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  1. musho007

    wheel spacer size for 16" BBS RC'S

    thanks mate.. Ill have a look at spacers that size.
  2. Hi all I'm looking to get spacers for my Gti. I'm currently running BBS RC's 16" and want to know what spacer size I need.. I read that 20mm rear and 10mm front is good.. is this correct? Tyre size is 195/40/16 Tia
  3. musho007

    Rich where's the parts you promised me??

    Rich.. I'll send you another pm now.. I really need that binnacle/cover.. Can you organise please Trying to get this car back on the road..
  4. musho007

    Rich where's the parts you promised me??

    Mate... It's been months now.. That's beyond "slightly" Not cool.
  5. @Rich Where the parts you promised me mate.. Getting a bit tired of being ignored now. Have the decency to follow through with your promises . You got the radio you were searching for for a couple years..
  6. musho007

    Gti binnacle..

    @Rich a Have you those parts you promised me mate.. need to get this Lupo back together? Sent you that radio months ago now .
  7. musho007

    Lupo 3L low power in high gears

    Hey Rich.. have you got those parts I'm looking for?
  8. musho007

    Lupo Gti wanted

    I've 2 factory standard red Lupo Gti's for sale.. 2005 131kms 2004 127kms.. Pm me if interested and we can take it from there.
  9. musho007

    Gti Parts still sought

    Hi mate. Where did you buy yours from? Always good to know who has the good ones for sale out there. 👍
  10. musho007

    Gti binnacle..

  11. musho007

    Gti binnacle..

    I know it's not the right section but I need a binnacle/cover for the Lupo Gti. Anyone have one? Oisin
  12. musho007

    Millers Nanodrive.. over kill?

    I do lots of city driving.. and my annual mileage is about 5000.. 😲
  13. Am I wasting money putting Millers Nanodrive NT+ into the Lupo Gti? What oils are people recommending now? (5w 40 fully synthetic)
  14. Anyone have any of the following? Speedo binnacle/dome Headlight washer cylinder. Oil cap extension tube.
  15. musho007

    Has anyone done a flat bottom steering wheel upgrade?

    The steering wheel is out of a MK4 R32..

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