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  1. So seeing as we are finallly allowed to go for a drive, i've been making the most of it recently. I went for a bit of a blast last night with a mate in his Clio 200, they are very well matched on the road, his is more setup for track so a bit too stiff for the roads. Straight line performance they are exactly the same! We've booked a trackday at Snett for 4th June also Would of been rude not to take a few pictures
  2. I done this job myself today as I had a stone fly through one. I got away with pulling the bumper round on one side but if you are removing both then yes it would be a bumper off job
  3. Well I got the gearbox back in with the Quaife LSD fitted today. Took it out for a short drive to make sure everything was working as it should. The only words I can really think of is WOW, what a difference that has made. Feels like a completely different car to drive, understeer is almost non-existent now. 100% traction out of every corner now rather than one wheel always spinning which these suffer with quite badly. Overall I couldn't be more happier with it. Anyone who is thinking about getting one, stop thinking and get one!
  4. Look what arrived today Should be going in tomorrow!
  5. Update: Seeing as I was supposed to be going to the Nurburgring easter weekend, obviously that isn't happening now so I have a bit of cash burning a hole in my pocket. This upgrade is something i've been wanting to do for some time but it's the most expensive one so far and things like the Nurburgring and trackdays tend to come first. So, I placed an order for a Quaife LSD It should be here tomorrow so with all this time on our hands I thought i'd crack on and get the gearbox out ready, only takes around 1.5 hours. Whilst it was out I thought I may as well tidy it up with a bit of Silver paint, safe to say it looks much better! Also put the OZ & AR1 combo back on, went for a drive to the 'shops' and my god I forgot how much grip a set of semi slicks on a warm day can offer!
  6. Something else i've been meaning to do for a while now, ever since having the Coolerworx shifter fitted, the underneath area has always annoyed me. It just looked a bit tatty, at the time of fitting we didn't have time to do this unfortunately so thats why it's taken me this long to do. Fair to say it turned out rather well
  7. Hope everyone is keeping well during this strange time. As i'm sure many of you are just as bored as me, it leads to us doing things we wouldn't usually do! Removed my RARB today as the orginal costing had started to fail so I cleaned it up as best I could and gave it a fresh coat of Satin Black. Also refreshed the brake fluid as well, wouldn't say it neccessarily needed it sonce the last one was around 10 months ago but for something to do! Brake fluid choice was Motul RBF 660, always had good results with ths! Whilst the wheels were off, gave them a good clean inside and out
  8. Recently fitted an OMP upper strut brace, they come in Red but as it's a different shade of Red, I had to paint it satin Black. Pleased with how it looks now, not sure if they actually make any difference to the handling, always read mixed opinions on them. Also took a trip down the Goodwood last weekend to spectate a trackday and meet up with another GTI owner. Goodwood is an incredible place if you've never been before, spoke to some very interesting ex racing drivers that made the day that bit better
  9. Nothing too exciting to update on, just been driving and maintaning the car exactly how it should. I had to replace the alternator a few weeks ago as that decided to fail on me, very easy job to do though luckily. I've also just got myself a brand new set of Nankang AR1's to try on the warmer sunny days and track days. Heard good things about these so looking forward to trying them! Already got a Nurburgring ring trip booked for July and potentially a trip over on easter weekend. I'll leave a few recent pictures below
  10. I was trying to find out this the other day, according to VW part numbers they are different. They look exactly the same though.
  11. Cheers! Yeah it still has 2 boxes in it 👍🏼
  12. Recently got a new external mic made by Rode for my Gopro Hero 5, standard Gopro mic is horrendously bad. So I thought i’d give it a quick test. https://youtu.be/yTVloISxqtY
  13. I got my steering wheel back from Royal Steering Wheels today, safe to say it looks perfect, absolutely spot on retrim! Highly recommend them, communication is spot on also!
  14. For normal driving its probably better if anything with the map. As soon as you are on it, it’s noticeable worse🤣
  15. We popped to Mexico for the day 👍🏼 Yeah i have, made a nice different with the headwork and map
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