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  1. Thanks for the reply. Guessing it’s not that busy.
  2. Hi guys, has anyone recovered the door door panels inside the car? Mine has a couple of rips in it and want a solution? Thanks in advance
  3. It’s a 1.0 litre E. As a first car I’m hoping the insurance is cheaper?
  4. Loving the blue on dash and clocks!😁
  5. Yeah, looked at a couple around the £600 mark. This wasn’t the tidiest but only 67k and lots of history and younger than others. To be fair guy selling could have tidied it up and got more money.. as with the pics I looked at and mine in post it looks cleaner than is. I did check buyers guide and all looks okish? I think I need to do cam belt as doesn’t appear recently done. Needs a real god clean and a few scrapes need touching up.. heater 1&2 doesn’t work but if memory serves it’s a resister problem ( maybe same as T5) crack on wing mirror cover just glued back together
  6. Took me along time to get into tapatalk but just checked and can’t see clublupo?
  7. Rich as a Dad post your killing me! Technically she doesn’t know about it yet so watch this space!!
  8. Hi All, just found my daughter her first car! Unfortunately our drive only accepts VAG group cars so a Lupo was a must!! I travelled up to West Yorkshire from Birmingham and it drove back sweet but long enough for me to pick up a few problems to sort! Dashboard, aerial, gear lever gaiter, rear suspension but I got a the right price and like tinkering so looking forward to it!
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