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  1. Almost Oxfordshire... Definitely up for a meeting too
  2. I haven't seen another GTI in the wild for ages. (This post is a bit of a cheat, as it was actually a planned meet) @Skajme funnily enough we both said that we really wanted a blue one, but there's never any blue ones for sale...
  3. It was great meeting you @Rickie... and funny to see that guy in the black Lupo drive around the car park at the same time too. I don't think he even noticed though.
  4. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Hurrah! Springs sorted (clunky suspension noises sorted)… MOT done. Phew! I’m a bit baffled by parts prices though. The Sachs slave cylinder (which is the OEM part) is €37.95 from @mk2’s supplier in Germany. The identical part is £51.92 after discount from Eurocarparts. The parts guy from Marshall VW Reading, after bring particularly unhelpful as usual quoted £109.95 for the part. I mean Come on?! I have also ordered a door hinge off a Mk5 Golf from ebay in the hope of solving the dreaded door catch strap issue. Watch this space…
  5. I’m gonna jump on @mk2’s bandwagon here… I would very much like to buy one Bathurst centre cover from the lucky new owner of this lot…
  6. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    So, the Lupo has failed it’s MOT today because both rear coil springs are broken or fractured. Yay! As well as a minor exhaust leak as an advisory. I have also figured out what is causing the break fluid leak. It’s the clutch slave cylinder. So I shall get one of these too and I’ve got something to do over the next couple of weekends…
  7. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    It has arrived... Now I just need to get a can of silver paint and we’re good to go.
  8. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    That's brilliant! Thank you! I'll get on it now...
  9. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Cheers! I have seen the ones on ebay. I’m not sure how the right hand ones are three times more expensive than left ones. I don’t mind painting them. I haven’t actually done anything apart from a quick google, but I wonder if you can’t get them from vw directly?!
  10. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    However, I’m a bit annoyed that the towing eye cover has come off at some point recently. The poor thing looks like someone knocked his tooth out. So If anybody got one going spare or knows where to get one, please let me know... cheers!
  11. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Spring clean... Look how shiny it is! 😎
  12. It's not a Gti though, is it?
  13. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Ah, cheers! Well, I do like a good odometer picture. Luckily this one happened just as I was arriving home anyway. Usually I tend to miss the interesting number by a couple of miles, and nobody wants to see a picture of that.
  14. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    We've hit 120000 miles earlier today...
  15. At around 6 tonight, I saw a Y reg black Lupo Gti on Richfield Avenue, going towards Cow Lane. Of course, at that point I was not actually driving my Lupo but I was in the Skoda, typical... Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hey! Nice car mate!" in case you're on here...
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