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  1. LR5V

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    If it is the RVT silicone seal between head and cam box that has failed, to properly fix you need to take the cam box off, this includes timing belt. Do you know when the timing belt was last changed? -If you don’t you need to prioritise this there are various products that claim to stop oil leaks, but unsure how effective they are.
  2. LR5V

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    The oil around spark plugs may just be overspill from topping up oil. The cam box under the filter/cover acts as a funnel to the spark plugs. Do a few hundred miles and pull a plug to see if it’s still oily. sump plug is easily cross threaded as it’s alloy, I wouldn’t say ha4d life, just exposed to more ham fisted maintenance. Thats really unusual for the foam membrane to still be intact on such a high mile car! Tearing is what the animals do - you can cut access openings into it and tape it up.
  3. LR5V

    Cumbria Vag 2019

    I’m tempted, meant to be a good weekend.
  4. LR5V

    Clayton's Tornado Red GTI..

    Safe journey fella
  5. LR5V

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Take your door panels off - very likely the foam cover/membrain has been destroyed and rainwater is getting into the cabin here.
  6. LR5V

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    For your faded wiper arms - not cheap but goes a long way - Gtechniq C4 Permanent Trim Restorer https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=gtechniq+c4&adgrpid=54783026153&hvadid=259073162859&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1007326&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=e&hvrand=12251867971172660909&hvtargid=aud-615115051421%3Akwd-312246140150&tag=googhydr-21&ref=pd_sl_61ty34e96u_e
  7. That's the wrong grade in your link, you should be using 5w40 platnum -it's what I get given at TPS https://www.vwspares.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1354 Quantum stuff is made by Fuchs and meets VW requirements. For filters, I flip between Mann and VW - I believe Mann are the OEM supplier to VW. Euro car parts carry them, last time I got some they were doing a special 30% off on filters so it was pretty much 3 for 2. BTW - AVS are really good part suppliers
  8. LR5V

    AVY / ARC Wiring Diagram

    That’s where I found it, that is the legend Rubjonney’s drive - lots of good stuff in there
  9. LR5V

    AVY / ARC Wiring Diagram

    Works on PC with chrome, maybe its my account allowing it, but just downloaded it 3 times! Would rather have posted the Raw PDF, zips always look suspect! its 1.2 meg - had to zip it down to get it to fit - any other way to post it on here?
  10. LR5V

    Mission Ignition on channel 4

    Whoa - That's quite a come down for Dario!
  11. 6n2arcecu.zip
  12. Attached is a PDF of Polo ARC and AVY wiring - Zipped to be small enough to upload on here 6n2arcecu.zip
  13. Ideally you need to check continuity between sensor and ECU - have you got a wiring diagram to identify the pin at the ECU?
  14. LR5V

    Mission Ignition on channel 4

    Depends on the car, it could be an Allegro, not really worth selling your soul - even for financial reward - getting one of those sh*t-boxes back on the road. Hammond sums them up well: Friends parents had one in weird hearing aid/mustard colour, their dogs ate it from the inside out. Awful car.
  15. Welcome Just checking - These fault codes, have they been cleared and keep coming back? If you have already found bodged wiring there may well be more, trace the engine loom from the cam sensor to see if there has been any additional interference.

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