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  1. Very nice,hope you aren’t going to go too low.
  2. That’s a great car to have at your age,I’d invest in a disklock if I were you.
  3. 3rd time lucky (2nd time you were very lucky)
  4. Looks good,would be a great first car or for dub enthusiasts.It comes without air ride which would suit me,I’d just put vw alloys on and get rid of the headlineing.
  5. That’s the same grades mine came with,and I’m more than happy.Prices have been about £6000 with 60000 miles straight from Japan to garage with a service and timeing beltFor me price a bit on the high side,but how many more will become available with such low mileage?Get some photos from underneath,engine bay.As they say it’s only worth what someone will pay.
  6. Looks like all the hard works paid off,enjoy
  7. Let's say it cost £1500 to ship the car over Mot do all the paperwork.What do you think is a fair price
  8. The momo looks nice,the original gear stick is one of my favourite part of the car,are they seat covers or reatrimed?
  9. I don't think the gti will be sold anytime soon with that mileage/price. A bid on the other but how much to get it right ?
  10. To get to the other side! Good luck with the search.
  11. From the headline I thought this was going to be the first up gti none write off at this point,the lupo has been for sale for a while now started at 10k. I'm interested to know which people on here would go for this lupo or up gti same mileage when there 9k?
  12. Y2ACP

    Lupo 3l

  13. I thought this thread was going to be about whit! Nevertheless Rich Well done with the fix.
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