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  1. oryt mate lookin for a bit of info on a lupo tdi conversion?

  2. Ok,cheers Just wanting too see how somone else has done it
  3. Yup, that was me @ inters 2009,there is one from 2010 that someone took its under golf tdi at inters 2010 I am not sure how to post a link! What is the 1.9tdi arosa? Is it in the UK?
  4. I work for vw and the golf ecu coded in no probs . anybody who can do immobilisers should be able to do it
  5. Hi, yes its much easier to start off with a diesel ,mine was a sdi and it only took me a couple of ours to wire in
  6. Do you mean the car or this thread? If you mean the car then yes it is going as good as ever and i will be giving it a couple of blasts down the strip at inters next weekend ! I am on building my audi s3 at the moment , its taking a bit longer than first thought!
  7. I wont be selling am afraid! Yes the 5 speed box it the way to go !
  8. Just a quick update, The lupo is still going strong it was remapped a couple of months ago and its the 2.0l 170hp turbo welded onto the 1.9l manifold . Too be honest i dont even lift the bonnet other than too check the oil and top the sceenwash up!!
  9. Clean out the throttle body with some carb cleaner and a toothbrush around where the butterfly sits ........
  10. Sorry but i forgot all about them! I will list them as soon as i can.......
  11. Had a 'before' dyno run last week just so i knew that the motor was doing what it should be. For some reason I am unable to post the pics from photobucket ????????? anyway we had 158.3bhp @ 4,073rpm and more importantly 268lbft at 1970rpm!!! This was running in standard form apart from the headwork and exhaust so I was pleased with the results
  12. Problem 1. A faulty coolant or fuel temp sensor can cause a pd to rev up when started ( normally a check light on dash ) Problem 2. If you do get the fault memory checked there will be a fault regarding boost pressure regulation, the ecu knows the boost pressure is not within the range that it should be at that given rpm/load. It could be a number of things from a split vac pipe,boost pressure control valve or it could even be a faulty turbo (sticky vnt)
  13. This is a very common problem! On 1.4 16v engines the "Rocker cover" is the full camshaft carrier so its not just a 10min job to change renew the sealing paste (timing belt etc has to be removed)
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