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    I love my lupo which i bought in june 2011 after a three month search am an ex golf mk3 owner and general dub fan.

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    2000 lupo yellow 1.0e with ripspeed 15" alloys and yellow seats
  1. Thanks rich I am gonna keep this baby on the road!!😁💖
  2. Thanks couldn’t have done it without you Actually you are right skezza cos main dealer said to me they don’t really have any way of fixing lupos any more their ecu tech is unable to give an in depth diagnosis and partly because they don’t make the parts now!! 😢
  3. This was the gunk on the clock spring connection !!
  4. It was but the hardest thing is trying to diagnose where the fault is in the first place and that’s where everybody’s advice has really helped big time 😁x
  5. Yea everything went fine I was real careful to make sure I didn’t put it together in the wrong place marked steering wheel etc But unless you are really stupid the new clock spring just fits in place it is held together with a zip tie to prevent it spinning and when you get it in position you just cut zip tie bingo no problem xx
  6. I am sooooo grateful to you guys for all the support and no how you have shared !!!!! IT WAS THE CLOCK SPRING!!!!!! just did it today new one in and it was really straight forward. Deleted the fault code and hey presto luppy lives to fight another day x I won’t go to vw main dealer ever again when I can ask you heroes ❤️X someone had removed airbag and steering wheel before fiddled with the steering wheel electrics inside and had put a load of grease on the clock spring and other electrics so I cleaned up all the connections with bright spark and all is now well. I’m actually quite proud of myself! I’m usually confident with oily bits but I was scared of setting the airbag off you gave me the confidence to do it .so if any of you are ever in Brighton I owe you a pint xx
  7. Hi guys I have ordered a brand new clock spring coming tomorrow thought I might as well as so cheap to buy, I’ll keep you posted x
  8. Thankyou mk2 for the brilliant write up and pictures you put the link for on here . Thank goodness there are members who take the time to give such in depth how to like you x🌟
  9. Thanks for heads up am about to try your suggestions before I buy a new bag
  10. Thanks for heads up am about to try your suggestions before I buy a new bag
  11. I am in Brighton x Thankyou so much for your advice guys I now feel much more confident I can sort this. I went on eBay and can get a second hand bag for 20 quid but first I’m going to check if anything around the steering wheel is suss and you have both given me so much information I understand how it all works now x
  12. Also vw did a safety check on my lupo and said I needed to repair a cracked plastic mount on the seatbelt connection where it plugs in but unfortunately they couldn’t do it as they don’t make them anymore !! Omg !!!
  13. Hey mk2 thankyou so much for your reply the fault code is 00588 air bag ignition circuit driver side n95 . My garage has always been happy in the past to reset fault code to get it through mot but this time they wanted me to get it sorted hence me taking it to vw main dealer I thought it would be sorted at least they could trace the fault !! Apparently not so it looks like it’s down to me to keep this baby on the road . I asked vw what they tested they said they checked all the wiring and cleaned under the driver seat but when I asked if they had used a multi meter to confirm electrical connection the guy obviously did not know what I was talking about so I think they just did a ECU check which cost me 60 quid and basically was the same as my garage and the same as my own vag scanner, I think my plan has to be replacing the control unit which I seem to remember people have flagged up as a common fault in the past checking the wiring with a multi meter not sure where to start with that hopefully Haynes manual will help and basically trying to avoid setting off the airbag which is why I wanted someone professional to help in the first place😱x I am going to have to bite the the bullet on this one I couldn’t upload a photo file to big apparently...it’s just not my day x
  14. I need some support from you guys . I have been a member for 7 years with my lupo who is now 19. I have now been told by vw ,yes the guys who should know ,that the fault on my srs ie. even if they get rid of the fault code the light on the dash comes back on they can’t work out why ... it’s a mystery they have checked it all out and can’t find any reason for it. I have been told that to replace the drivers airbag just the part brand new is 745 pounds. And they cannot guarantee that that would solve the problem 😢x my lupo is just in tip top condition I keep her lovely she is a member of my vintage car group I cannot give up on this car!!! Can anyone help with suggestions how I can get her through the mot and keep this car I love on the road. Has anyone else had this problem.
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