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  1. Hi guys Im after a Lambda/02 sensor for a lupo 1.4e manual must be in good working condition, mine is gone. Pm me a price delivered to london. thanks
  2. hi guys my lupo failed on emmissions today and the o2 sensor is to blame. So i wondered how many o2 sensors does my lupo 1.4 manual have ? and whilst I'm asking, i wondered if o2 sensors from a polo be the same and interchangeable? thanks
  3. Problem Solved ! it was a loose ignition switch. i simply fiddled with it and bingo ! it started
  4. It might be the ignition swtich aswell ?
  5. Ive got the exact same problem I drove to a local fish and chip to get some food, upon return the car wouldnt start, so i bump started it. Ive replaced the starter motor but still nothing. the starter motor is working fine, ive check it. ive checked the plug that connects to the soloniod and its got 12.3V so its got current. Im starting to think, that its the ECU thats all i can think of...... any ideas Never buying a Lupo again !! ive had nothing but problems
  6. Sorted ! The noise was coming from the disk touching the rear cover plate ! nice and easy fix.
  7. Hi guys I wondered what car's driveshaft would fit my lupo ? I understand that mk5 polo would fit ? what about mk4 polo ? are there any other cars and models ? thanks
  8. nope, it doesnt know when i rev the car stationey. its not the engine. The driveshaft is secure, i bolted it in tight. The CV joint is in good condition, no tears....and the car doesnt knock when the steering wheel is on full lock. what do you think ?
  9. Hi guys... I changed my gearbox and now my car constantly knocks when i drive. This noise was not there prior to the gearbox change. The knocking gets louder and faster as the car gets faster, and slower when the car slows down. The noise is coming from the passingerside wheel hub area. I changed under and the shaft is not touching anything. My car is totally standard, not lowered or on coilovers... what do you guys think ?
  10. done ! Finally fitted the gearbox on....what a nightmare ! the problem i had was Not fitting the gearbox on to the spindle but lifting the gearbox into position, inline with the spindle. every time i lifted the gearbox, it would touch the subframe, or the something ! but with the help of 2 mates, i finally fitted it.
  11. Nope, ive not touched the clutch. And its deffo the correct gearbox. the car is on axel stands. its so annoying
  12. Hi guys I need some advice on how to fit a lupo gearbox back on, finding it really difficult. Ive removed the original gearbox without a problem, however, fitting the new gearbox is not as easy. any advice or tips on how to slot it in place ? something always comes in the way, either the subframe or something !
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