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  1. Here’s another pic, open bonnet and all… Such geeks! It was great fun. We should do that again!
  2. OX10 0XB Should take you to the actual car park. Also, Wallingford is not that big and the big Waitrose right in the middle of it is difficult to miss
  3. Yay. Tesco has got petrol, and the queues were manageable. So, I’ll see you tomorrow at 11…
  4. Yes to the 3rd! 11 Waitrose Wallingford works for me. Looking forward to it!
  5. How about the 26th? Or the 3rd October? Anyone?
  6. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    One year in, some ramblings... A year ago yesterday, I went to Swindon to pick up my Lupo. And I wasn't even here on the anniversary. It's even worse, as under normal circumstances I would have been driving back from visiting my parents in Germany yesterday. However, because I didn't fancy filling in another 2 passenger locator forms (Digitale Einreiseanmeldung) (whatever it's called in French) I just drove that stupid Lexus 4x4 barge that I got from Europcar instead of the Audi A1 I had booked to Frankfurt Airport and hopped across to Heathrow on a Lufthansa Airbus 320 neo, which is quite an impressive little Aeroplane, and I really don't like aeroplanes. At least the Professor picked me up at Reading Station in the Lupo so I spent a few minutes in the passenger seat (yelling and shouting because of the stupid RailAir bus and the people on it who all seemed to be coughing a lot etc etc) Anyway. The good news is that after a year, I still feel like a little kid with a new toy. I have also managed to completely mess it up again, e.g. I have kept all Tesco meal deal packaging, empty Red Bull cans and other rubbish contained in a shopping bag on the rear seat rather than just chucking it in the passenger footwell, and I resisted buying a pain au chocolate on the way to work, but only for about a week. So yes, there are flaky crumbs, but priorities... Unsurprisingly, it is also telling me that it wants a Serv/Inspec, so that's on the to-do-list for next week while I'm still off work, and some investigation what is causing coolant to disappear. Not a great lot, and there doesn't seem to be any mixing with oil, so phew! Another tangent: Spending the last week in Germany, I was surprised about how many Lupos I spotted in traffic, just casually doing their thing. But then again it is probably deeply embedded in the collective German psyche that a Volkswagen is indeed the car for the people and so the smallest VW would be the default choice for lots of people who need a car but are not really interested (in fact my biology teacher swapped her Mark2 Polo for a Lupo and my mate's grandmother traded her Audi 50 for a Lupo) and as we all know, they're tough little things.
  7. I'm in Germany on the 12th September, after that I've got nothing planned for Sundays... Is meeting on the 5th still a thing? (I'm still up for that)
  8. Ah well, let’s keep trying with this though…
  9. Excellent. Sunday the 5th works for me too. I don’t mind what time
  10. Sundays work for me… I’ve got nothing planned yet this week or next I’m happy to meet in a car park somewhere. The Waitrose car park in Wallingford is of course rather idyllic (as car parks go), and it’s free on Sundays. The post code is OX10 0XB.
  11. Mmmhh Wickes car park seems like the right choice for a bunch of boy racers, no? Near Wallingford there’s also the McDonald’s, M&S BP on the A4074… Or with more ambience, there’s the Riverside car park in Crowmarch Gifford, and a pub “The Queen’s Head” which has if I remember correctly a large car park behind it.
  12. How many would you consider a decent amount?
  13. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Some progress: The replacement towing eye cover has been sprayed and installed. Thanks to @Rickie all 4 wheel centre caps are in place. (One is the wrong colour, but hey ho, nevermind) Last weekend, I finally replaced the clutch slave cylinder, which should stop the break fluid leak. Fingers crossed! And yesterday, it had a full valet done. It’s so clean inside that I contemplated taking my shoes off before getting in…
  14. Almost Oxfordshire... Definitely up for a meeting too
  15. I haven't seen another GTI in the wild for ages. (This post is a bit of a cheat, as it was actually a planned meet) @Skajme funnily enough we both said that we really wanted a blue one, but there's never any blue ones for sale...
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