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    Hi all! I'm Ionuț (I believe my name would be Johnny in English) and I'm from Bucharest, Romania. I bought during summer a not running 1.4 AUB Lupo, thought it had broken timing belt but there was much more, the exhaust camshaft being seized. It suposed to be a winter car, I usually ride a motorcycle and my wife drives our family car. Winter is here and I'm still working on the little Lupo, I fully rebuild the engine and these days trying to finish putting all back together. Merry Christmas everybody!
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    Gotta love the Cambridge quest. What about the glovebox? That would have transferred.
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    I really like this car a lot. For me personally it combines the best bits of my two lupo's (the 1.0 and the Gti) into a good package. The LED lights. I prefer them compared to the daytime running lights on the Volvo which is basically dipped beam. So in the night you thought you where running dipped beam when you where not. I wish they where not supplied but its a legal requirement now..... The Lupo Gti is a car where the power is on all the time. Ok when you can use it. But the Up its good all the time as its turbo charged. Economy is very good. I regularly get over 55mpg on a run (I don't drive it daily though due to a change in circumstances). A longer motorway run in excess of 60mpg. The Lupo Gti I can get just of 40mpg on the motorway, the 1.0ltr lupo I had was over 50mpg but acceleration in that was so long (17 seconds!)
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    Agree with Richard, good story Sorry but I've never been a fan of ATS Cup wheels 😅
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    Thanks all time now set👍
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    I like it. I like the story too.
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    Should be different, LH one below (non gti BJ's) is Left side - joint slightly forward off centre right hand side mirror of LH
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    Need to contact you regarding insurance, hopefully sort something out next couple of days.
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    DSC_6442 by Leevi Myyry, on Flickr
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    Cambridge lights come for sale online every now and again. They're never cheap, mind!

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