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  1. Y2ACP

    My Lupo GTI

    Cat back?what do you think sound wise to compared to original?
  2. The right wheels always finish off a car.
  3. Not many left sub 65k one owner all the keys and standard,a good starting point.Keep us posted with your progress,what’s your plans when fixed?
  4. Very nice,let's hope the new owner joins the forum.
  5. Y2ACP

    Lupo GTI Wanted

    The volkswizzard is a 5 speed
  6. Y2ACP

    GTI wanted

    All the advice you need is on this forum,if a red one ticks all the other boxes don’t rule it out.
  7. Black wings bumper and bonnet for sale on eBay.
  8. You've had some nice cars hope your enjoying the lupo as much.I think the cam racing exhaust is the one to go for videos on you tube.
  9. The Royal retrimmed not to your liking?
  10. It looks in mint condition,enjoy.
  11. Y2ACP

    Untidy GTI

    Lets say it will cost £1500 to get sorted,have a test drive in the car you want next I'm guessing it won't be half as much fun,and how long before you loose £1500 on that car.As for a price to sell now if seen same mileage as yours no dints at £2250 take over two months to sell not sure what they got.
  12. Y2ACP


    One on carandclassic may be of interest for you?
  13. Looking forward to part three it's going to look amazing.
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