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  1. I had the same problem but luckily WD-40 from both sides freed the locking barrel. As for the central locking being intermittent we found the wires had corroded further back next to the rear seats thanks to a leaky washer hose. Might be worth a check if it carries on
  2. I already know this (having found all the previous posts) however the generic OBD2 to USB cable (presumably the same as the Bluetooth ones?) using KWP2000 still will not connect to the ECU. I have no immediate need for this (touch wood), i bought the cable for my girlfriends car, just would be nice if it works with my car as well, if this isn't possible then should the need arise ill get a vcds cable as reccomended
  3. Isn't the K-Line part of the OBD II standard?, do you know if its possible to use this cable to connect or is it a lost cause?
  4. Afternoon All Firstly, New here so if anything here is wrong etc i apologise. I purchased an OBDLink SX USB to clear the MIL on my girlfriends Fiat. Having done that i thought i'd try it on my Lupo but it won't connect. Now since my Lupo is before the days of mandatory OBDII compliance (2000) I think it might be using a different protocol to the lead. Can anyone either confirm my fears or suggest how i may be able to use this lead to read the codes of my Lupo. Ta muchly
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