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  1. Just done my pedal box 3 days 😟 Car was starting ok apart from coil light on dash , this morning turned key nowt and digital clocks display went out . Got home tonight clocks back on, turned key it fired up 👍 turned it of and clocks died and no electic anywhere I'm confused Have a loosened a relay or wire? Battery terminals are secure Anyone got any ideas thanks for any replies
  2. Going try get 2 sex bolts ( they got tread inside ) 40mm fuse box side and 80 mm clutch side and chop and drag old bolt out ,
  3. yep it's like hit the brakes then I have to flick it back up with my foot , brakes working ok plastic cover was cracked over brake plunger, is there a way to make a rod to replace existing one so I don't have to remove and refit box 😟
  4. Iv Just spent last 3 days doing pedal box . Test drive and brake sticks down when pressed also ignition coil light comes on when driving need new clutch switch Is there a correct position for the return spring I got a new brake pedal with new Spring does it clip into anything? Thanks for any ideas
  5. i seen a fuel filter bracket on eBay new £81 and could not find correct one just to let everyone know one from a golf mk 4 fits just need to remove plastic screws from side were wire holder was, it clips onto wing side of engine bay not suspension mount plus there is loads more of these available
  6. Now locks work with switch, and interior light not responding to door looking at fuses but they seem ok do you know which one?
  7. The drivers window works fine the passenger goes up but not down from drivers , and central locking don't work from key. Thanks il have a good look around and spray contact cleaner at weekend 👍
  8. Hi everyone, my car has developed faults with electric windows and central locking, does anyone know if I can just replace module , other forums say they need to be programmed but is that only for remote central locking? And iv seen a couple for sale do I need one ending in j or n 1.7 SDI 2003 thanks
  9. Thanks you just saved me a few quid i won't buy one 😀
  10. Has anyone done engine and gearbox oil change on the 1.7 SDI with one of those electric pumps ? Did it get most of the oil out? Would it be ok for gearbox oil also ? Thanks
  11. So 2002 should be ok for Micky mouse clip for valve ? Not r clip
  12. Great stuff I got a silver SDI 130k , but seen a lime green one and couldn't resist it only 79k but been a veg burner and vibrates bad at idle putting new fuel filter on it might sort that out. Plus I got to Stranraer for £17 from Wigan in silver love these cars.
  13. But there is 2 types of valve?
  14. Hi does anyone know how I work out the correct fuel filter I need for my 1.7 SDI as it has come with a cheap aftermarket one as it was burning veg oil. It's a 2002 any way of working it out by vin number not sure if I need one with r clip or Mickey mouse clip for valve thanks
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