in.. so not my fault Both airbags deployed, I was on the horn with both hands, airbag made my right hand punch the screen and sprained my left wrist. The Golf still drove, the A5 that hit me was dead and had to be pushed. Pay out was surprisingly generous and quick, crash on Thursday evening, money in account Tuesday, so I upgraded to this: Mk5 Gti 2.0 DSG - 86k miles, fully stamped up service book, with the DSG box serviced 5k miles ago. Really high spec, even has a sunroof that apparently is rare Unfortunately it wasn't being used often enough, I am having some binding brake issues. Sadly the 18" monza's are reps. It has a 3" cat back stainless exhaust that is non-resonated - the pops & crackles are nice, especially with the GSG box, but its too noisy, it just drones on the motorway, so its booked in to get it changed to resonated. Only cosmetic issue is a crusty hatch - I picked up a really good replacement in the same Graphite blue - the colour is lovely...however in the rain it is the same colour as wet tarmac!
  7. The standard for VW's is the green mineral oil - but many people move over to Red ATF due to price and easily available. What ever fluid you choose, I would be tempted to do a fluid replacement after a few weeks to flush out the remnants of what is currently in there.
  8. Hey Smudger - Lupo's are pretty odd, they are a lot polo, but have bits of Mk2, Mk3 & Mk4 Golfs thrown in too Gti stuff can be used, but they have a few unique foibles in suspension, the track is wider - quite a few dealer only parts that are kinda pricey that it makes my tame TPS guy blush. Sport stuff are easier to adapt to lower level Lupo's. it may be more than you are looking for, but Polo Gti 16v conversion is popular, but you need to replace the loom throughout the car
  9. The big issue is if you cause an accident and they find undeclared mods you may become un-insured - potentially liable for the damages. Plus your insurance would be cancelled and put on the naughty list the insurance companies now distribute making it very difficult to get any insurance going forward. discrete mods, you could get away with, but a 1.8t conversion is far from discrete. the mad max quote: “speed is a question of money... how fast can you go?” Is very pertinent here.
  10. LR5V

    Lupo V5

    Fixed that for you Rich! It’s a lot of effort for an engine with limited tuning, but it would be torquey.... there was a caged 2.1 litre 8v on gumtree recently that makes more sense to me
  11. What side is the liquid collecting? - Left could be Rear wash wipe hose leaking
  12. They sometimes loosen - good practice to regularly check they are tight
  13. Pressure test - pressurise the system, it should maintain pressure, if it drops you have a leak
  14. If its any help - a golf is about a day to take out and a day to go back in - so kiss goodbye to a weekend! It should be a little quicker with a bit less stuff to worry about in a Lupo. As Rich suggested you can by-pass, but that's not ideal going into winter. having space to put all the stuff as you take it off is a must
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