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  1. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Ah, cheers! Well, I do like a good odometer picture. Luckily this one happened just as I was arriving home anyway. Usually I tend to miss the interesting number by a couple of miles, and nobody wants to see a picture of that.
  2. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    We've hit 120000 miles earlier today...
  3. At around 6 tonight, I saw a Y reg black Lupo Gti on Richfield Avenue, going towards Cow Lane. Of course, at that point I was not actually driving my Lupo but I was in the Skoda, typical... Anyway, I just wanted to say "Hey! Nice car mate!" in case you're on here...
  4. Well, I don’t think this is a true representation. E.g I’m almost sure that the haziness in the picture is not caused by weather but by a terribly smudged camera lens
  5. That’s the correct term I suppose @mk2 Also, I saw the guy in the blue Lupo on Portman Road on my way home, but he never waves back 😕
  6. bernd

    Road trips

    It was all fun and games until the Husky dog had enough of his personal space being invaded constantly and started a riot somewhere just after Brussels... They didn't lie in the advert though, that Polo was tough. I transported 30 square meters worth of solid oak flooring from B&Q in it and yeah, the suspension bottomed out then.
  7. bernd

    Road trips

    Ok, I admit the last time I drove the Lupo from Reading to Frankfurt was 10 years ago, so maybe I'd feel different now that I'm old and fat. One Christmas, we did the Reading to Frankfurt run with 3 adults, their luggage, plus the Swiss mountain dog and the Husky dog, all packed in the Polo, as all flights out of Heathrow were cancelled for several days because of fog, so the husband and one of his workmates couldn't fly to Germany as initially planned. That was not fun, but 1 or 2 people on a road trip in an Arosa, I can't see why not... (I've also driven that route in my dad's T4 a coup
  8. bernd

    Road trips

    I've driven many times from Frankfurt to Reading in the Lupo. That distance is not a problem at all. We also took the Lupo on a 2 week holiday trip to Norway, with the dog sitting on one back seat and the other one folded down for luggage space. Enough for 2 people and sort of still having use of the rear view mirror. And we went skiing in Switzerland, same interior configuration and a roof rack for skis. That one was a 1.0 50hp Lupo, and it was surprisingly comfortable. The Polo 9N I had afterwards and the husband's 13reg Fabia caused more back-ache on the way to Germany. As soon a
  9. That does make sense. However, shouldn't having a correct temperature reading make more difference when the engine has warmed up, because surely a cold start is a cold start ?? Geting to the throttle body is easy. You need to take the air filter and air filter housing off and there it is...
  10. Did you check for Polo and/or Seat Ibiza parts? They are probably identical, and there should be more of them around if you’re looking for a used part.
  11. I have changed the coolant temperature sensor on my Lupo Gti last week and indeed this seems to have made a noticeable difference in the jerkiness after a cold start. I wonder why though... What I’ve also done recently, as I was changing the air filter anyway, is clean the throttle body and clear the adaptations with an OBD2 reader thingy. A sticky throttle plate may well cause the engine being jerky as @mk2 has very nicely explained in a different thread about the same topic.
  12. I assume your car has remote central locking?! That button is to disable the interior alarm sensors. In the 5 door Polo 9N and Golf Mk6 it is located near the bottom of the b-pillar.
  13. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Gravity does certainly help. My original point still stands though, as an ideal scenario it would be nice ...
  14. bernd

    My Lupo Gti

    Yeah, I’m aware of that. I’m married to a Physicist Actually, fusion is possible with current technologies and has been achieved in experimental research, e.g. at CCFE in Culham, Oxfordshire. The problem is making fusion commercially viable
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