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  1. Yeah I sold them on almost the same day! I would probably chose BC’s over the V1’s due to being able to adjust the dampening control👍🏼
  2. BC’s are good for the money, but the KW V2’s are on another level to them. The BC’s are a bit softer on the road, but allow too much roll on track.
  3. I found the lower centre grill for a Polo GTI pretty cheap. Cut it up to the correct size then tiger sealed it on👍🏼
  4. Managed to get the head off the car during the week to inspect the damage. All I found was a bent valve and broken valve spring retainer, no other damage to the head or pistons, I’ve been lucky that’s for sure! So I got all the bits needed ordered from VW, everything came in Friday and by Saturday afternoon it’s back up and running sweeter than ever!
  5. Another track evening completed at Snetterton last night, sort of... The weather forecast said rain all evening, so I went on my wet tyres Michelin PS3's. You can guess what happened, it stayed dry all night! The car still felt great though, just couldn't do as many laps at once. 3-4 laps was the limit before they started over heating. This is where it went south, it was the last session of the night, came out of 'Agestini', shifted into 3rd then the car instantly ran on 3 cylinders. Limped it back into the pits to inspect. Turned the car off, tried to start again but nothing. I could hear it was down a cylinder. Luckily a friend had his trailer with him so I got it home then inspected today, compression test results for cylinder 3 was what I expected. Absoluely no compression at all. I put a borescope down it and the pistions look brand new. I think it's slipped a tooth and knocked the timing out and bent a valve! Never mind ey, hopefully have it stripped and rebuilt in a couple of weeks. Be back on the road before you know it! Had a good battle with my mate in his FN2 Civic Type R, they are incredible matched around Snetterton, i'll leave a link to the lap below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJJs4FLnkZI&ab_channel=ClaytonJones
  6. That’s the goal, always trying to improve! It’s pretty much how I’ve always wanted it now. Next things on the list are Alcantara dash and doorcards👍🏼 Thanks!
  7. Went out with a friend who is a photographer a few evenings to get some pictures of the Lupo with a decent sunset. Safe to say these pictures turned out incredible!
  8. I was worried about this myself but it’s actually so minimal you’d never really notice. Especially with how often do you park on a dead flat surface!
  9. Some more pictures from the photographers!
  10. Trackday at Cadwell Park yesterday, what an awesome track it is. I’ve only done passengers lap round it previously so it was good to finally get the Lupo out on it. It felt so much more at home compared to Snetterton. The balance of the car has been transformed since the Geometry and corner weighting has been done. I done a total of 62 laps without any issues at all! Fresh set of Nankang AR1’s performer great too! I’ll leave a video below of me chasing a mate in his Clio 182. https://youtu.be/NFlNmoyUzzU
  11. Yeah I got hold of a spare set and sent them away, the turnaround was about a couple of weeks. I would say these engines are definitely worth tuning, mine is night and day faster than a stock one 👍🏼
  12. That’s exactly what I used mate👍🏼
  13. Been quiet on here lately but made the journey to Spires Tuning today to get the car setup properly. Eibach rear camber/toe shims, corner weight and a full geometry setup done today by @spirestuning. I hate letting anyone working on this car but watching Matt work his magic gave me full confidence that the car was in good hands. The rear beam being dialled in to the correct settings has made it feel like a different car, left turns noticeably better. Highly recommend @spirestuning, well worth the near 3 hour drive. Car weighed in at 929kg with half a tank of fuel.
  14. It really is straight forward mate. Thanks man👌🏼
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