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  1. https://www.varta-automotive.com/en-gb/battery-finder same as Gti
  2. Did your key work before? I would try some penetrating fluid in the lock and see where you go from there.
  3. LR5V


    The F17BAD MK3 is a mad build - I don't venture into the forum it was posted on any more - last I saw he was importing trick stuff from Germany, what power is he at now? Do you know what 20v engine you will be using?
  4. LR5V


    Lots of build threads floating around on here - finding one with pictures will be the first hurdle Not done this myself, but the engine/box mounts and sorting drive shafts are the biggest challenges - if you have done a Mk3 conversion you should be OK with the wiring
  5. The Halfords STP kits are ok, but you can get slightly cheaper kits on ebay. Never tried it myself, but I remember reading that the cheapest people to take cars to get recharged was not garages but HVAC companies
  6. The problem will be balancing the price to how quickly you need the money Maybe you need to have a conversation with your daughter about not being a sheep or a conformist - being different is more interesting
  7. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Just say it's a Safari Lupo
  8. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Looking good - any plans to reduce the tyre to arch height? Did you get your diff installed in the old box?
  9. How about https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/Retropower-Speed-Shop?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  10. Flake is more low rider or drifting thing, you may as well add lace work too!: How about Mercedes Blauschwartz db199 - looks black in certain lights, anthracite in others:
  11. Afraid its trial and error - Before you start, on a level surface measure rim to top of arch so you know where you were. Build up the struts, ideally with new top mounts, coat all the threads in some form of protection - I like PTFE spray grease, its good as it repels water and is not sticky. Set a height of spring perch the same on each side - but don't lock it with the grub screw just yet. to help keep your alignment - before tearing in measure angle of front wheel camber - iphone has an angle measure + with wheel off photo hub pinch bolt locations Install, take for a very short drive to settle the suspension, measure new height and then adjust and lastly lock the grub screw, to seal the thread use thread lock on the grub screws.
  12. it will just sit with fixed timing - Any CEL?
  13. Any chance of a picture? What happens if you unplug it?
  14. Sounds like a clever bit of kit, OK if you can trust it. But belt and braces is better than one on its own, I would still run existing as well.
  15. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Anything left to rebuild? seems like you have done everything
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