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  1. Hi people, in need of a rear bumper urgently, don't matter what colour and even if it's scraped and abit damaged as it will be painted. Please let me know THANKS
  2. Just to let you all know im selling my lupo, its up in the classifieds thanks
  3. Did any one go down to the beckton meet tonight? There was loads of action from early, saw quiet a few lupo's flying around too. Plus loads of other cars
  4. CJ N

    Tyre size

    hi guys, will 195/45/15 fit on the standard bathhurst alloys? thanks cj
  5. I see, im not looking to too low at all, probably around 40mm, i just wanted a bit more of a stiffer ride and better around the corners, i heard they take a while to settle though.
  6. Has anyone had any experiance with these? Ive heard good and bad stories about these, im not expecting them to be anything spectacular cos afterall they are budget an the ride will be abit hard. On my last car i had weitec coilies on and i found them way too harsh and had to fit extra bump stops to make the ride better, so i could apply that to these. http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/15730.html CJ
  7. Cheers man, im sure ull see me floatin around
  8. Sorry guys aint been on here in a while, ive made a decision on what im doing with it. Plan was just to get rid of it and move on but everytime i get in and drive it its game over. So yes im going to keep it a few more months until the insurance runs out on it, im not sure what ill do with the exterior at the moment, its not really a big issue with me because the way it drives keeps me happy enough. Im sorry to have wasted peoples time and stuff. The other thing...the heated seat button was put in afterwards by me, if u look at the pics the seats are cloth and im pretty sure only the leathers came with the heated seat funtion. But anyway i stripped them and put in aftermarket heat pads and managed to find a switch which looked similar to the lupo ones. The usb is just something i was messing about with, just saves having loads of wires all over the place.
  9. Took a few pics today Also had a service done Paint on roof
  10. Used to own a KA, one good point about them is there low maintenance and chain driven and probably cheaper insurance then the lupo
  11. Im in two minds. I can get the work done on the panels n stuff easy. It comes down to matching up the paint. I havnt a clue what colour it is. Blending in is gonna be a nightmare if i get that side sprayed. Also alot of the paint has faded really bad on the roof and bonnet, its like someone has took a brillo pad on it. And lacquer has started to peal in places. So realisticlly im looking at painting the whole car again. The money im gonna spend on paint i could put tht towards another car and get money from this one by breaking it. But like i said im in two minds at the moment. Ill take some pics over the weekend to show you what kind of damage the car has on it and the work that needs to be done. And also the condition of the inside an stuff.
  12. Just wondering what kind of money i would get if i broke my gti. Mechanically its sweet, always been serviced and used quality parts. Body wise the front and back wing are the only issues. I bought a replacement wing for it but haven't got round to sorting it out. CJ
  13. What you need are the polo gti 6n2 headrests, they look they they were ment to be there, ive got them in mine, ill try to get a pic soon
  14. Surely you looked at the car/boot size before buying?
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