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  1. Have you had a multi meter in the bulb holder and checked for a voltage?
  2. Mattymdm


    Looks like the self adhesive that hold the trims on If not its been painted without the side strips removed
  3. 8k for silver Gti. What made it worth so much? Dont take it as an insult, I’m just wondering what mines now worth.
  4. Good luck, Hard to come by wheels these days. Also do you have deep pockets? The last set i saw on eBay were £1800
  5. To put Lupo lights in an Arosa you have to rewire the connectors with the guide on here. I'd say you need to wire the Arosa lights to work with the lupo
  6. None runner with a reserve.
  7. The single wiper phase of the car scene was such a weird time
  8. Feel your pain my 6n2 tdi died today
  9. Would look epic , come get them 😂
  10. 4 ATS cup alloys for sale. Need refurb but overall not bad 2 good rear tyres 2 poor front tyres. No centre caps. Have 2 replacement tyres on the way and if the asking price is met I will supply them with the wheels too. Bulge in one of the rear tyre walls £350 Collected
  11. I'll upload pics of them on Monday if you don't mind waiting.
  12. Pictures to follow just a thread to see if theres any interest. For sale. (6) Lupo sport/6n2 tdi alloys for sale. 14inch 6 spokes. 2 bare alloys 2 with fairly recent tread on the tyres (depth to follow) 2 with low tread tyres. All need a refurb but will come up well with a clay bar and heavy clean. £200 Collection Leeds
  13. I went to my local exhaust shop (Keltec Performance Leeds) for a custom job as the Kam racing system is expensive and couldn't get a used or new Janspeed system at the time. Mine looks very OEM and slightly louder than factory but not massively as it still retains 2 boxes slightly bigger tailpipes. Mainly upgraded to keep the car on the road for longer.
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