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  1. Thanks Silver - selling up is a very ambivalent experience. I've not seen a car I'd rather replace the Lupo with until now. I'll be sad to see it go. Good to see you're still carrying the flag though! You might need to contact the buyer for that. I'd like to get this all done in one hit. I wasn't always here btw, I moved here around 2012. Was Essex way prior to that.
  2. Ok, so apparently I was using 1200% of my inbox limit. Now cleared down, so I should be able to get PMs.
  3. Hey Mitch! Glad to see you're still around. Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/tptEEmJx4T8yvk9u8 Please note... the wheels on the car are not the best of the bunch, don't forget there are another 4 to choose from. Will try to get pics this weekend. Also, you may notice the o/s tow eye cover is currently primer. I have a spare silver one ready to go on.
  4. I'm positive that's the case, but I'll let someone else do that if that's what they want to do. I have a busy work life and family now, no more time for sitting around with a greasy spanner! Rickie, not sure why on the PMs, but I haven't been here for a long time. I'll get some pictures up, will try tomorrow (needs a wash first!). Following that I'll try to PM you my number.
  5. Almost 20 years, but it's time to sell (see for sale section)
  6. Hi all, I've had my GTI for almost 20 years. We've had some fantastic times. I was a moderator on here a long long time ago, and went to meets, even the Nurburgring with a group of other members. The time has finally come to part with my Lupo. It's not perfect, but it drives like it did the first day I took it from the dealership (as an ex-demo) and is incredible fun. I'll give as much history as I can. I really want this to go to an enthusiast who will cherish it, so the sale is here only. I'm a realistic person though, and if you buy it it's yours to do with as you please. The price is (imo) low for a few reasons... mileage is ~125k (just under) on the car, which is a 2002. Bodywork was reasonable, until I hit a knee height post coming out of a Honda dealership whilst test driving the Honda E (likely to be my replacement) the day before yesterday. I really could kick myself for this... almost 20 years, and then that. Anyway, I'll put some pictures up later: Make: VW (of course) Model: Lupo GTI (6 speed) Colour: Moon Silver Metalic MOT: Yes, happy to get a 12 month MOT on sale. Very confident there will be no mechanical issue. Engine size: 1598cc Fuel type: Petrol... pref at least 98 RON Description including modifications: OEM, never lowered, never messed with. Only modification is the MFDII colour sat nav. Location: New Malden, Surrey. Images: To Follow Price: £2,000 - includes a few extras if wanted. The car has had some work early on in life... Gearbox: As the warranty ended, I pointed out the 'notchy' nature of 1st gear to the dealer. To my surprise they agreed to replace the gearbox, as well as many other bits of trim throughout the car which looked tired. The replacement didn't go well, so the car got a further replacement gearbox, which has worked happily since. Engine: At around 77k, the engine was blowing a bit of smoke when it started. I booked it in with my local VAG friendly to have the stem seals replaced. This failed badly, resulting in excessive smoke and oil use. The upshot was that I drove to Wales and picked up an entire replacement engine from P4yna (old forum member) who had a spare from a scrapped, identical GTI. This engine had run for approx 27k. My garage swapped them out, and the replacement has been running fantastically since (over a decade, no issues). The original engine is also available as part of the price if required, but will need picking up from E4 (Chingford, London) where it's stored. It does have issues, and has been sitting around for a while, albeit with a good dose of oil around the internals! Rear Spolier: For whatever reason back when the car was in warranty, I was super aware of tiny bubbles that appeared in the paintwork around the rear spoiler. I kept on and on, got several replacements, until eventually they sealed the spoiler on properly. Never been a bubble since. Extras: - A spare set of Bathursts, with tyres, although tyres may be worn. Unsure of paint condition, but I think they're fairly good. They're in my shed. There is also one Toyo 205/45/15 that you're welcome to have, brand new. Car currently runs on Toyo 205/45/15, in good condition. - Original Engine (as noted above) - Spare xenons - These may have been butchered over the years, but I have them so they're yours if you want them. - Handbrake cover/Gearstick Gaitor - Brand new. Unfortunately the gearstick gaitor doesn't have the red stitching, but is OEM and for the Lupo GTI specifically. - Bathurst centre covers - I have 7 of these for some reason. I'm not sure the spare wheels have any fitted. - Rear Bumper - No idea why I got this, but I think it might have been taken for free at a meet. - Wing Mirror(s)? I think I have a spare set around. - Lupo teddy - Given as marketing for the GTI at launch The Good: Car drives like I bought it yesterday. Very few squeaks from the interior, lowering/stiffening the suspension was something I never did. It's a real pleasure to drive, esp with the 6 speed box. It starts well, no starter motor screech (this has been replaced a couple of times) and no lights on the dash that shouldn't be there. The engine does not miss a beat. It's been well looked after as a car, never missed a service in 20 years and always had work doing to it if in any doubt it needed doing. The Bad: The bodywork isn't perfect. There's no rust issue that I can see, but a bit of aluminium corrosion on one of the wings by the door. As I mentioned above, I very recently hit a post on the way out of a honda dealer. This has damaged the other wing, and the door, probably not beyond repair. It's still very much drive-able. The rear bumper is a little scratched on one corner. Other than that I think it's as you'd expect for a car of this age. I had some replacement ARBs a couple of years ago, and ever since there has been a slight rattle on the ns/front. I've not been able to track that down, but haven't looked too hard. It doesn't seem to affect anything. - Ah yes, also one of the chrome tailpipe covers has come off. I have it, it could be welded back on. Original exhaust. Could probably do with a new timing belt (no observable degradation, but it's about time). I think that's probably it. There's plenty of early history to be found on the forum. Reg no. was 'T12 AVW', but will be 'VX52 EXA' before it goes, as it was originally. Any interest?
  7. bossjohnc

    T12 AVW

    That's still me.
  8. Time for me to chip in... driving carefully, usually around 300 to a tank. Less with 100% town (and less careful) driving. The most I've had so far is 430 miles to a tank. (This equated to 48-49 mpg) I fill way past the click - get about 40 litres in (maybe a drop more) - only when initially driving a decent distance.
  9. You need to take the CD player etc out first, then there are three torx screws behind - one either side, and one right at the back.
  10. The last thread said 99mph at the 1/4 mile. I maintain that there's no way in hell a GTI can get to 100mph in under 15s.
  11. Youtube Video -> Original Video Crystal Castles Magic Spells
  12. You can get a summons for 31 in a 30 - that doesn't mean it's likely to happen. Guidelines for a COFP (3 points / £60 automatic, no summons) stop at 50mph in a 30, so I would expect this.
  13. The speed awareness course threshold varies from county to county - some don't even offer it, some have criteria which forbids you from it if you already have points. Different forces, different rules. If you're a new driver, then the prospect of getting three more points should worry you a lot more than having these three.
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