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  1. Thanks mate, so it's basically a 2" system. Car's not worth enough to spend that much on new exhaust, I'll probs just weld in a piece in replacement of the cat, mot shouldn't be a problem. Cheers
  2. Hi As per title really, my exhaust has broken between the flexi and the cat. Considering just cutting it out and straight piping the downpipe. Anyone know the diameter pipe needed for the downpipe? I didn't think to measure when I had on the ramp, sadly don't have access to that ramp now. Tia
  3. How long would you run it for when flushing? Like 50 miles?
  4. Thanks guys, sorry I don't get notifications of replies, didn't realise you all commented I'm going to change the oil with genuine VW stuff and see if it improves.. tbh it maybe because my pedal box needs doing, might not be pushing the clutch enough. thanks
  5. Hi, I don't mean to jump in on this but my clutch squeaks like sh!t when I depress it.. I need to get mine done too. I've tried to call those guys in Wolverhampton multiple times over the last couple of weeks and they just don't answer!! I've even emailed them from their website but no response. Anyway I'm from NW too in east manchester and I cba doing it myself, happy to travel in tandem if you're willing Rich? Ta
  6. Hi all Anyone on here refurbish lupo gearboxes? Mines started to jump out of 2nd occasionally, it's not that often but I need the car to be as reliable as possible. Current gearbox code is FFV (1.7 SDI) Thanks
  7. Need to contact you regarding insurance, hopefully sort something out next couple of days.
  8. Thanks, hopefully get some ok weather soon!
  9. Guys, a little stuck. Trying to purchase brake shoes for the SDI, looking on euro there's loads of variations.. Some 180mm diameter, some 200mm diameter, ones for cast iron wheel cylinders, others for aluminium wheel cylinders, I've read the brake guide on the forum but it just says rears: drums with no other info.. can anyone help shed any light please? Thanks
  10. It's not for sale. yep got a build number.
  11. Thanks, it's on the list of to dos.
  12. Sorry, mines upgraded
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