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    Random pictures after a good clean Check back for another update tomorrow
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    No he did it in a totally different shade.
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    Got this yesterday GTi festival top 20 winner Ben
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    Ive owned my lupo for just over a year now and alot has changed! When I first got it! How It stands atm Sorry it looks abit dirty in this, id driven down the motorway in pouring rain the night before! its all clean now Love the way it looks at the moment, shame the wheels are coming of for the winter months soon! Thanks For looking
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    You only live once and there's no reward for being the richest guy in the graveyard
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    Does it also suck thorugh the crankcase breather on the airbox
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    ask VW for the paint it will be about the same a halfords
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    Thats the attitude that all the show wining lupo owners have had is it?? Anything can be done with enough skill or cash! I think it would be extreamly marmite, ppl would either love it or hate it, as far as body kits go, alot of ppl will give you grief over it but its your car so do as you please to cater for your tastes. Jus google vw up body kits, no doubt you'll find something
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    They are the right ones mate
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    it does look good and would pay £20 tops for one. would want a gold plated one for £110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So I took my time to grab a few photos in the rain today
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    well done yesterday! looked goooooooood! wish i'da won but hey, theres always next year
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    Ah was just a thought, had to do this on 23bluboy's loop when we dropped her as there was a suspicious smell of burning rubber when he test drove it & we found the tyres were rubbing on the coils haha
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    all fixed runs better than ever. keeping it until I'm 21 in march then I'll get something better
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    Oscars looking as awesome as ever. Also if anyone likes facedub on facebook a picture of him has just been posted by them.
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    This came in the post today all the way from los angeles if you you know what this manifold is you will know what im building matt
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    The new setup is finished and has been out from the garage for a quick testdrive, lots more power than last year and much faster spool-up of the boost : ) Lupo have also been washed and polished for the first time this season and is now waiting to be displayed at "Bilsport Performance and custom motor show" next weekend. Before that i´ll have proper test run to know that the bits will work properly. Pictures from the show will be posted as soon as possible : )

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