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  1. I can’t think of anything more you need to do? Enjoy while the weathers good.
  2. Congratulations to becoming 4th in the Top Members,thank you for all your help and advice over years.
  3. This must be as good as it gets for a car that last rolled off the production line 16 years ago.
  4. The wheels and rear lights look very classy.
  5. Hi my car spent 15 years in Japan have you seen a sticker like this before,can you tell me it says?
  6. I guess someone naive like me is going to buy it,I was thinking any boot £50 rear bumper £200 front top bumper £200 wings salvageable,just the Bonnet try to fit none gti?plus paint.Maybe a slow build for Rich bet he has most parts needed?
  7. Y2ACP

    My new car

    Sounds like a plan.One small dent and a few very minor battle scars on mine.
  8. Y2ACP

    My new car

    Lucky you 😡.A picture a work mate sent me about a month ago five miles from home.
  9. Sorry no German from me.This looks fantastic,we need more photos and information on this build👍👍👍
  10. If the 4K spent in the last two years was on engine gear box etc they might be life in the old girl yet.
  11. Y2ACP

    My new car

    Just a 2 minute walk from my house I saw Wills444 Lupo,I waited for him too come back and we had a nice chat ,it’s his 3rd gti with sunroof air con and heated seats (very envious) A long trip to Cornwall to pick it up but I don’t blame him.
  12. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202105253054212?advertising-location=at_cars&postcode=Hd89xh&model=LUPO&page=1&make=VOLKSWAGEN&include-delivery-option=on&sort=relevance
  13. Better to have loved and lost than never loved at all.
  14. Looks like you took the scenic route for MOT in 2017
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