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  1. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Ah, so that’s the reason why they weren’t in stock when I tried to order them. Lol! But no worries. I’ve done some more research last night (checking part numbers and manufacturers websites etc.) and have ordered a set of RTS ball joints from eBay. They’re being shipped from Germany of course, so Friday at the earliest. Fingers crossed…
  2. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    They sent Stark ball joints, even though I’ve ordered the RTS ones. Twice! I’ve returned the first lot and after an email exchange with their customer service department, in which I explained the problem, they sent exactly the same ones again. buycarparts which is just Autodoc in disguise, say that they’re matching the right part numbers, but they’re clearly not…
  3. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    The sad tale of the front ball joints: The Lupo has been sitting on the drive looking like this for a couple of weeks now while I try and get the right ball joints… It all started with a failed MOT for a deteriorated ball joint on one side and a failed wishbones bush on the other. No matter, I thought and got a set from Eurocarparts, only to find that the tracking was so far out after fitting them that the car was undriveable. I then looked on here and found a thread with a link to GTI ball joints on buycarparts.com. Great, I ordered a set of those, looked up parts numbers and all. And indeed when they arrived, it turns out they are the wrong size too. Volkswagen themselves also don’t sell the GTI specific ones anymore, so there is that. Of course the tie rods are so rusty, that it’s impossible to adjust the tracking for the new ball joints, so I’m gonna have to change the tie rods and track rod ends. Which is apparently a bit of a pain to do. And then probably some spacers for a wider track… If anyone has got an idea how I can get hold of the right sized ball joints, please do let me know! Thank you…
  4. I spotted this one at Tesco earlier. Looking good! I do like the ATS Cup wheels… That’s the third one in a week. Yesterday I saw a red GTI on the A33 towards the stadium and another black one on the A4 towards Aldermaston
  5. My GTi does low 30's mpg when mostly driving to and from work through town and about 50 on a motorway run
  6. I think I’ve seen this one around Caversham once or twice in the last year. There’s a guy in a blue Arosa with ATS cup wheels I meet fairly regularly, usually queuing for the lights on Prospect Street as I drive down towards the roundabout after work
  7. I know exactly what you mean. Setting off from some traffic lights and looking in the rear view mirror at the gigantic gap between my car and the one behind is one of my favourite things to do. @mk2 and spent a considerable amount of time walking around my GTI parked next to one of his standard Lupos, stroking our chins and wondering how such a few minor changes make the GTI look so much better… I also like the geeky engineering e.g. aluminium body parts and thinner glass to save weight. if there are worries about practicality, I’ve transported a tumble drier and a mountain bike (not at the same time obviously) in my old Lupo, and we (2adults 1dog) went camping in Norway and skiing in Switzerland in it…
  8. I used to have a 1.0 E spec Lupo, and I loved that... But for almost the last 20 years I have been thinking: "I wish I had a Lupo GTI" until I finally got one in September last year, and I have to say it fulfilled all my expectations. It's an absolutely brilliant little car. I'm still like a little kid with a new toy a year and a bit later, driving like an idiot with a big fat grin on my face. I dunno about minefield. Mine is an 04 reg with 120000 miles on the clock and it hasn't missed a beat since I got it. Ok maybe that one time when the alarm kept going off because of water in the rear spoiler. And yes, there's things like noisy door catch straps and non functioning door microswitches etc. and the aircon doesn't work, as you would expect from a 17 year old car. All things that are easily fixable if I could be bothered. Generally I would say though that it is very well screwed together indeed. The 3series BMW of similar vintage I had before had many more things wrong with it. Also, if you get a GTI now, you probably won't loose any money if you decide to sell it again, as prices have been going up steadily for the last few years and are likely to continue to do so. All in all then: 12 out of 10. Would recommend!
  9. Ah yes, thank you for clarifying that, I had no idea @kt_lou_gti was taking the piss… Anyway, I agree on the one hand side it’s good to see Lupo GTI’s selling for that sort of money for people who already own one. However, it raises all sorts of issues, e.g. insurance, or using it as a daily driver with everything that implies like a muddy dog on the back seat, curbed wheels, idiots who throw open their doors in supermarket car parks etc.
  10. Why would you want gold plating in the engine bay?! I didn’t check on eBay, just couldn’t see it anymore on Autotrader. I mean, it shouldn’t sell for that price anyway. You could go buy a Porsche for that sort of money…
  11. It looks like they sold it though. Glad I bought mine last year
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202106304459310 This is a joke, right?!
  13. Here’s another pic, open bonnet and all… Such geeks! It was great fun. We should do that again!
  14. OX10 0XB Should take you to the actual car park. Also, Wallingford is not that big and the big Waitrose right in the middle of it is difficult to miss
  15. Yay. Tesco has got petrol, and the queues were manageable. So, I’ll see you tomorrow at 11…
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