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  1. Y2ACP

    Genuine VW Lupo GTI rear bumper 6E0807417B

    New plans for the back of the car?
  2. Y2ACP

    Black Lupo GTi, Heaton Sainsbury's.

    I had you down as a Aldi kind of guy.
  3. Y2ACP

    New member owner of around 3 months

    That's a lovely colour,I'd give it a wax and put some stickers over the sanding.
  4. Y2ACP

    New member owner of around 3 months

    Welcome a few people on here are very knowledgeable and like the sdi so you have come to the right place.Tell us a bit more about your car and let's have some pictures please.
  5. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    Hole yes sink no
  6. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    This sort of thing
  7. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    I can’t find the picture,someone put 3 big peppers then you put 2 birds kissing I’m sure someone will find it for you.We will have to have a night round Wakefield you buy all I can drink,I will show you what you what you haven’t seen!
  8. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    Short skirts crop tops you know the sort of pictures you post on here.
  9. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    Bet you do with all the young uni girls there!
  10. Y2ACP

    Silver lupo GTI

    Cedar Court Wakefield you were in a silver lupo gti I flashed and waved,you waved back. I've see you there about three months ago I was in a different car that time.Im guessing you must be local to me?
  11. Y2ACP

    Tornado Red Lupo GTi, 71k, FSH, G60

    Ray now the angry people don't have anything more to say can you clean this thread up so we can fined a new home for the lupo.
  12. Y2ACP

    Tornado Red Lupo GTi, 71k, FSH, G60

    The last three photos are of the lupo at 4K on autotrader that I am saying looks good
  13. Y2ACP

    Tornado Red Lupo GTi, 71k, FSH, G60

    Getting back to the thread a nice uk car which has been well looked after with a great history.

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