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  1. Pupo Harker

    Creation of the Lupo rally car

    Nearly Finished My Lupo Rally Car, just the roll cage and racing seats to go in this week
  2. Pupo Harker

    My Lupo Rally Car

    She's Finally Finished, My Lupo Rally Car
  3. Pupo Harker

    My Pupo

    its my little Lupo rally car now and i have 9J's with very expensive Pirelli tyres haha, I've got to get my roll cage and racing seats in this week hopefully and i will lower it, I'm going to cut out the original arches and drop it to the ground but I'm going to weld a full body skid plate on first for those rough rally and track days Lupo Rally Car / Track Car
  4. Pupo Harker

    My Pupo


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