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  1. Hello everyone, was interested in gear knobs people have in their cars, i saw some pretty good idea from Japanse fellow, with MHW shift panel from polo and TT ring. If anyone knows where this shift panel might be bought or knows anyone who wants to sell it i would appreciate it very much, also would like to see your ideas or solutions you guys made.
  2. sinyminiZG

    Engine Converted Lupos

    1.8t gtx2863 330hp 440nm
  3. sinyminiZG

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    k sport adjustable coilver, yes plenum was cut and shortened for about 3cm/1.2inches ,as Rich said to avoid cutting front panel which i wanted to avoid completley, but after gettin mishimoto IC ❤️ which i small fat f...er, there was some cutting needed, front bumper mount and those small plastic parts which are located where ic pipes come. back to topic, imo, 1.8t >>>>> 1.6 n/a every day. if u can afford it and have someone reliable who can do all welding wiring adjustment, u should go for it,
  4. sinyminiZG

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    1.8t BAM block with AGU head, 6speed leon cupra gearbox with quaife LSD, 330hp 440nM revs to 8k + - so its pretty "revvy"
  5. sinyminiZG

    Lupo GTI modifying from scratch advice

    go for 1.8t swap least amount of money for most amount of everything u want
  6. sinyminiZG

    Best regards from Croatia

    OZ ultra's 16inch 7.5j in gipsy gold
  7. sinyminiZG

    Best regards from Croatia

    :=) there are more, but need some time to find all topics here
  8. sinyminiZG

    Lupo picture thread

  9. sinyminiZG

    Best regards from Croatia

    Hello all members, proud owner of 05 GTI, 1.8t swap. Hoping to find usefull info, discuss problems and solutions about all things connected with lupos meet new ppl from arround globe sharing same passion for these little guys cheers S

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