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  1. Not that I have noticed but it's a second car and doesn't get driven that much. We do love this car so I think I'll be making some attempts to get her back to normal again!
  2. I will replace these hoses that are bodged. Should I replace the temp sensor with one from TPS at same time and do plugs as well and go from there?
  3. Thankyou for your reply. No EML light on. Still worth getting it read? Funny you mention that as I replaced engine temperature sensor about 2years ago, just got a cheap one from euro car parts - suspicious lifetime alot of their stuff. This could be the answer.
  4. Thankyou so much for replying. I don't have a whole lot of experience with cars as you can tell. Spoke to car parts store and they didn't know what pipes I was describing so I'm gonna take em off and take them down to the store tomorrow and see how much it is to replace them. The idle does seem to be fine at the moment. Where would you start with this issue? Replace these pipes and replace the plugs and go from there? A mate said it might need a really good run? Thanks again.
  5. It might also be worth noting that I have some air pipes on my car that have been bodged with duct tape a friend did years ago when car was running odd. Could this be causing car to be running too rich? Does anyone know the names of these two pipes? One connects to the throttle valve and the other has a two way head at the end of it. Any help is appreciated, thanks guys.
  6. Hi Rich. Checked em again today after this time and no more oil in plugs thank god. However, the plugs are literally black all on the ends etc now, attached is a pic, do you know how I can go about investigating this? Could the spilling of the oil caused this?
  7. Thanks mate! Think I can put this down to spilling oil when putting it in!
  8. Seems to be ok we don't do many miles in the car. Had the car 5 years and done 20k. Probably 3k this year. Fill it up once a month really.
  9. Ok so update is I think oil was spilled when filling it up as I've checked spark plugs again after cleaning and almost no oil on them now. However quite concerned my plugs are almost black after replacing around 4 days ago? Is this normal? Or does this signal a problem?
  10. Thankyou - I'll look on Friday and update you - What is the flange and how do I block it off?
  11. Had a service in Febuary 18 which was air filter, fuel filter, oil and filter change, coolant change. Sorry i'm not very good with cars, can only do a service and sometimes some brake pads lol! Breather pipe is already aimed down to the road I believe. Just gone out and taken a photo of this to show you + spark plugs, hopefully they are attached to this post. How do i block off flange? Is that the part on the exhaust?
  12. Hi there, I wonder if you can help me. I have a VW Lupo 1.0 - 83k miles. Recently i noticed it running a bit rough and how i would describe "bunny hopping" up the road almost. Some periods worse than others. I only changed the plugs in November 2016 so I thought their only 2 years old - could be something beyond my skills, so i asked my mate who works at an MOT station to take a look. He has said today he replaced all of the plugs and ignition leads but the plugs were soaked in oil and in bad condition. He said probably best to get shot of the car as engine likely to be on it's way out. Now what I want to know is, should I try changing the rocker cover first? Should I wait a few days and remove spark plugs to check condition of them? Car seems to be running fine now though. Any advise is appreciated. Jed
  13. Thought i'd reply and let you know the outcome seeing as i have been problem free since May and i was looking on here again! After the "Catch Mechanism" was replaced in the door (Ebay job - £10) the noise it used to make has stopped and the battery has never gone flat on us since (even been on holiday and didn't start the car for 10 days) and still started like its being driven everyday. Every dark night has a brighter day ... Jed
  14. Hi Guys, Need help from someone who is good with these cars or maybe cars in general. For the life of me I can't work out what is making this noise on the driver door when I open it, it sounds like a central locking noise, but this car doesn't have central locking (as far as i'm aware it never has). I have gone all inside the door but I can't find anything. Local garage recons it's the catch mechanism making the noise and may need replacing which they quoted £50 refurbed catch mechanism + labour) for the weekend. It's worth noting that I think i'm going to do this regardless as the wire on the catch mechanism that connects to the door handle is extremely slack, and is currently tightened up by zip ties inside the lock. (would explain why the door handle sometimes doesn't work) Just wanted to see if there were any other suggestions? As I have a current battery draw that i'm trying to locate, someone else suggest a comfort control module replacement. Jed
  15. That's the hopeful plan! On a positive note the engine light came off today! Odd but good!
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