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  1. If no luck on here I’d try Lupo GTI Owners Club Facebook. Silver one on eBay.
  2. Take one for a test drivel,lots of people end up buying a second and third.As for mileage I wanted less than 100k,plenty showing they can go a lot further so it’s how much you want to spend. Check MOT history online Id go for 6 speed only Time since last cambelt/ service history Check they still are aluminium panels Im more then happy with mine imported form Japan Everything you need to know about these cars is on the internet
  3. Add saying age related scuffs and dings😡
  4. I saw this on autotrader,looks like a nice genuine car with plenty of life left in it,that colour with a few mods will be a real head turner.
  5. That looks lovely enjoy,looking forward to see what bit’s you do.
  6. I think it has! Although I’m 100% happy with mine at the time of purchase there was a laser blue 65000 miles for sale 2018 6.5k, let’s see where we are in another four years.
  7. The first Lupo I test drove was from this dealer I was expecting a garage but just a guy with a few cars on his driveway,he puts adds out wanting to buy your Lupo/Up GTI. Not at all pushy and happy to put the trade plates on and go for a test drive.
  8. I’m a big Bosch fan for aftermarket parts.The previous owner replaced with Brembo which are great,and not as expensive as you might think try Kam Racing.
  9. That’s one hell of a garage,just needs a sofa to enjoy the view.
  10. Y2ACP

    Black GTI

    EBay black 154000 miles 5 speed one key needs tidying up £3250
  11. Y2ACP

    Lupo Gti

    Can someone get the sellers number and put it on here?
  12. Y2ACP

    Lupo Gti

    I really hope you get it,we know you will have It back on the road and will make a good thread.
  13. Y2ACP

    My new car

    On the cars 6th MOT in the UK it’s had its first fail break binding,this is now sorted and I’m told everything else fine.
  14. Yes you should all be smug,you can’t beat economical driving even more so the way things are right now.
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