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  1. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    I missed this, sad to hear ongoing issues - I would recommend my guy who rebuilt the box, lightened the flywheel and got me a cheap Quaif - Mart at Gas'n'gears on facebook, he's at Cornelly just over the bridge in South Wales, if its too far - box or pallet it up
  2. No worries - I was on my ipad earlier - a lot harder to add links: This is the one I got - or similar - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DAB-ROOF-AERIAL-RADIO-SMA-SMB-FAKRA-12V-AMPLIFIED-KIT-BOLT-ON-ANTENNA-AERIAL/223457222149?hash=item3407169e05:g:gScAAOSw8t5dcL5d Not sure if mine was the same, I missed out on choosing the connection and had to also had to source an adaptor - so work out what connectors you need The great news is it looks like OEM antenna but stubby - be aware it took a good few weeks to get to the UK... may take longer with viral lock-down
  3. Glad to hear you are a convert to DAB Afraid not - an FM/AM antennae does not receive DAB. either stick with windscreen antennae (not great) or you need to replace your current one with a Dab antennae - these usually have 3 cables, one for dab, one for fm/am and the 3rd is power. I used to have an expensive antennae in my Mk4 that only dropped signal in very few locations, I'm running a Chinese antennae on my Mk5, for 1/4 price it has 98% of the performance - it works very well
  4. LR5V

    Hi from Dublin

    Welcome it sounds like your indicator stalk is broken, Common issue. Replacement is straight forward, biggest hurdle is getting the air bag off and then the wheel
  5. They are pretty tuff, but I would put a strip of wood to stop it folding in on itself
  6. This is the same GRP material used for front panels Buyer is going to get a lot of benefits: faster warm up, slightly improved fuel consumption and the engine bay will stay a lot cleaner - kind of wish I'd asked myself!
  7. LR5V

    Hello from Kent

    Welcome - Definitely need to look on the continent, ebay.FR or DE probably a good start - your in the best location for getting over the channel - do a booze and fags run on the return!
  8. Yes - that's the SKC - secret key code Its been a while since I last messed with one of them, iirc this unlocks advanced functions in VCDS - the sort of stuff you can really screw up you VW, so only venture in if your really stupid or brave. I had to find mine on my Mk4 when the dash died, a VAG tacho cable and software to get the SKC +an excellent guide on ukmkiv's and my new clocks were coded in. The guide mentioned that the SKC usually gets given as a 4 digit number, but for vcds it asks for 5... so you put a 0 at the front. Wonder if the same or similar process works on the Lupo - same era as Mk4?
  9. LR5V

    My Lupo GTI

    If you have a dremmel cut some break lines to help the lens come out without damaging spoiler paint
  10. That sounds like too much of a coincidence for the indicator stalk to fail - did you Seal up the loom and block the hose? i would plug the motor back in and see if it stops the fault
  11. Nice find - Strategic use of heat gun will flatten the leather
  12. Afraid I don't see it like that - don't forget Vauxhaull driver was not paying attention, you could take the nutter completely out of the equation, Mr tigra should have left enough space to stop. Best to leave it to the insurance company to deal with, Sausage's film is enough evidence for them - that is if they can do anything with it. I would suggest Sausage keeps this at arms length - I witnessed a rear end outside my house - offered to be a witness as the other car drove off + spoke to police - my good deed turned into being harassed for information from the insurers for over 6 months just for a light ding.
  13. LR5V

    My Lupo GTI

    Is this going to be like a kidnapping, where you post little bits of you Lupo one at a time? They look to be a really good refurbishment, centre caps usually don't come out 100% - but yours look mint.
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