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  1. Some more pictures from the photographers!
  2. Trackday at Cadwell Park yesterday, what an awesome track it is. I’ve only done passengers lap round it previously so it was good to finally get the Lupo out on it. It felt so much more at home compared to Snetterton. The balance of the car has been transformed since the Geometry and corner weighting has been done. I done a total of 62 laps without any issues at all! Fresh set of Nankang AR1’s performer great too! I’ll leave a video below of me chasing a mate in his Clio 182. https://youtu.be/NFlNmoyUzzU
  3. Yeah I got hold of a spare set and sent them away, the turnaround was about a couple of weeks. I would say these engines are definitely worth tuning, mine is night and day faster than a stock one 👍🏼
  4. That’s exactly what I used mate👍🏼
  5. Been quiet on here lately but made the journey to Spires Tuning today to get the car setup properly. Eibach rear camber/toe shims, corner weight and a full geometry setup done today by @spirestuning. I hate letting anyone working on this car but watching Matt work his magic gave me full confidence that the car was in good hands. The rear beam being dialled in to the correct settings has made it feel like a different car, left turns noticeably better. Highly recommend @spirestuning, well worth the near 3 hour drive. Car weighed in at 929kg with half a tank of fuel.
  6. It really is straight forward mate. Thanks man👌🏼
  7. Yeah very straight forward fit. Just make sure you get the adaptor to fit on to the existing exhaust
  8. Gave the car a deep interior clean recently, seats out, everything wet vac’d. Came up like brand new, so satisfying seeing it in such good condition! Also treated myself to a new pressure washer, the Kranzle K10/122TS. Something I’ve wanted for a long time! And some recent pictures of mine and the missus car from a little shoot.
  9. Give chipwizards a ring, one of the few people who can map these cars. He done mine, it's an incredible difference!
  10. Hope everyone had a good Xmas and got some car goodies! I certainly did, my old Garage Midnight stud kit was starting to look very tired. So rather than replace, upgrade right? I went for the PSDesigns Titanium stud kit. Fitted them today and my god the quality is just something else, first time experiencing titanium and I can believe how light they are. I weighed both sets and the titanium set came in at 800 grams and the steel set came in at 1500 grams. I know it’s only a small saving but impressive on such a small piece of metal.
  11. Had the wheels refurbed at Aerocoat in a fresh Silver, very happy with how they look now. Stuck a set of Michelin PS3's on for winter. Went for a Sunday hoon this morning with the missus 9N3 Polo GTI, would of been rude not to get a few pictures!
  12. Latest little mod, @baf_motorsport K Brace installed, very well made and super easy to fit! Not sure if rigidity will be improved, it is bolted to the top struts and the floor but at least I can put things in the ‘boot’ and not have things flying forward. Also, took my new favourite picture early Sunday morning! (Doing the milk run of course)
  13. Couple of changes made to the car, I’ve been after a set of 15” ATS DTC’s for a long time now. Since they don’t make them anymore in the correct size they are very hard to come by. A set come up for sale in one of the FB pages I’m in, they were in Belgium but I had to have them, he agreed to post them. Fast forward a few days later and they are on the car, they will be getting a refurb in a month or so but I thought I’d wear out the AD08R’s they came on first. I’ve also fitted a new exhaust from Kam Racing that I’ve been waiting for a while now. It sounds great, will leave some pictures
  14. Yeah it’s getting there, it will never be perfect to me but it’s close. Still a few things I’d like to do, Alcantara door cards to get rid of the horrible material on the standard ones. Appreciate that👍🏼 It’s been valued with the my insurance for £7500.
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