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  1. Same as other post - new to the forum, profit gouging - Nice £80 here: https://woxparts.com/ +import tax Lots for £80 to £100 in Japan
  2. I find it disappointing you are trying to profit gouge after just joining the forum - welcome! £80 here: https://woxparts.com/ +import tax Lots for £80 to £100 in Japan
  3. €69 here: https://www.bks-tuning.com/6e0945097b.html
  4. €69 here: https://www.bks-tuning.com/6e0945097b.html
  5. Already answered! - That is Rich for: "Do you need a Gti anti-roll bar?"
  6. VW probably said that just to cover themselves. 91/95 is the octane rating for the fuel suitable for your engine - 91 is the plain vanilla cheap unleaded & 95 is high octane more expensive unleaded. Interesting reading - I don't think I would like to be in Brazil just know... - You should check out Jamie Orr's one week Saveiro build in Brazil on you tube - really mad water cooled stuff going on over there, all pretty much 8V with very big turbo's Have to say I got a bit excited hearing a higher grade of ethanol fuel will be widespread...that is until I read up on how litt
  7. 1% reduction in fuel economy.... considering most of the fuel price is tax - its good news for the treasury! https://check-vehicle-compatibility-e10-petrol.service.gov.uk/manufacturer/Volkswagen Only one model of Lupo not suitable: Lupo – 1.4 litre (77kW) FSI made from August 200 to November 2003
  8. Use the Golf box lots of build threads out there After fabrication, wiring is the most challenging
  9. LR5V


    you can get a lot of Ikea Meatballs in a Lupo.... its just the jam and sauce that is problematic
  10. Looking really good. Those Nangkang's have a lot of meat in the sidewall! - how are they grip wise in the wet? any rubbing? BTW Front inner ARB bushes are tricky to do on the car - if you are getting them done upgrade to polybushes
  11. Looks really good! 70000 km is about 48000 miles here in the UK - majority of cars here are over 100k miles
  12. Stop using the new parts! What is stopping re-assembling the old parts?
  13. unless I am missing something - the old spring looks ok just assemble the old stuff
  14. Has the plastic part come unclipped from the metal base? - Seem to recall a similar problem when I was having my clutch saga. With cable ties you can crush the spring down small enough to clip the plastic back in and re-assemble: Once its back in place behind the pedal - cut the cable ties off
  15. Suspect VW has all the assembly lines set up with the same underpinnings or able to accept a VW standard so they can swap out everything out without excessive downtime. all the need to do is change out the parts bins and train the workers. Nowt wrong with Brussels - quite partial to a bit of Moule et Frites - with lashings of mayo
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