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    Black GTI - Bristol

    Was in Bristol again this weekend. Spotted possibly the same GTI as above at the lights just before I walked into Leigh Woods - probably about 1130 Sat AM.
  2. Spotted a Black GTI parked on the grass off Ladies Mile on Sunday afternoon. Private plate with (can't remember the) colour Bathurst wheels.
  3. Did the buyer of that low mileage GTI advertised in Southampton ever make themselves known on here?
  4. Spotted a Y reg GTI in silver going southbound M1 just after I had joined from the M18 yesterday (Sunday) about 1450.
  5. Spotted yesterday morning (Sunday) parked outside the Towcester Business Centre. In Towcester.

    T12 AVW

    Spotted again last week, Parked in SW London. Last seen about a year ago.
  7. Yesterday, Good Friday, about 1300. Lowered. Noticed leather interior and 3L steering wheel.
  8. To add a little to the above. There was an Anthracite GTI for sale on Autotrader about a year ago. The same car, or rather its seller, was discussed on here briefly. I also rang up the guy saying I'd heard about the car on here before seeing it on Autotrader. He hated the thing but had had multiple enquiries on it. Sold within a week I think. Nice sounding car by the way!
  9. Hi eddd, Yep it was the Autotrader link you posted on the previous page.
  10. If anybody is seriously interested in the silver GTI Y737... linked previously, I'll be happy to go and look at it for them and take more pics as I'm just five miles away from it.
  11. Spotted this morning. 03 Reg. Black. In need of a clean. Missing n/s headlamp washer cap. Parked.
  12. Spotted an 02 reg near Cheam village when I parked up for food with a mate. Silver with black roof and pink tax disc holder. Last Thurs evening.
  13. LUPOES

    TIZ A VW

    Spotted about 1130 this morning on A3 Wandsworth. I was southbound in an unregistered Polo GT.
  14. Hi everyone. I've just started (back after five years) at my local VW dealership doing some driving whilst I find myself another permanent job. This is the first time I've come into close contact with and driven the Up! It's not too bad a car actually. I agree with comments about the interior being a little too plastic but this is balanced out by the use of shiny black plastic in places (around the radio etc). I've not yet been in one with the mobile nav screen thingy so cannot comment on that. One of the salesmen has an Up! Black or something and whilst it looks quite good I cannot help thinking that it costs more than a Lupo GTI did at about £14,500 new. Still, this is ten years on I know that but the engine choice is not huge... only one litres at the mo? I delivered an Up! 5dr in grey yesterday and it was an auto... absolutely awful. The gear changes almost gave me whiplash! Strangely, the Up! 5dr doesn't get "proper" rear windows... they are the pop out variety, which I've never seen before on a 5dr car. All those I've been in seem to have air con (is it standard?) and a few have had heated seats. Anyway, there's my opinion.. I'll await to see if a more potent Up! is launched and take another look then! Here's a black Up! something I picked up yesterday:
  15. Yesterday, SW London. Y *** NNA he seems to recall. Lupo GTI, yellow. I quizzed him further. I said prob not a GTI given colour. He said it had a GTI badge and two exhausts in the centre. I said it still may not be a GTI, but I told him I was impressed with his knowledge! Anyone heard of a yellow GTI?
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