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  1. Will need to wait for that, interior is the last job. finished the inner and outer tie bars today and taken off the lower engine mount and steering rack bush.. probs going poly.. in an SDI.. wish me luck lol
  2. Picked up, in great condition. Top bloke thanks very much
  3. Could I please be considered for this? Based in Manchester, I'd come as soon as lockdown is properly lifted? Thanks
  4. Proper struggling to find a new one of these. Part Num is 6N0199851AH which is for the SDI I don't mind it being aftermarket brand like Moog or Febi etc Am I gonna end up at TPS..? Thanks
  5. This would be quite helpful to me right now, I'll be blanking the egr, cleaning out the intake and removing those trumpets some time soon. Do all egr blanking plates work? I don't see any for 1.7sdi specifically, just a load of 1.9tdi ones. Also pictures of this plumbing work would really help, my sdi done nearly 170k so I've just changed both wishbones, all suspension, all bushes, all brakes, tyres.. time to work on clearing up engine/gearbox components and making this as reliable as possible! Thread resurrect!! 🙂
  6. Must be BS then, good! 🙂
  7. Hi all, So I've been reading things (yeh I know), I'm just in the process of renewing all my brakes and lowering the sdi on coilovers. I've read some things (on here) that if you lower then the rears could lock on braking due to them overcompensating for increased load on the rear..? I've never heard this before but my car doesn't have ABS. Has anyone had to adjust their brake bias to counteract this? If so how? Or is this all a load of BS? I wouldn't normally be bothered but I don't play with brakes! Cheers
  8. Nope, got some FK from their German site for £185 delivered
  9. Anyone know the recommended battery specification for my lupo SDI? Seen threads on GTI and other petrol models, but I know diesel usually need different spec batteries. My battery is totally dead now, to the point where I can jump it to start but car just turns off after about 10 seconds. Thanks
  10. Haha you wouldn't want it, it's snapped in half. Would a decat be detrimental to torque then? I've got a piece of pipe which I can weld in place of my cat to fix my issue. this way the backbox is still one, keeping it quiet. thanks
  11. Anyone ever straight piped an SDI? I've heard the backbox can be restrictive on it, would removing it free up some more mpg? My main concern is noise, my downpipe has rusted away and separated, its extremely loud. If I put a straight through from manifold all the way to the rear would it still be extremely loud because it's NA? My 1.9tdi isn't that loud straight piped, but that's probably because it's turbo'd. i know someone will have done it.. cheers
  12. Sounds about right, half the value of the car haha Does anyone have any preferences between jom and fk.. I assume they're both just the same made in same factory and rebadged.
  13. As title really, just want some budget coilovers to freshen my suspension up. Fk or Jom, where's cheapest to buy from? Anyone ever tried these eBay specials? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=lupo+coilovers&_sacat=0&LH_PrefLoc=1&_sop=15 Whichever way I go, will probably rub down and spray with stonechip before fitting. TIA
  14. Thanks mate, so it's basically a 2" system. Car's not worth enough to spend that much on new exhaust, I'll probs just weld in a piece in replacement of the cat, mot shouldn't be a problem. Cheers
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