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  1. Morning guys, Thought I would mention how much of a legend that Rich was on saturday after fixing and replacing the pedal box on my lupo, like a new car now. Many thanks to Rich.
  2. Ok sounds good, how does next Saturday (19th)fair with you? I’m all good for driving up to yours.
  3. Sorry just seen your previous entry, With out sounding dim, does this consist of a new pedal box?.
  4. Evening, how much will the installation of a new pedal box cost Rich?. Then I can start to make a plan.
  5. Hi to everyone, After reading many threads regarding the Lupo’s pedal box, I now think that I need mine replacing. Does anyone know of anywhere in the north east that might specialises in doing this?, I’m based at Catterick Garrison.
  6. Hi Rich I have the same problem, where abouts are you based?, I’m in catterick. Sean.
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