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  1. I don't know the 1.0... but I suspect this may be the fan thermal switch the OP is talking about
  2. Mine is only one action to form the flare - never tried grease, too worried the pipe would slip.
  3. It's a bubble flare you need to create - not double I have re-piped a few Golfs, be aware that VW like to idiot proof the connections at the ABS pump. Usually one is M10 and the other a M12 so you don't mix the pipes up. I would recommend re-using the old fittings from the pump - do one pipe at a time to ensure you don't mess up! The rest of the unions should just be M10. Have you got a flare tool? I've have had the same cheap type for over 25 years and it has served me well - you just need to make sure you locate the pipe with correct length sticking out and fully clamp it down har
  4. Why not just adjust them attached? - just take it to someone else
  5. Sounds like you are talking about toe in - Does adjusting the tracking not change this? And there is also the 2 clamping nuts and bolt that connect the hub to the shock absorber - they can be slackened and change the angle of the wheel camber
  6. Bushes wear and soften - this starts pushing out the bottom of the hub/bearing carrier. Over time wheel alignments adjusts for this wear, but when new bushes are added it will pull the hubs inwards and be out of adjustment. Also top mount bush/bearings and or ball joints could be goosed adding more camber/caster than expected Lupo suspension isn't complex - I'm not sure if your mechanic is up to snuff
  7. Not trying hard enough - you need to see layers of dirt:
  8. Welcome to the forum Afraid your mov file isn't working for me - it may be the spring in the arm is not as strong and not pulling the wiper tight to the screen
  9. Suspect that the panels could be re-stitched - send the picture to an auto trimmer Seem to recall reading that if it was in an accident it would store any deployment in the airbag module
  10. All you talk about is 2 spoke wheels - 100% of your posts! I suspect its a no - but would suggest going to a scrap yard and swap a wheel in the yard Look into going Momo wheel as the hub adaptor means you can change different style/size wheels really easy, second hand wheels are pretty cheap: say if one day you are 3 spoke curious you can try without guilt.
  11. lots of grease and longer bolts start with the longer bolts get the clip starting to crush down then holding the clip down with grips swap for the shorter bolt, If it helps...it was a faf doing it with the subframe off the Lupo, I can easily imagine it being a mare on the car
  12. No I dont... but have an idea - In the Mk5 world they have Dead set kits that counter the Alloy subframes creaking and to help keep alignment, they have collars to centre the bolt in the subframe top and bottom - they work very well. They fit top and bottom of the subframe, bottom ones are a top hat that goes into bottom of subframe, top ones also have an inverted top hat section that goes into subframe and on top a shallow raised lip that aligns in the bolt opening in the chassis, they look like this: Both Lupo and Mk5 use M12 bolts, so the internal diameter will work, thi
  13. Welcome to the forum Afraid it won't physically fit - the facia on that radio is bigger than the double din in the Lupo
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