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  1. Hes a bit like the candyman - say his name 3 times into a mirror
  2. Outer CV - 6X0498099 - the 6X suggests Lupo Gti specific - Try these outers from J&R -if they go wrong it is no hardship at £13 each, Granted they will not be OEM quality, but their stuff works and the price is very alright. Inner's -Its been a while, I seemed to recall coming to the same conclusion as you, but its been a while - the drive shaft expert is @Rich
  3. Sounds like the offending bubble has worked it’s way out of the system
  4. Yes - reverse bleed is definitely the best i overcame my clutch bleeding saga using pump oil can - you want the pump lower than the slave, connect with hose to nipple, prime hose to remove as much air as possible -then you just pump keeping a close eye for bubbles at the reservoir. Before starting drain reservoir.
  5. LR5V

    CJ1's GTI Project

    I would have expected the tester to have at least covered their arse by putting them as an advisory. Invest in a cheap press - great for hubs and bushes, got one years ago, served me very well.
  6. Glad you are sorted - how easy / hard was the switch to change?
  7. Hope they work I will never moan about UK prices... until the next time!
  8. Hel do OEM sizes and custom, even know common conversion hoses - just a phone call away!
  9. More to do with the possible cause of the warped disc - sliders help with even wear, if their gummed up you won’t get even wear Hel hoses - Did that 5 days include the weekend? Got a set for the Mk5 order Sunday, delivered Wednesday
  10. LR5V

    Hi From Japan

    Spark plug Helicoils can be done in-situ, but the risk is not getting all the swarf out of the cylinder, at least the AVY block is vertical - grease on the tap catches much of the metal & spin the engine over with starter without plugs blows more out - but you cant be 100% sure its clear.
  11. I believe there is only one post on here with someone who got the correct sized aftermarket ball joint, the brand they got was not mainstream, unfortunately the PN they shared didn't work. Lots of comparison pictures in posts, Gti ones have a longer tab that fits into the control arm. When you search online they just lump the Gti in with standard Lupo ball joints. some people have had the short ones fitted by garages who didn't check size and had problems with drive train.
  12. LR5V

    Hi From Japan

    Cool story's fella - 150k Km's is only 100k in miles - so its not even run in. Always wondered what Japanese developed aftermarket stuff was available for the Lupo Gti The plug strap looks interesting - the rubber skirt can produce a very air tight seal, your theory of cross threaded plug letting gas past may sadly be correct
  13. I hope you do - its pretty much the OEM only holy grail of service parts for the Gti, many have searched and failed. Even heard back order can be nearly a year If yours match please share manufacturer and PN
  14. AFH heads are pretty rare plus any I have seen pop up for sale recently are priced accordingly. Polo and Lupo AVY blocks are different - Lupo block has cut out for starter on front for the 02T box / its on the rear for the polo - lupo sump is unique, the section next to the flywheel acts as support for box. Whatever block you choose I would go with the block that gives you the biggest choice of gearboxes - for me this would rule the Lupo AVY out. If your going to build a Frankenstein engine, with different block and head - look into Alloy block 1.6 engines. Does the number of cams make a difference in the 1600 class - sub section for 8 and 16 valve engines? - you get 1.6 alloy block 8v cross-flow engines - think of the 8v torque!
  15. I thought it was just me who didn't like this! they are more ergonomically suiteable for T-rex's!
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