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  1. Might end up ordering one of these. It’s not the easiest thing to clean up.
  2. Bigger than I thought it would be. Going to need to replace the bolts at the same time. Anyone have any ideas on where to get anodised or better quality bolts than the standard ones, I have lots of bolts and nuts which I want to replace now 😂
  3. Cheers, think I will refurb mine 😁
  4. Anyone have any ideas if this part is still available to purchase. Sits on top of NS engine mount holding the main fuse. The paint on mine is flaking off due to being rusty. If it’s difficult to get hold off I will start stripping back for a respray. Cheers
  5. I've ordered the resistor only. Have you got a pic of the control panel. Guessing they are all the same. What do you want for the control panel? Just noticed you have a Golf R too
  6. Not sure the best way to check this, can see voltage at the switch. But all looks good and new. Can see it making contact when turned etc. Might order a new switch to go with the new resistor I've ordered.
  7. Checked the fuse related to the fan which is 49 I believe. This seems ok and I even tried a different one with no luck. Could there be a different fuse? Checked a few combinations to see if power was at the resistor but couldn't get a reading. Cant think what else to check.
  8. Need some advise. Car went in for a cambelt change and brake fluid service and got it back with the fan no longer working. I have searched and found a lot of people have mentioned theirs have broke before on setting 1-3 and works on 4 max. Mine isn't working on any setting. Today I have dismantled the dash and checked everything is plugged in fully behind the switch, fan and heater resistor. The fuse is ok. To rule out the fan I connected it up to a battery and it spins perfectly. Would the resistor stop the fan working completely as people have mentioned it still worked on setting 4 when theirs needed replacing. Any advice on what else to check please?
  9. Must be one of the best around now. 17k and original. I have all the original parts for mine so might return it to original spec, there is something more appealing when seeing one that looks like it has just left the showroom in original form. Guess it is the age of them that is making them more desirable now as standard.
  10. How many GTI owners have no modifications at all, original spec? Now the Lupo is getting older the demand is starting to shift towards genuine untouched ones and even though mine has only sensible mods like coil overs, alloys & exhaust it's still nice to see one that is completely original so now thinking about reverting back to oem spec. Anyone else gone back to original spec?
  11. steve200


    Does anyone know any more about this car, or more about the 6th gear issue? Any info or advised appreciated, a friend of mine is thinking about buying. Cheers
  12. Great Lupo, best colour. Are you from Staffordshire area?
  13. I bought mine from ultraleds.co.uk I think. Couple years ago. They match well
  14. Went back to VW today and they say its the only one listed for a 2003 GTI. But parts might have changed over the years. Explained that it no good to me unless I start to modify the base, which to be honest wouldn't take much. But I'm not happy with the part compared to my old one so want a refund.
  15. Well that didn't work out. Is there a change in parts at some point. I got the base from VW and you wouldn't even know it was genuine. Only the bag with the sticker has the VW logo and part number. The actual base says made in Europe and doesn't fit my car. Is the base different on the GTI's? This new one is more round, and the square base of it won't even pass through the roof. Comparing to my old one that looks genuine because it has the VW logo even in the metal base. I'm thinking VW are getting cheap parts not oem. having said that £56.50 is not a cheap price
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