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  1. There is a thread on here somewhere that explains why they stop working and how to fix it. Basically they accumulate dirt and it's a rather fiddly job to take the switch apart and clean it. However, a new switch is £5 from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07MJBC3S2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The door cards don't need to come off. Just be careful when levering the switch panel out with a screwdriver...
  2. It looks like you answered your own question there. I suppose if the bolt is threaded into both sections, that huge load is distributed evenly between said brackets... But yeah it was a pita to get the catch strap from the fully closed position to the fully open one. I had to use a g-clamp and lots of swearing. I think I’m still in favour of doing a hinge swap. I will borrow a giant torx bit from next door and make my way over to Wokingham again (or possibly eBay). Re. the paint overspray it looks like the whole shell has been sprayed. If you look very closely there are tape lines around
  3. Yesterday I gave the Lupo a good clean inside and out. So this morning I just had to take a couple of pictures because it looked so very shiny in the morning light, even though the dog was very impatient to go and run around the woods. At some point in his life it's definitely had a re-spray. There is some silver mist on the rear window seals, rear light clusters and bonnet rubber seal. So mmmmh, I do wonder what happened there?! All in all though it is looking remarkably fresh for a 16 year old car with 118000 miles on the clock. The 2 Mazda MX-5's of similar vintage I bought
  4. bernd


    There aren't many black ones about at the moment. There's a standard one on ebay and a modified one on Autotrader. https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/10537559?cId=10537559&cId=10937444 This one looks great I think, but six grand is a lot of money...
  5. Absolutely love the little thing!
  6. Right, I still haven't decided what to do with the door catch strap. I have been told that door hinges from an Audi A6 C6 are a straight swap, which would make the whole catch strap redundant, so I'm looking into that... In other news: Last weekend, matey next door removed his precious BMW from his garage and we had planned to do the timing belt and water pump. However as it turned out, both the water pump and timing belt kit I got from eurocarparts were wrong (I've got the right bits from VW now, so we'll do that next weekend, but grrrrr!). So instead we had a go at fixing the
  7. I've seen a dark blue Lupo twice last week on the Oxford Road. There is a silver Gti driving about, I'm sure! Mainly going from Tilehurst to Caversham in the morning and from Caversham to Tilehurst in the evening, but not this week as I'm not working...
  8. Just spotted a black Lupo sdi (I think) going up Rotherfield Way towards Emmer Green as I was driving home from work, but until my brain engaged and I thought “aww another Lupo” we were well past each other...
  9. I thought so. I’ll have to have another think about it and meanwhile keep yelling at my passengers to be careful when opening that door.
  10. I’ve got a cheapo generic obd2 reader off amazon I bought when the Skoda’s engine light came on because of a stuck turbo valve actuator. That can read and erase error codes and read basic sensors. I have the Bmw diagnostics program which is much more detailed, e.g showing when a fault occurred, how often and under which conditions and does all the fancy can bus stuff too. That was quite exciting.
  11. Ach! Small errors with catastrophic consequences, they are the worst! The Lupo and I have made some progress today. I've changed the alternator belt, so no more annoying squealy noise. That's an enormous improvement right there! I've checked the timing belt and replacing that is top of the list of things to do. Still not sure though if I pay someone to do it or try to bribe my mechanic/neighbour with cake to give me a hand. He does this sort of thing for fun apparently. I've also changed oil and filter, spark plugs and air filter. A couple of things have popped up, of course. Spark p
  12. Yeah, the top loop seems to have snapped in half. I like your second idea better, in fact I have been thinking along similar lines. I'm not really bothered about OEM or not, I just want to prevent the door falling off. I'll share when I've figured it out. And then I was being a total and utter klutz! First I put the steering wheel a notch or so out of alignment when I did the wiper switch on Sunday. Obviously that annoyed me all week, so I took the steering wheel off again to straighten it and in doing so I broke the little yellow plug apart that connects to the airbag. D'oh! Idiot! So: A
  13. Not a brilliant picture, but that's the a-pillar-loop we are referring to
  14. Aarrgh. I've had a week from hell at work, so therefore the delay in writing on here. I've replaced the wiper switch, which was a piece of cake thanks to @Rich's succinct instructions I found on here. When I re connected the battery, this happened. Lol. 4 new tyres have been fitted and wheel alignment done on Tuesday. @mk2: It's the bracket on the A pillar. I'm gonna have to think of a solution for this that isn't yelling at the passenger to be careful every time someone opens that door. Any suggestions are more than welcome... This is the manual I've bought. It
  15. Brilliant. @mk2 loving the advanced level geek information 😁. @Dom's dub GTI Is that a black roof? I do like a black roof! I paid £4000 for it. I thought that was reasonable given that it only had 2 previous owners and is completely oem spec. (Apart from the shoddy repairs of course.) I had a good poke around this afternoon and it looks like several people have just poured oil in the general direction of the oil filler neck, so obviously the aux belt was very oily indeed. A sprinkling of talcum powder later and no more noise. Hurrah. I like an easy fix. On the other hand side, this s
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