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  1. Can we have a few pictures.Now dinitrolled rear spoiler and steering wheel done is it just a exhaust you have planned?
  2. Welcome and congrats on passing your test, there’s nothing like your first car 🚗
  3. Y2ACP

    lupo tdi

    Thanks Raymond even though you should be on a ban! I’d want 15 inch
  4. Y2ACP

    lupo tdi

    God forbid my alloys get nicked I’d like a set of those teddy’s
  5. Points or just a straight ban???
  6. Unfortunately l don't know anything about the car.If I were looking for my second one I would be very interested in this,good Mot history,last owner 5 years,low mileage.Ones like this don't come up for sale very often,at least you can judge it on your previous two!
  7. Good to see your back on the road,that looks like a great place to do a dubble car photo shoot,scamondan dam?
  8. Williams wash and wax car shampoo,turtle wax colour magic,alloy wheel cleaner,tyre shine and glass cleaner for windows inside and out.Put the effort in and enjoy the results and your first car.
  9. Y2ACP

    Gti exhaust

    The fiat 500 abarth which like me I'm sure you all think sounds great comes without a muffler! As my exhaust is still in good condition I don't want to pay for a Kam racing just yet (I'm from Yorkshire) but would like a bit more of a rasp,I'm keen to keep the back box as I like the look,has anyone on here just replaced the centre silencer,if so what are the results?
  10. The first Gti I test drove was also Anthracite when the sun hits all the different flecks it looks brilliant (also looks good on reflex silver) It was never really in the running for me due to price but I wanted to see how one with 55k felt like to drive before driving testing higher mileage cars.Black wasn't a option for me as the bloke who lives two doors up had a dubble garage built and uses small stones on the driveway,90% of the time wind blows from that direction.
  11. Y2ACP

    Lupo GTi

    Welcome,coming along very nicely,the rear lights and front wheels out a bit look nice.
  12. That was a great find,looks lovely,looking forward to see how you progress.
  13. Find a garage that will pass it as that one used to do.
  14. Could I have the name and address of the vag specialist.
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