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  1. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    And had a shave
  2. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    Hey @Charliepops I found a picture of @danno
  3. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    Flirty mofo
  4. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    Dannos crack should be banned..... 🙄
  5. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    Lovely job that big D
  6. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    do you live with your dad?
  7. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    to what?
  8. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    yep. indeed.
  9. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    indeed. this is why sometimes he finishes work at 4 and other times its 5:30
  10. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    ❤️ you are brilliant hahaha x
  11. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    has @Piers died?
  12. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    You could send me your bank card and PIN number if you want handsome? ❤️
  13. mscherryviolet

    Hi 👋👋

    apparently danno doesn't do such things.... he apparently doesn't watch X-rated things on pornhub, and he also apparently doesn't touch himself. we all know they're big massive lies. everyone knows .
  14. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    I see... im on the right track
  15. mscherryviolet

    Cherry’s Fresco

    and they always drive round in those vans

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