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    T12 AVW

    That's still me.
  2. Time for me to chip in... driving carefully, usually around 300 to a tank. Less with 100% town (and less careful) driving. The most I've had so far is 430 miles to a tank. (This equated to 48-49 mpg) I fill way past the click - get about 40 litres in (maybe a drop more) - only when initially driving a decent distance.
  3. You need to take the CD player etc out first, then there are three torx screws behind - one either side, and one right at the back.
  4. The last thread said 99mph at the 1/4 mile. I maintain that there's no way in hell a GTI can get to 100mph in under 15s.
  5. Youtube Video -> Original Video Crystal Castles Magic Spells
  6. You can get a summons for 31 in a 30 - that doesn't mean it's likely to happen. Guidelines for a COFP (3 points / £60 automatic, no summons) stop at 50mph in a 30, so I would expect this.
  7. The speed awareness course threshold varies from county to county - some don't even offer it, some have criteria which forbids you from it if you already have points. Different forces, different rules. If you're a new driver, then the prospect of getting three more points should worry you a lot more than having these three.
  8. Youtube Video -> Original Video Elbow Grounds for divorce
  9. Not sure at all what he's got to gain from lying... I'm not him. He might be mistaken though. And: That doesn't sound like a race number, it sounds like the start of a reg. number. Slip please.
  10. Polo GTIs were 195 standard iirc.
  11. No - any other strip and I might believe it, but Santa Pod? I've had my GTI up there many a time, and seen lots of other standard GTIs go up there, lots with BMCs etc. in the 7 or so years I've been here. I've never seen a standard Lupo GTI or GTI with air filter only do anything better than 15.9, although I've heard of a 15.8. There's either something seriously not standard about the car or somebody is mistaken. There is no way that anyone could be 1 sec. quicker due to driving ability alone. (we're talking best times here - most are mid 16s) A question for Luke... What were you up against, and did they beat you? (If they did, then you're probably looking at the wrong time. Both cars are printed on the same slip - check the other time.)
  12. That's way too quick for a standard gti with a bmc.
  13. Yes. I use them, as do some others.
  14. bossjohnc


    You won't be going to court then - they have 6 months to lay an information with the court. Waiting another 2 months to see your court date would be an abuse of process.
  15. Hmm... ouch. If you haven't tried already, perhaps detailing clay? Any kind of thinner would probably affect the paint.
  16. bossjohnc


    A very good point, although arguably it wouldn't flick directly on to the car behind. I'm not sure if that's relevant, some people who've never had it might want it... I'd just like to know because I'm interested and it's something that comes up time and time again. If I had some legislation to point to, then it would put a lot of minds at rest. I don't think there's a heated argument going on, but if your friend genuinely found a concrete answer then I'd love to see it - so please ask him!
  17. bossjohnc


    Could you get a reference or quote? It's not that I don't believe you, I'd just love to be able to see for myself. I've always thought it to be a grey area. I still think it is tbh, because as you say only tread would flick water up and everything would be down to interpretation. Need to see the actual law to be sure.
  18. bossjohnc


    I'd love to know which bit of his 'law books' told him it was illegal (honestly I really would). As far as I know it's a grey area - although I think 'stretch' breaks construction and use regulations anyway, therefore if the rim is outside and the tread inside then it's not legal by that definition. If it doesn't break C&U, then 'dangerous' is a bit of a grey term.
  19. There's no way on earth that's a 5sp, the salesman has just made an assumption and doesn't know the car very well.
  20. Sweet. Nice domain There's a PDF floating around, I'm sure someone will send you one.
  21. It really doesn't sound like the power steering pump..
  22. Do you have any mitigation? If it's as petty as it sounds, you might get it thrown out on the VRM mistakes. It depends on the mood of the maj.
  23. Q1 - There's something called the "Slip Rule" which means that those bits can be corrected. I'm assuming that they don't confuse your understanding of the facts of the case, and are small errors - e.g. typos. Your solicitor is probably wrong (this would depend on how wrong the typos are and whether they detract from the facts) . Q2 - I'm not sure, but I'd imagine a heftyish fine based on the fact that it's not a fixed penalty. Maybe three points for a CU20.
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