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  1. I still can't make the 5th I'm afraid. Looking like October for me. If something can be arranged before then, go for it. Hopefully it will become a regular thing & I can attend another time.
  2. Nothing quite on that scale I'm afraid, more likely to be a few of us meeting in a car park lol. These things have to start somewhere though. Im pretty new too, just thought it would be good to try & arrange something.
  3. I'm gutted I can't do the 5th. It was something I was looking forward to. Due to commitments I'm realistically looking at October now. Where does the time go! Waitrose car park in Wallingford still seems like the location. Is October any good for you guys?
  4. Anybody in the South/Central area that would like to attend a Lupo meet give me a shout. We tried to arrange a get together recently but unfortunately not all that were interested could make it. It would be great to get as many as possible to attend.
  5. Definitely...hopefully we can get a date that suits everyone.
  6. How do you edit the title? Can't seem to work it out?
  7. I'm still up for a meet. I was really looking forward to it as well. Life just gets in the way sometimes. I'm sure we can arrange another time where we can all make it.
  8. Hi Guys, not looking good for me attending the planned meet on the 5th September I'm afraid. I've now got to work unfortunately.
  9. I'm really looking forward to meeting you guys & your Lupo's.
  10. It would always be tricky getting everyone at the same place at the same time, but it would be good to get everyone together for the first meet.
  11. Sunday 5th is looking good so far then. As for time, would 11ish be ok? I'm coming from Banbury so would prefer nothing too early.
  12. I cant do the next couple of Sundays I'm afraid. How about Sunday 5th September? Waitrose Wallingford is fine with me.
  13. I'm happy to meet anywhere in Oxfordshire area really, my main issue is that I work shifts so days off are always different. Sundays are normally good for me though. How about everyone else? I'm sure we're getting closer to arranging something.
  14. Would have loved to have come along, unfortunately I'm working. Thanks anyway
  15. I'm in agreement about wickes carpark. I'm not familiar with the Wallingford/Benson area but more than happy to meet there if someone knows a nice spot.
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