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  1. not what you need just before an event - Good luck where did you get the flywheel?
  2. I had those Hankooks on my Mk4 Golf - Awesome tyres, even worked pretty well in snow Definitely timing belt as soon as - especially if oil has been poured all over the timing belt end of the engine - in fact I would whip off the upper cam belt cover and check the state of the belt felling teeth for softness, engine oil breaks down timing belts...don't ask how I know.
  3. Good solid result - how high have you made you rev limit? - mine just wanted to keep going past 7K, no sign of power drop off till very rude hard limit at 7.6
  4. LR5V

    My new car

    Wow that is a clean beam - thought you were going to say it had been powder coated. Rich - did you picked that language up - in between comparing hair straighteners -on the TT forums?
  5. LR5V

    Dead SDi

    Maybe I have been lucky, for me they are the inverse of Febi where everything I have had was bad (apart from their bolts and clips) - for Topran Everything I have had by them has been good, off the top of my head I have used: Mk4 golf - ABS sensors, engine mounts, front wheel bearings. Mk3 - ignition switch, metal coolant pipes that refused to rust. Lupo - indicator and wiper stalks, ABS sensors Have to admit they used to be my go-to for parts - but they changed their e-catalogue website, you need to be in the trade to get a log in, I cant double check part numbers. i have even returned ebay parts that claimed to be topran but were not. Yes - I understand they are an OEM for BMW... so technically its right! - terrible name The ignition switch used is Topran part
  6. LR5V

    Dead SDi

    Wow - what a ball ache! Topran stuff tends to be really good - they punch well above their price point
  7. Nice work - how did you choose trumpet length or did Danst advise? I missed all the brake chat before - I can see the ABS is away, are you now on a pedal box with master cylinders front and rear? Last Q - what's that caged shell lurking under the loom table?
  8. Could be a clogged up injector - try swapping cylinder 4 injector with another and see if the misfire moves to that cylinder Take care re-inserting injector into fuel rail - they don't go all the way in - the clip limits its height Edit : those injector seals look really crusty, probably could do with a clean and lube with thin smear of vaseline
  9. ECP have been quietly dropping Lemforder & TRW from their product listings - they will both be gone by the end of this year Moog seem to be their replacement. I ended up with moog inner tie rods for my Mk5 - they work, but definitely not as good as their dropped brands, even simple things like thread quality differed from side to side - a real step down in quality.
  10. No - it was definitely cable ties I can recall one of the replies saying it was clever use of them... all I could think was they may have drilled through the molded hole and put a tie through there, but that would have really weakened the plastic - I sometimes find the random stuff I keep stored is disturbing! Love to see your fix too Mk2
  11. Those clips like to snap and shear off, plus once they fall out once they will just keep doing that. The ones on ebay are rubbish - only use them if you are really desperate - OEM are best - Rich passed on advice that manual windows have the same plastic fitting, Polo's of similar age and slightly newer share the same part, source replacements from scrap yard - target passenger side as it's more likely to have had the least abuse. Buried on the forum someone had listed a trick with cable ties to keep the clips in place, all they said in the post was they had fixed their problem, no description, just posted a picture of the fix, this was followed by multiple posts saying how clever the fix was... the picture link was dead.
  12. I got some lemforder one that I gutted out the bush and you can then install 22mm bushes - I believe superpro and powerflex have them
  13. Not a full recommendation - I use https://vgy.me/ When their site is running its a great free service, however sometimes their site is down and recently due to misuse by non registered users they have limited number of photo's uploaded down to 2! - Hope that's a temporary measure as I do like my photo montages!
  14. Try searching "6X0411313 22mm" suggested here: https://7zap.com/en/catalog/cars/Volkswagen/brand/20/0/Lupo/Lupo (1999 - 2006)/Volkswagen/N205RmFYdVoyZWFTVHNkMEI0SkhHQT09--/6bbffde8b5b8077d2d0a5796da6eea3c:3557b31ec6dd3dd814dac105f97e4fe3/manufacturer/4/158407100::407010 BTW, even with the subframe off the Lupo I found changing mine to be a complete PITA - When you first offer up the bush it looks way too big for the clamp. But surprisingly it does fit, the best tip I can pass on is get slightly longer bolts to help initially pull the clamp down/squish the bush, clamp down the clip with grips before swapping out for the correct sized bolt. To be 100% sure of finding one in the correct size get Superpro ones - it is a standard type of VAG bush and they make them in 1mm increments
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