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  1. II don't think David is after any more performance,he just wants a bit of a raspy tone I'd like the same.
  2. A few nice jobs done there,it's coming along nice.
  3. That's going to be a fantastic car for the next owner,good luck with the house try and get it for 5k less!
  4. A 6th gear that's a great bonus 👍
  5. Y2ACP


    Look at the price of a golf gti mk2 with 150k,I think these cars will follow the same trend.Sounds like it's got plenty of life left in it now engine rebuilt.
  6. Y2ACP

    Close Encounter

    Both looking good,David be careful with your parking you can get a fine if your not in the lines.
  7. Twice a the same laser blue with about 70k came up for sale I was prepared to go to 5.5k at this point I had not owned a gti but it wasn't enough.For me your car ticks all the boxes bar a sunroof.I once read a guy driving around the busy streets of London got more attention in his blue gti than any 100k sports car.So I'm going to say 6.5k but as long as you can afford it and you enjoy it that's the main thing now,and if you were to sell any time in the future I dare say you will get all your money back.
  8. Can we have a few pictures.Now dinitrolled rear spoiler and steering wheel done is it just a exhaust you have planned?
  9. Welcome and congrats on passing your test, there’s nothing like your first car 🚗
  10. Y2ACP

    lupo tdi

    Thanks Raymond even though you should be on a ban! I’d want 15 inch
  11. Y2ACP

    lupo tdi

    God forbid my alloys get nicked I’d like a set of those teddy’s
  12. Points or just a straight ban???
  13. Unfortunately l don't know anything about the car.If I were looking for my second one I would be very interested in this,good Mot history,last owner 5 years,low mileage.Ones like this don't come up for sale very often,at least you can judge it on your previous two!
  14. Good to see your back on the road,that looks like a great place to do a dubble car photo shoot,scamondan dam?
  15. Williams wash and wax car shampoo,turtle wax colour magic,alloy wheel cleaner,tyre shine and glass cleaner for windows inside and out.Put the effort in and enjoy the results and your first car.
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