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  1. You would give Florence nightingale a run for her money nursing that issue for 6 years!
  2. NP - Drop box link to S3 wiring diagram in this thread works HIH : https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/ecu-wiring-diagram.244983/ ECU power is first place I would look into
  3. Additional - on mine it was Relay 30 that lives in the engine bay - its the ECU power - usually grey
  4. 20v ECU? - looms differ between engines, you need to give us the engine code My Mk4 Golf AUM has an odd relay in the engine bay that would play up from time to time, wasn't aware of it till someone told me about it.
  5. Worth trying Mk2’s suggestion, but I get the feeling the plastic may have stretched, your blister my not want to go back down. in hotter country’s they have carpet dash protectors, not the most attractive and doubt there is one for the polo/lupo dash- maybe Japan?, but it could disguise the problem. possible fix is getting the damaged area of the dash cut back, filled and finally flocked, it would help disguise the damage.
  6. Unlike alloy - Steel is a lot harder to crack in a pot hole and the plug thread isn’t alloy - apart from cosmetics, the only advantage I can think of is alloy dissipates heat a bit better than steel
  7. I destroyed the rear lap belt on Red Mk3 Anniversary belt - going too close with the pressure washer - the difference in feel of the belt changes considerably after they are cleaned. Pressure washing internal carpets (out of the car) is good too... but I draw the line at seats
  8. I seem to recall the OP mentioned in a previous post, that they are specifically looking for an Auto box for motor sport - How different are the bolt positions? do any line up?
  9. To be clear - you were obviously on a national speed limit road. Cant remember if you had fitted Cams? - if not they must be on the shopping list
  10. what speed and gear was that accelerating from?
  11. The extreme cleaning method is pressure washer - with the belts out of the car - at a reasonable distance... too close and the nylon starts to fray - don't ask how I know!
  12. Well, the my new arms are powder coated and Superpro camber correction polybushes. That is just special - was that a Llanelli local car?
  13. It is pretty well hidden, the PN is a read herring, code is just above the clutch slave cylinder: The letters are machine made, punched pin marks - difficult to see - I used a black marker to fill the recesses to highlight the letters.
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