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  1. The ad does state 'Volkswagen Lupo GTi with Rare Webasto Sunroof' Looks like its a uk company specialising in sunroof retrofits. https://www.webasto-comfort.com/en-uk/roof-solutions/car/
  2. My fault for miss reading the post there Running new wiring is the only way to go. keep us posted
  3. Very confused as you have swapped out the actuator. But the OP says that the cam and crank sensor faults are the cause of the actuator fault. Have you replaced the cam/crank sensors? Also with the fault happening when its only running is it a signal fault from cam/crank sensors not getting back to the ecu. How much detail does vcds give on the fault codes?
  4. If the timing is correct and the wiring is checking out fine between the sensors and ecu. Have you swapped out said components with new? Also do the fault memories occur when its running or just with ignition on? What diagnostic equipment you using aswell?
  5. 😍😍😍 emoji's only because words cant describe how much i love this car!
  6. What wheels are they?
  7. Stunning! These wheels set Lupo GTI's off so well 👌
  8. Yeahthey are the ones, Not sure if you need H4. Someone else might be able to confirm that
  9. Osram nightbreaker laser. Have the xenon versions in my Gti. Put 2 sets of halogen ones in other cars and the performance of them is unreal.
  10. Have you tried getting gears without the engine runnning? If you can get gears fine with the engine running this would indicate a clutch issue.
  11. Sounds like a synchro issue. Take the box out yourself and someone will be able to refurbish it for you.
  12. I put 195/45 Uniroyal rain sport 3's on my Gti. No complaints since Toyo proxies are the worse tyres I've experienced.
  13. Great video and review You've made a cracking car Clayton! 👍
  14. Did you have any problems after fitting? I've fit some to my drivers window today and now it no longer goes up.
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