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  1. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    New suspension arms, ball joints, track rod ends, and drop links installed. Just had the geometry set up too. drives much better now the wheels are pointing in the same direction!
  2. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Just waiting for the ball joints. New ARB Drop links, bottom arms are on waiting. Hopefully tomorrow! if these bushes passed a legitimate MOT I’d be willing to show my... you know the rest of the phrase.
  3. It may have taken just shy of 2 years, but at least we got there in the end!
  4. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Tonight update - Impatience got the better of me and I've had both hubs off the car. Cleaned them up and got rid of the majority of the rust. Still waiting for the new ball joints to arrive before I can do much else. New suspension arms and ARB Drop links on both sides... Also got a new set of (used) hubs. Plan is to sand blast them, paint them up, then put completely fresh ones on the car. In no rush to do this as the current ones are functional! More to satisfy my desire to have this car rust free haha! I'll update with pictures once the ball joints arrive.
  5. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Yes it was definitely a bargain! Plus having so many brand new spares already made it a no brainer. Tonight I was pleasantly surprised. Looks like the wheel bearings have been done at some point recently as the driveshaft outer end popped out no problem, to reveal a nice shiny bearing! car currently on stands now with new wishbones and ARB drop links but all still apart as Awaiting ball joints and I decided it’s easier to wait than put it all back together now.
  6. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    I’d rather not say, it was originally posted on Facebook for £750 before the lady was accused of being a fraudster etc. Anyway fast forward a few offers off other people, the price did increase, not dramatically. Seemed to cause quite the stir on the Facebook group. But it was a decent price, well worth the money.
  7. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Ok so here is a photo of the car and the headlight mod. I decided to just get cracking on with the suspension work as I saw no real reason to wait. The plan was to change suspension arms for now, and then when the ball joints and drop links arrive, do them separately. Anyway, the corrosion on the drop links had different ideas and the washer crumbled away. So it’s currently up on stands till I get it sorted. That being said, look at the state of the rear wishbone bush, I simply do not accept that this car had a legitimate MOT back in June with no advisories. ive discovered quite the rust tonight. The hubs, arms, drop links, tie rod ends are all flaking. So I’ll continue as planned, and change these this week. Next up will be acquiring a second set of hubs to clean up and paint, then they can be changed over in a few hours, rather than having to have the car off the road for even longer. (Albeit not much longer but rather not have to rush). And I’ll also ultimately be doing the same with the subframe that isn’t too bad but if I’m doing everything else, then why not I guess! Brake discs and pads aren’t TOO bad, but I’ll probably change them in the new year anyway. The callipers have been painted quite badly in silver, so they’re another on the list of things to clean and paint... Ultimately a lot of smaller jobs but nothing too bad yet!
  8. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Plan on a cambelt/water pump change in the not too distant future either. Seems like it's just about due.
  9. cj1

    CJ1's GTI Project

    Do you have a build thread? Thanks! Have quite the collection of spare parts all sitting around from the rally car, so fortunately a lot of what I need I already have at home... Just finding the time to do it!
  10. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    Thanks for the info! I do have a spare AFH engine in the garage. Albeit disassembled but all parts are present! I'll do some research and report back.
  11. Hi, I've recently acquired a Lupo GTI and in contrast to the rally car, this should provide a nice little project to restore a car that's in need of some good old TLC. 2004 6 Speed, Black 112k miles Sunroof So every panel is scratched and there are two large scuffs on the OSR and NSF. Interior is very clean, but the outside not so. I've made some minor cosmetic changes already, and discovering a few little issues with the car along the way. I shall use this first post as an active list to update with issues and modifications. I would like to keep the car as standard as possible along the way, but keeping an open mind. Modifications LED rear number plate lights LED Sidelights - match the factory Xenon's Red GTI Grille Piping Issues Car does not hold temperature or warm up, sits around 70 degrees - Now fixed with a new thermostat Steering doesnt feel right and occasional clunk feeling. Looks like split suspension arm bushes. Wipers split Engine cover split Heater controls are very, very hard to change from Window/Feet side to body side. Heater blower seems to make a squealing noise on speeds 1&2. Heavy kerbing to all four wheels Ultimately the plan is to use this in place of the Arteon which I'm getting rid of in March. So got plenty of time to sort these issues out. I'll keep here updated, and pictures to follow
  12. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    In fact, from memory, the polo GTI AVY mounts to an 085 box I think? Which I want to avoid using in any future build if possible. Would also like to retain the bolt in flanges on the driveshaft, does the 02T use this? Funnily enough I've just bought a Lupo GTI so I may be underneath later on checking this out!
  13. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    You may be useful to ask this actually. Ultimately, this is a very high level plan, but I'm thinking a AVY bottom end with the AFH head in some configuration. This should allow a number of things: 02T Gearbox (Do any of the other 02 Boxes fit? ) , which means I can get a proper gear kit for it, and is more reliable, etc etc. Are the Polo & Lupo GTI AVY Bottom ends the same? I notice quaife only do gear kits for the 02M/02Q.... I need to properly research all of the above before any decision is made
  14. cj1

    Project Rally lupo!

    Had a relatively quiet year competing. But considering moving up to the 1600cc class and building a new engine. Need to get new belts over winter as mine are now out of date for competition, and got a few other little upgrades planned. More to follow.
  15. Wind deflectors? And how bad is the dent on the bonnet?
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