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  1. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    No thanks - I will still build up the spare engine, after all I have all the parts, less bearings Yes
  2. LR5V

    New member owner of around 3 months

    Stripped Alloy bonnet sounds great to me - any better picks?
  3. LR5V

    Black Lupo GTi, Heaton Sainsbury's.

    Somewhat Controversial:
  4. I only have that one air bag left - shame its not more easier to get at. Good luck with t he scuttle, take care with the wiper arms splines when you take them off.
  5. LR5V

    GTI Upgrades

    Been a while - have to admit I have not done much to the Lupo, but quite a bit to share. The plan was to move the Lupo back onto the drive making space in the garage to strip and rebuild the engine, due tot he slope I did not want to manually move it and the apparent sump of coolant meant running the engine would create more damage. I decided not to drain all the oil but to only extract the coolant form the sump with the Lupo in my tiny garage. I am a big fan of the Pela Oil Extractor - its a vacuum oil pump that means you don't need to remove the drain plug, everything gets sucked up the dip stick tube, very clean and easy. Had a look around for an alternative hose to go down the tube, the penny finally dropped - brake pipe is the perfect size: I used a length of silicone to extend the tube down to the green tub on the floor, didnt use the pela, instead I used a hand vacuum pump. I expected the coolant to be at the bottom of the sump with the oil on top - fully expected G13 to gush out... but the first liquid was oil! I rechecked the pipe, it was straight, not bent up, 5mm off the bottom of the sump. I left the hose to gravity drip for a few hours. I returned to half a litre of oil, still no coolant. Somewhat perplexed I looked inot the drian tub, it still had the remants from when I first found water in the sump, sitting int he bottom is this: to me it looks like ground aluminium: The only conclusion is the head gasket is sound, my drive slope created the mother of all air locks, it emptied the expansion tank twice when I took it for its MOT - so thought I had something catastrophically wrong. But the issue is there is damage in the engine, brings me back to what I said before: I am not going into details but the CCTV footage was interesting. So, going forward, the plan is flush the engine to hopefully get as much of the metallic fillings out of the engine, fresh oil and to push on with the MOT. To get there I need to cable tie the fuel filter, tighten the front ARB, replace front top mount/s and hope a good run will sort the fuelling. Got all the parts, plus a few other bits -just need motivation to do it, the cold doesnt help. Also, decided the power steering delete was herioic, it felt great at speed - not as twitchy - but way too heavy to react to a slide or other road users... so (and Rich was right!) the pump and hose it will be getting re-instated. may revisit this in future with electric power steering - OEM system is tempting, but takes up a lot of room.
  6. Scuttle cover - if its the same as Gti - its wiper arms off, pull rubber seal & foam seals at either side off. unscrew the visible screws on the passenger side - the screws really like to run away and hide so take care here. remove the released panel that covers cabin filter. the rest of the panel should un-clip and pull forward glad to hear your progress, you should be back on the road soon. Can I ask about passenger air bag - is it dash out to remove?
  7. LR5V

    What’s wrong with a fox ?

    Not heard anything negative, to me they are not the most attractive of VW - look bloated + with the skinny wheels they seem out of proportion... but for a first car they always have a small engine and there is not hot model, I assume unpopular with the yoof of today - probably better for insurance
  8. LR5V

    best place to buy parts!!!!!

    TPS is in Edinburgh - I don't think there is one in Dundee -or any VW dealer Euro car parts in Kirkauldy You-pull-it at Kincardin seem to often have Lupo's in being broken
  9. Depends if you have AC or not This is a parts list picture from HERE - I believe AVY engine is bottom diagram & shows AC and non-AC routes:
  10. LR5V

    AUM 20vt engine

    Already got one - in my Mk.4 + whatever way I go it will be kleiner block
  11. I have had great value out of Topran stuff, their stuff usually punches at a level higher than their price commands despite the really dodgy sounding name! - But never tried bushes by them, interesting to see how they work out for you, remember the rattling will die down after about a 100 miles
  12. LR5V

    My new car

    Those buttons are well hidden, I struggled to find mine, had to look it up in users manual - nice clean Gti you have there
  13. LR5V

    GTI 3rd party Ball joints

    Should be different, LH one below (non gti BJ's) is Left side - joint slightly forward off centre right hand side mirror of LH
  14. LR5V

    AUM 20vt engine

    is that your christmas car already being broken? or is it going Tdi?
  15. LR5V

    My Vw lupo OEM - One little surprise....

    I do like those rims... but why is the centre cap VW so big?

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