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  1. Y2ACP

    My new car

    Enjoying the bank holiday with a good clean.
  2. That's a nice touch pardon the pun.Id keep the spare steering wheel you just never know.
  3. Y2ACP

    GTI Oil and Oil filter

    I'm use 5w40 shell helix ultra fully synthetic oil and Bosch p3318 oil filter all on ebay
  4. Y2ACP

    Adrian's GTI clean up!

    Hi nothing too major to sort out by the sound of things,I'm in West Yorkshire we will have to meet up some time.
  5. Y2ACP

    Lupo GTI

    That's a great second car,a bit low for me,but each to there own,enjoy
  6. Two teams of three race against each other to reassemble a classic car without instructions,the first team to fully reassemble and start the car keep it! Come on Club Lupo let's win a classic car,and if your not keen on the car use it to get a nice lupo or lupos.
  7. Y2ACP

    Lupo 3L 1.2tdi Spares or Repair

    According to Wikipedia the lupo 3l shares its engine and gearbox with audi A2 1.2 TDI 3L
  8. Y2ACP

    Lucky with cars?

    I have been driving for 26 years and five months ago I bought the lupo my seventh car fourteen years old with 79k.it works out the average age and mileage when I buy a car is about seven years old with 45k with the most I ever paid 5k, my average miles at 7k a year (now 2.5).The only parts ever needed are altinater for mk1 fiesta £10 scrap yard fitted myself,cellanoyd for heater mk5 fiesta.two exhausts,two springs on suspension,one set of break disks and three sets of break pads,three battery's iv lost count on tyres maybe twelve.
  9. Y2ACP

    Finally . . .

    Tell us more David is this your car and how did the race go 🏁
  10. Y2ACP

    Lupo GTI

    That was quick,keep us posted on how you get on,and enjoy.
  11. Y2ACP

    Happy Birthday

    2017/2018 that's not a bad innings.
  12. Y2ACP

    New member

    Welcome and congratulations on a great choice for your next car.I was in your position one and a half years ago,Unfortunately there are no guarantees on a car 14 years or older,but with vw build quality and this model on its own production line your getting a lot better odds.Get the app vehicle smart for mileage mot history.Silver not my first choice of colour but l went on mileage condition history six speed and the test drive.Look at overboost that was about 3.5k.
  13. Y2ACP

    Happy Birthday

    How did the other three fair?
  14. Y2ACP

    Lupo Sport

    I think red is your favourite colour (in cars)?
  15. Y2ACP

    Lupo Sport

    Good luck with your search if you need a car now red one on gumtree has been up for sale for 8 months on and off,£2300 might just get it. Don’t know if it’s 6 speed one thing most people look for but for £2000 might be a hard find.

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