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  1. vr6matt

    Lupo GTI Wanted

    Edited to say 5 or 6 speed is okay! No rush for the right car so will keep checking back on this post. Thanks a lot!
  2. vr6matt

    Lupo GTI Wanted

    Thanks for the response. Kgf car is sold, tried to purchase yesterday. will check out the volkswizard car, although actually would prefer a car with the gti cloth interior! Will keep searching.. thanks again! Matt
  3. vr6matt

    Lupo GTI Wanted

    Hi All, Been lurking on the forum for a while! Some great advice and info on the Lupo GTi! Am on the lookout for a Lupo gti, strong budget, funds ready for the right Car. Will travel to most of the Uk for the right car. - any colour - 5 or 6 speed is fine - not an import - mileage is not too much of an issue if the car is an honest example with service history. - not significantly modified - mechanically sound and hpi clear email sirmattmclay@hotmail.co.uk I will leave this post up until I have purchased the Car, so please do get in touch
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