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  1. Hello bud hope you are well can I have Pictures of the damage please cheers mitch
  2. Rear bumper gone rear exhaust gone gti style sport seats sat 3 years fires with a battery but runs like **** as expected , had a gearbox before being left to die , sunroof model in black , located Gateshead
  3. Indeed I’m still green after all this time
  4. I forgot how bad this is, mine is **** at the minute
  5. Yeh that was such a shame I bought the shell but couldn't decide what to do with it
  6. Then factor in recovery costs
  7. So the pump gave up the ghost and the timing belt jumped /slipped , valves bent etc as contact been made with Pistons , from experience I've seen these damage the Pistons and the bore depending on severity so if the above is true it could get more expensive I think £2000 is a high price considering you say it's good but not mint and list a few other jobs £1300 is where I'd be at with it
  8. emailed vw uk and they have no info on the car or if its being made
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